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  1. 💩

    1. Diego_Poptart


      What a surprise, look who's back.

    2. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      copying valrise then begging for a unban, seems like daryl affected on you so bad

  2. How much are you offering for the upgrade? (not patriot but would be nice if you let us know that as well)
  3. eye in the sky?

  4. Hello, you were banned for making more than 1 account and also having trollish names. You did not stop so i had to ban you. You were additionally told to wait until 15'th this month but you joined the server again. Now you are denied until 21/09/2021 Do NOT join BEFORE this date, or your ban date will be extended.
  5. Alright, Your appeal will be denied until a week. Re appeal after 15/09/2021. you will be unbanned at that time. For now do not try to join the game with any of your accounts.(or new accounts) since that will just increase the time of your ban.
  6. Hello, are you Pliromenos_Dolofonos? also state all the other accounts you used.
  7. What was ur in game name lol

    I forgot

    1. AMR


      I was Ammy before

      Now name changed to Akira

    2. Shanene


      Aye Ammymymmymyymymymym, I remember you.

  8. -:;;:::::::::;;:*<


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