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  1. Someone lock this already @LocMax And all other threads in this section
  2. says you: im not trading my nrg for worth less than 50M hypocrisy at its finest ?
  3. Typical Babbu maan fan 😹

  4. AMR

    KitKat ❤️


  5. @SixFeetUnder

    Free Trey Young ong fr

    Young familyFrFr

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AMR


      Trey Young do be free now keep malding

    3. xan


      not malding youre just MAD that im SUPERIOR than "Trey Young" more like thats a pedophile name please change it before i contact the appropriate staff members to have you banned thanks  


    4. Świr Paleta

      Świr Paleta




  6. AMR

    Lock this

    Wtf Phoenix is slower than police car, are you people insane
  7. AMR

    Emotional appeal I sad 😢

  8. Name: Elliot Comment: Didn't the state government have enough funds to go forward with that development? Why'd a few steps of stairs needed to be financed by Congress? Seems like incapable state government to me, so Congress had to just do it themselves.
  9. That's called a child, how'd you know though?
  10. Happy Birthday @Arendameth<3 

  11. Happy Birthday buddy!

  12. Hope it's not Ed Myles the wanted felon
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