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  1. If you honestly think i give a damn about being liked by the development team, then dear God you're nothing short of pathetic. No one said the server is where it should be, however Jones and his team are working towards that. If only your little bitchy whiny ass would exercise patience. Instead what i see is some pathetic little pubescent teenager acting like a beta male Karen moaning all day on the internet. For once learn to accept the responses you get, and actually shut the fuck up. No one gives a damn about your little pathetic white, pasty life. You're not as important as you think you are. Jesus dear God, you're actually pathetic. i seriously dont know why anyone bothers scripting for ungrateful incels like you
  2. Think critique can be passed, without being crass. To be honest, you're sort of being an ass if you want me to put it bluntly. LocMax gave you a well put out answer, yet you still choose be somewhat assholish to everyone who's taken their time to respond to you. I don't think you're deserving of their kindness honestly, at least that's myview.
  3. the male Karen has spoken!
  4. Property type: Mansion Location: Richman /gps 295 Property Value: 3.2M Starting Bid: 2.5M Special Features: Level 4 Property alarm, CCTV camera's and a private garage (Unrestricted) Autcion End date: Sunday this week from today at 17:00 CET (i'll accept the last bid i see) Image:
  5. Your in-game name: Dremonte Richardson Date when the bug was found: 10/04/2021 What is the bug: Improper functioning of "Special" vehicle from the LSPD fleet Explanation of the bug: Basically, the RIOT vehicles random turn on at times and you cannot turn them off. Ed witnessed this yesterday when we tried to turn them off. Video or picture: no need.
  6. Your in-game name: Dremonte Richardson Date when the bug was found: 10/03/2021 What is the bug: Disappearing LSPD vehicles at Mission Row Explanation of the bug: Well I'm not entirely sure if this bug has been reported or if it is a bug in itself. LSPD vehicle keep disappearing randomly at Mission Row precinct. Some times they'd randomize in numbers in terms of the number cruisers that spawn. Sometimes none at all. Video or picture: no need
  7. it probably has something to do with the general lack of grey matter you dont have.
  8. I like forward to being your foe, my good sir.
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