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  1. As per Ban consequences your review time is in 1 month - 9th November, reapply at this date. Make sure you don't ban evade otherwise I will extend this. DENIED
  2. Unbanned and 40% networth removal make sure you don't repeat the same thing again
  3. @Vector_King can be set once u are back active ig don't forget to contact Senior admin+ ,I will archive this
  4. Alright unbanned -We will have to take 50% networth removal* also you will be forced on CAC You can download CAC here https://valrisegaming.com/cac
  5. Hello Max Harrison 1.The way u acted on public chat in-game wasn't good enough and u were reported about that on forums , and yes I was the one who was handling it and I warned you by telling you to ignore each other until I get a message from the management team and decide what punishment you are going to get. -Simply If you wouldn't discuss the conversation on discord valrise then I don't think management team would have decided to give you as a punishment "Ban". -You would have been given a different punishment instead of a ban to be honest. 2.On community Discord public chat wasn't good at all , -You are not getting involved jumping into conversation with the other guy to provoke people and then insult afterwards. -You litteraly increased your punishment level to get it more differently. "However, he simply said "Idc" and "Good luck". " You know what you did wrong in that case and I answered you like that because You did not give a proper answer to an admin and there was no reason from you to shit talk on public chat in game and discord , community management decision was u to be banned Instead of getting a less punishment You gotta say the truth on the next Ban Appeal with every step by step starting from the beggining and explaining that you did a mistake because you know most of the things that I discussed with you on private then you were found guilty. Denied
  6. Yes create a ticket on discord , copy paste the link and send it on ticket
  7. Unfortunately you have been banned recently on 13 of August again and this is your 4th ban as far as I can see You've had plenty of chances to play again in this server, Your Ban Appeal has been denied.
  8. Hello @Axell You will be given a chance to play again in this server So we'll let you return as long as you abide by the rules, we will be watching you and make sure u wont repeat any of this action again , doesn't mean you are angry you will have to quit the server and avoid admin. Unbanned
  9. There must be a reason that you are banned from this server due to a DM and Attitude from now on just be careful while you are playing and make sure you read the new rules in the server so u wont break any of them and get in trouble @iFrost You will be given one final chance to play on this server , Unbanned
  10. approved contact senior admin ig
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