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  1. nigga? Bro if they vote for someone else.. The votes are completly OOC, thats PURE MG. they can get banned at that point for this.
  2. I'd make sure to keep myself updated with the rules and what's in my game. and any admin that wants to TV me is allowed to do so. Prior to this ban appeal I made a sweep of my game deleting anything that could be remotly identified as a hack including framerate vigilante which was the thing that got me banned. What has changed since October was realizing that I was in the wrong and should've stayed up to date to all the new rules instead of letting them fly over me. And instead I should be more careful of what I have in my game so it's not messed up.
  3. What is your in-game name? Dre Smith Which staff member banned you? jacket When did you get banned? 10/07/2020 What is the ban reason? Hackz Personal comment So, this will be a serious appeal and will not be having toxicity involved(unlike my other 2 appeals, which Im sorry for going out of turn.) I truly understand that I was in the wrong and out of turn for speaking down on Kacper. Hopefully you guys can take me back into the community. Alot of the stuff has been said in my other 2 appeals, Which shows that I did not kjnow that the file I had in my game were illegal to use and i was truly sorry for those who i caused damage to.
  4. I have appeal but you know some peep bias its next year now i can appeal
  5. so will this mean im getting unbanned?
  6. Y'all act like some people can't be a little comedic yo bro ain't in his Christmad Spirit just tryna get unbanned nigga we done spoke this out bout a hundred times i got the point across If y'all need a refresher y'all can go ahead look at my past two requests.
  7. What is your in-game name? Dre_Smith Which staff member banned you? jacket When did you get banned? 10/20/2021 What is the ban reason? Illegal hacks and shit Personal comment Bro it was fucking Christmas and this nigga declined my shit talking about I'm not serious.. Man no offense but I'm not gonna write 4 paragraphs when I already wrote what I wanted to say In my other topics y'all doing too much bro just bless a dude damn
  8. What is your in-game name? dre_smith Which staff member banned you? Fujikawa_Kamiyama/jacket When did you get banned? 08/21/2021 What is the ban reason? illegal hack Personal comment everything else been said yhou niggas already know bless a gee on some merry christmas shit on god! stay safe tho.. just unban da gee
  9. understand that the date is a bit off but its basically the same date, i dont know exactly but u can check.
  10. What is your in-game name? Dre_Smith. Which staff member banned you? Jacket(cba to type rp na When did you get banned? 08/30/2021 What is the ban reason? FRAMERatevigilinate. Personal comment Everything that i said has been said in my old thresad that was declined, i understand that IT was MY fault for having that modification in that and i shouldve stayed up to news/
  11. PS: Although this doesnt seem serious. Ive been using framerate vigilante and it causes more problems then ive really ever seen fix on my 0.3DL GTA. Im already on CAC so i dont know how this would effect my shit mang is ight tho And ill serve my time cousin i understand why you banned me and why i was banned and overall ill take the punishment as i personally have no problems taking the punishment your gonna give me as if you believe that I DID something wrong and i ruined the communitys experience(even tho half of the complaints were about "aimbot" and not really ever about me using this)
  12. What is your in-game name? Dre_Smith Which staff member banned you? Fuck knows anymore When did you get banned? 10/30/2021 What is the ban reason? Illegal mod Uhh Frame Ratevigilante Personal comment Never knew that "Frame Ratevigilante" Was an illegal mod, if anything my cac shouldve automatticaly blocked it right? Ive never bypassed cac or attempted too. Am i saying i never used it? No. Am i saying i knew it had advantages? No. As far as i heard Frame Rate Vigilante was just used to unlock fps and help with bugs. Ive used them on BOTH GTAS and never have been banned for having it. I can send a clip of toady when i was using it, that shows it had basically 0 impact on me minus my straffing? Which seems to be the same movement yet less way buggier then i have seen other DMers use(Champion Solis ETC.) If you want a video of me using the same gta with the Same framerate vigilante id be more then happy to send it cause honestly i dont see how this would effect my game play if its just a FPS unlocker/fixer. But sure Sincerely my fault Id personally have NO PROBLEM taking this off my shit but sure
  13. West Side when we ride whats the clique you claim.
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