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  1. Definitely a place to visit! Your skills are amazing, my friend! ))
  2. What do you expect for a business, located in LS? Think realistically.
  3. Thank you for participating in the bid so far, however I am more keen to TRADE a business/s for a premium OOS vehicle/pot house + money if necessary. I am not really looking for money, forgot to mention above, sorry.
  4. Accepting trades for OOS vehicles, pot houses aswell.
  5. Fort Carson Gas Station Fort Carson 24/7 Fort Carson Zip Temple Toolstore El Corona 24/7 Redsands East - LV Creek - Las Venturas Las Payadas Pharmacy. ... All businesses are well known, maintained on time and profitable. I am keen to make a trade if your offer is good. No additional buyouts will be added. As long as I think the offer is interesting, I will get back to you. No trolling, immature behaviour, spamming. Approach me on discord aswell: Shaquille#9376 or SMS 7776 in game. Have a good day!
  6. *You are walking down the street as you notice a poster that attracts your attention* * You take a look at it.*
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