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  1. After discussing it with someone else and we discussed it on discord aswell , you will be given a chance to play in the server Unbanned
  2. Why should we let you play again in this server since you used hacks in your first account? Have you changed a lot? When you get unban what can we expect from you in this server?
  3. Your in-game name: Chris Harris What do you need the property for?: Might roleplay a lot with people or friends, maybe a business roleplay too in future.
  4. You were banned in 2020 1. First You did not Ban Evade only , You attempted to breach someone else account which is not allowed in this server to do, 2. You used hacks in your first account Why Should we let you play again here? When you get unban What do we expect from you?
  5. Congratulations to everyone, I m Glad Well deserved ❤
  6. I hope you learned your lesson . Do not repeat deathmatching again
  7. I spoke with him via discord. The review date will be after two weeks.
  8. Do not post any ban appeal (Contact me at discord Chris!#3828) Denied
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