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  1. In-Game name : Peter Valdez Discord id : Zinx#0001 Activity this month : 60 hours+ Sequence : A - 2,32,43,54,65 B - 3,23,34,45,56 C - 4,15,26,37,48 D - 7,58,60,70,81 E - 6,9, 69,96,99
  2. Zinx

    Sold please archive.

    Is that a brothel or an office ? - BO: 100K
  3. ((Discord - Click Here)) Result will be posted on 21/05/2021. * You may only buy 5 tickets (max) at a time. * Result will be published via website ((Discord and Forum))). * We will use this website to determine the winner. Signed by Manager, ADFY
  4. I have one inside angel pines. Beside the GS. Offer Buyout
  5. Yes sir, you buy it for forever. It's just one time payment. Only 5,000 dollars.
  6. Hotel in Los Santos, Temple. You're new in town? Can't afford a house to live in? Yes, you're in the right place. We have place (hotel rooms) for the new comers of town to live in only for 5,000 $. Yes, you heard it right, only 5,000 $ also, you don't have to pay rents weekly or monthly. Not only that, you can store your valuable items inside your property as well. New in town and made a lot of friends? Great, we have bar inside the hotel, you can hangout with your friends inside, have some drinks, play 8 Ball Pool and many more things you can do with your friends. The hotel has 18 rooms left which are purchasable right now. Do not wait, and get a room for only 5,000$. Owner: Peter Mackenzie Address: Temple, Los Santos, behind the Gas Station. NR.2043 Contact number: 13050 Value: 5,000 $ per room. Want to promote your business or company? Can't find buyer of your vehicle, property? Want to advertise something but can't find the perfect platform? Great, we will help you for it. Contact us: 95555 or visit our website ((Discord)) [https://discord.gg/JKbpXPdZqA]
  7. Name: Stella Gonzalez E-Mail ((Discord)): Zinx#7907 Chosen Number:09
  8. When the lockdown was started, I literally had nothing to do and then my friend suggested, "We can play San-Andreas Multiplayer together" and then god took us into this beautiful server. Merry Christmas!!
  9. Will there be skins/guns/vehicles of "Bully Scholarship Edition" ? Cause I see them on YouTube
  10. username: Stella Pastalaon comment: It was my pleasure working with such a beautiful team.
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