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    • Approved for $600,000. Interiors 87, 88, 92 or 93.
    • Make a proper appeal without using AI, IN A MONTH. 
    • Make a proper appeal without using AI, IN A MONTH. 
    • Unbanned, using such mods/scripts again will garner you a permanent ban with no chance of unban. Use this one chance it wisely.
    • Where to get Weed Seeds? - You can get weed seeds from Seeds Store which you can find through [/nearest], Minimum amount you should plant is 200 for good profits   How to plant? - You can use /weed plant to plant and give 2 step distance and plant again and try planting it in rows to make it easy to water them or harvest You can also plant using tractor and trailer, you need to get tractor from Blueberry Farms and go near trailer and use [/farmtrailer] to attach it and go to weed field and use [/weed planter] and try to maintain speed between 7 - 15 to plant more seeds in less space.   How long we have to wait after planting and process to water by on foot? - After planting, you need to wait 20 - 30 min and after that you can water them using [/weed water] near the plant in order to water them and remember to buy water according to the amount of seeds you have plants. How to water them using Cropduster?   - You can water them using Cropduster which is more easier, there are 2 unowned cropduster spawned by server sided. 1 - Abandoned Airport, Verdant Meadows 2 - SF Airport, Near the pns at the warehouse In order to refuel water in it, there is tankers near the airport and you need to hold space to refuel it (( Refuel it full which is 3100L)) After refueling water, Head towards your weed field and hold number pad 2 in order to water them but make sure to fly in lower altitude and 10m above the weed field. If you don't then use [/support] in game and I'll guide you or anyone else will if am not available.   How to harvest? -[/weed harvest]   Points to remember - - After planting, you need to wait 20 - 30 mins for watering and 1 hour after watering - If cops raid it and your weed field in on fire then you need to spray fire extinguisher to recover it (( You can buy it from Hardware store, Use /nearest to find one near you.)) - If you're using Vac then you get more grams on harvesting and you get extra 3g if Pd Officials are In Game. You also get extra 1g if the climate is set on Spring, it's randomly set by Management. I- f you still have any doubts regarding planting Weed then Dm me Or Pm me In Game - Adit Cotter
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