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  1. stop spamming bitch

    1. macmac088


      sir why im not accpted


  2. very nice. I like your effort. Could have been better if you didn't use that pakistani streaming service though (zeno fm, that shit plays pakistani ads) . Hope you get something better for radio stuff. (perhaps try contacting marko though, he might be able to help you out in VOV)
  3. It's great to hear that you enjoy the game, especially with the Halloween theme! The beautiful pictures can add a lot to the overall experience. If you want to see them larger and clearer, zooming in on the pictures is a good idea. This way, you can appreciate all the intricate details and artwork. Halloween is a fantastic time for games and activities that embrace the spooky and festive spirit. Have a wonderful time playing, and enjoy the Halloween-themed content!
  4. Name: Armando Davis Comment: I am skeptical on your claims regarding better taxation system. I would still however be counting on you. You have my support.
  5. AMR


    i dont think its even a dollar more worth than 10m. Withdrawn. sell it to Beric i guess
  6. AMR

    Buying Jester

    make manana out of stock and people will even sell it for 5m+ just because something is out of stock does not mean its good. people need to wisen up
  7. I only meant to tell you brother, didn't mean to be negative
  8. Nobody would buy it even if you pay them. Waste of slot. Sorry sell it to some new person in game
  9. AMR

    [Buying] Pharmacy.

    still interested
  10. My discord got banned guys. If someone wants to send me a message, do so on forums.

    1. Beric Gambino

      Beric Gambino

      hope ur forum and ig account follow ur dc

    2. RichardV
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