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  1. It's been around 2 months and more, am still looking to get unbanned from discord, if I'm forgiven.
  2. What is your Discord account? Chlorine.#5158 When did you get banned? 05/25/2022 What is the ban reason? Shared unusual nitro giveaway links (most probably) Personal comment My account was hacked then, it started sharing some unusual nitro giveaway link (as far as I remember) to every server i joined and friends. I have secured my account completely and it's been around 2 months my account is secure. I have enabled 2FA. Hence I am requesting a discord unban. Sorry for all the loss. [I don't remember the exact date of ban]
  3. Zinx

    [SELLING] - Buffalo

    Still accepting offers
  4. Zinx

    [SELLING] - Buffalo

    Received 3.7M offer in-game
  5. Minimum bid: 3.5M Buyout: 4.2M Selling Buffalo
  6. Trade with patriot 3k hp + bp tyres? You have to add some money
  7. Trading with premier 3KHP + BP tyres too. (Have to add some money)
  8. In-Game name : Peter Valdez Discord id : Zinx#0001 Activity this month : 60 hours+ Sequence : A - 2,32,43,54,65 B - 3,23,34,45,56 C - 4,15,26,37,48 D - 7,58,60,70,81 E - 6,9, 69,96,99
  9. Zinx

    Sold please archive.

    Is that a brothel or an office ? - BO: 100K
  10. ((Discord - Click Here)) Result will be posted on 21/05/2021. * You may only buy 5 tickets (max) at a time. * Result will be published via website ((Discord and Forum))). * We will use this website to determine the winner. Signed by Manager, ADFY
  11. I have one inside angel pines. Beside the GS. Offer Buyout
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