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  1. Today the San Andreas Police Department S.W.A.T. team has executed six(6) operations state-wide. With the help of Sheriff's, FMD and the FBI. The estimated number of suspects that have been taken out is /thirty/ plus. Date: 03/10/2022 Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
  2. On October 1st, we had a meeting with the field-staff, talking about issues on the field and how we can fix them. Also a few suprises were given - including a few promotions. Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
  3. Throwback when the team took down several statewide criminals. Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
  4. Heats

    Survey Review

    Amazing, I would like to see all of them implemented.
  5. On September 9th, 2022 - the team managed to take down 15+ suspects and saving endangered officers in town. Date: 09/09/2022 Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
  6. TRAINING OPERATION(S) WITH THE TEAM. Date: 05/09/2022 FOLDER WITH EXTRA PICTURES FROM THE TEAM ⬎ Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
  7. Chapter V Ⅴ | 2022: After focusing for a long time on the department and the S.W.A.T. division, he was finally assigned to the command staff of the team. Together with his partner, they managed to get the team back on its feet after a slight tumble. Former S.W.A.T. Commander, who was put as an acting Commander due to the actual Commander being absent. He got fired and blacklisted from the department. Which made the command staff question. Although that happened they took the matter into their hands and put the team back on stable feet, in the meantime, a familiar face made a return to the department and helped out the division. But on the 28th of august 2022, Ed C. Davis got promoted to Police Lieutenant and assigned as S.O.B. Commanding Officer. This means a lot since he was always dreaming of leading the bureau and it finally happened. Now his journey continues as a Lieutenant and a Commander himself. Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
  8. Me and two operatives - picture taken while recruiting a new operative. Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
  9. Got back in the state and had two amazing deployments with the team. We're back. Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
  10. Operation Bloodshark - 03|08|2022, Jefferson Motel Operatives and officers paired up for training and had to rescue a hostage to succeed in their mission. They managed to do so and all of the attendees received a medal for participating in the operation. Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
  11. State wide emergency(s) occured, which both S.W.A.T. and H.R.T. responded to. In total there has been 10+ confirmed kills by the operators. Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
  12. The governor campaigns started today, which means I was on duty. After I passed my Heavy Air exam in the NAVY I got an exam from the Chief himself to fly for the Police Department as well. So I had multiple duties today. There were few casualties but everything got handled accordingly. Ed C. Davis Los Santos Police Department.
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