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  1. it does take some time handling reports, but they eventually get handled. dw and wait
  2. Think of it like this: when staff members break the rules and are not punished as severely as normal players (in this example, just a kick from staff? you think that's fair?) it sends a message to other staff members that they can break the rules without any fear. It has already made a culture of rule-breaking staff members, due to which many players have evidently left. Staff should be punished the SAME WAY as normal players. the punishments should be fair, regardless of whether the someone is a staff member or a normal player. Lemme show some simple 5 year old maths: P staff member bans Q player for gaining unfair advantage P staff member bans Qx100 players for doing the same there are Px3 staff members who do this. now see the numbers: 300 players, lets assume all of them got unbanned in a month now those 3 staff members just got removed for same/similar mistakes they commited. what would those 300 players think of management? they see those 3 staff members laughing "LOL i banned you for that and i just got removed from staff" i hope you understand the POINT. translation in Hebrew: Arabic for clarification:
  3. It is evident that staff punishments are handled vastly differently from normal players. Sometimes staff members are left with nothing but a slap on a wrist for the rulebreaks normal players would even get banned for. An example being: - Shaquille Gambino abusing to enter properties to rob them as staff member. - Miguel Escobar and another staff abusing panel to find unowned properties. Both of these staff were merely 'relieved' of their duties which sets a very bad example for the other staff members. What do they have to fear? They will just do the same mistakes thinking they will only get kicked from the staff. Countless more occasions where staff members get punished with no reflection on their punishment history. Staff members should be held accountable the same way normal players are. No need to give them qualified immunity from rulebreaks like cops in the U.S. It is understandable it does not look 'professional' for staff members being punished publicly. Matter of fact it degrades staff image, however not holding them accountable also makes players lose trust in staff members. I hope that instead of being perceived as hostile criticism, it will be seen as constructive feedback. ((didnt want to post it on locmax birthday, and was lazy to post later. so here it is))
  4. we all know the truth. stop pretending that you are fighting!!
  5. Wow my second account won this time
  6. Sry I didn't know, I'll do it now
  7. Happy Birthday. Couldn't join the party tho I was sleeping
  8. Hiring Surveyors Job description You will survey prices of all pharmacies in San Andreas, and find out prices for each item. You will be paid 100k once done. (( I know it sounds hard, but i have made a script to automatically make excel sheet of the prices. all you gotta do is type /buy inside the shop. CAC'ed people can't do it sadly))
  9. Nah it's supposed to be Montgomery, I was sleepy at 5 AM couldn't distinguish. I'll fix that fixed
  10. Apologies, last row was supposed to be Market ammu. let me fix this Fixed
  11. So here is a price list of different Ammunitions across San Andreas. The prices were last updated on 31-01-2023 Cheapest of each category is highlighted in blue background Need volunteers to collect prices for more shops. ((I will provide the script to fetch prices automatically, all you gotta do is visit the shop and /buy))
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