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  1. just wondering what was achieved by commenting on a topic that's 5 years old
  2. he isnt wrong though, it doesnt make any good money if any. Speaking as someone who's owned it at the height of the server. It's good for roleplay purposes.
  3. in regards to you never selling this joint
  4. FBI got files on err body das why niggas keep quiet and stay in they lane
  5. huck is right though. you cant mention mid auction or sale that you'll sue someone if they withdraw their bid. you should have done that before anyone placed a bid as part of the bidding conditions.
  6. whats ironic is that both of you are now banned for the same reason. Can't take what Suryanta says seriously to begin with. You were found to have been doing it a second time again.
  7. sir please unban me please


  8. to get rich and have many guns

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