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  1. Master Name: Menace Country & Time zone: Florida EST Positives & Negatives: Sometimes I get a little heated out of control due to ooc angers. and real life but I'm overall a chill guy and don't take a lot of stuff serious since a lot of the people here are from new places, and or are new to RP in all. Motivation: Well I've always wanted to be a an admin in Valrise SAMP but due to my punishment history in there I'm hoping this server will give me a new ability to be the staff member I've never been I've played in other Heavy RP servers such as LSRP and GTA:World((RageM
  2. Over all i dont think we should move to UGMP i mean yes it has alot of shit but really? people spent alot of time here and dont want to rework all there shit for it
  3. Thiago was born in Ganton at 15 year old he was part of the Ninety Nine Mafia Gangsta Crips which he got locked up around 20 after Commiting a 1st degree murder during a Drive-By Thiago got locked up by the authorities for about 10 years he's currently 30 years old he lives around the jefferson area he's known to be in the ghetto he's currently non affiliated after the closing of 99mc. (a screenshot of Midget and the squad inna cut with the straps)
  4. ill also pay 50k for it if possible.,
  5. I would like this garage in crenshaw(if possible) to be mines and property settable if not i will go look for a spot in the bahamas around glen park the Interior i want it to be is 69 or 46 this is where Its located and where it is on the map
  6. @TonyIt isw not a illegal items there are no lawas against sawnoff shotguns and combat shotguns.
  7. https://youtu.be/lTZwgKRrVNY
  8. Devilish Ting bruv we was 10 toes deep in the opp block Haha
  9. Tay Smith posted up at Kilofield Stack's
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