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  1. What is your in-game name? Thomas_Montero Which staff member banned you? Anonymous (Larry maybe) When did you get banned? 11/26/2022 What is the ban reason? ramming with Monster truck Personal comment Hi, it's happened today. I was roaming at Gs9 and 2 cars of PD were speeding and they crashed at the monster truck. I wasn't cliccking any key on my keyboard. Then i continued on my way, i went near Idle Pns and Larry came, exploded the monster truck mid sit and banned me. I rammed sometimes but this time i was innocent because they did all themselves. I don't have any warns or punishements for ramming, only 1 a-jail. (the 2 wheels behind make cars flip if you are frozen and others go near or under them)
  2. Sultan + money for good GS / Pns / Garden House? If you have, contact me
  3. Sold cheetah IG. Journey still for sell. Current offer 4.4m
  4. Cheetah buy now: 8.5m Journey buy now: 5m Journey starting bid: 4m Cheetah starting bid: 6.5m
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