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  1. in game name - Hiro_Hoyo id like to relocate my scripted bar from bb to eq to gps -1481 2592 55
  2. Vice Governor Tanzidur Hernandez assassinated at Market park's inauguration ceremony The newly constructed market park's inauguration ceremony was held on 26th of November 2022, at 18:00. Vice Governor Tanzidur Hernandez was going to give his speech at the stage of the park, to encourage civilians into interacting with one-another. Holding a speech in the open was dangerous, which would make assassination attempts easier. Just as the vice governor started his speech, he was stabbed using a knife from behind. The vice governor's security immediately evacuated him and the speech was put on a hold. Civilians were clearly not surprised, the state of San Andreas attracts a lot of crime and assassination attempts on government officials are not uncommon. It was later confirmed that the vice governor is safe and not sustaining and major injuries, the speech was to be resumed shortly inside All Saints General Hospital. Footage of the assassination: The speech was resumed inside All Saints Hospital, floor two. Every civilian was checked thoroughly and weapons were not allowed inside. The governor started his speech. As per the governor, the market park would be a place for civilians to interact with each other, moreover as Los Santos was a very urbanized city, this park would serve as a vital area for civilians to visit, local stalls can be opened here which would also give a boost to the economy, making this a very promising project of the government. The governor ended his speech and an explosion was heard near the stage. Emergency Medical Services volunteer identified as Tytus Weed, used a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) on other employees of the San Andreas Fire and Medical Department, targeting high ranked officials. The governor was evacuated once again, and the suspect was taken down. As per reports, there were no casualties and the injured were treated on scene. What does this mean for the future of the state? Are we heading towards an era where it would be too risky for high ranked officials to stay in public because of people wanting to assassinate them? Civilians ask many questions, yet to be answered. Footage of the explosion and suspect: PAID ADVERTISEMENTS PAID ADVERTISEMENT LUXURY CORPORATION Subscribe to the Luxury Package and get access to a large fleet of supercars and armored cars! www.luxurycorporation.com "A standard of it's own" [TM] Thompson's Tailoring Service We offer custom clothes (skins) for groups and individuals! Call us for a quote. Call 19835!
  3. Assassination attempts on multiple VIPs Former governor Attila Michael has resigned from his office which has left many citizens disappointed as everyone had high hopes. The new governor, Brian Thompson's inauguration was held on 29th of October, 17:00 at Los Santos City Hall. The inauguration was attended by multiple VIPs and congressmen. Multiple law enforcement personnel was present scene with heavy air deployed as well. Just as governor Brian Thompson was taking his oath, an airplane crashed at the city hall. The aircraft was piloted by former governor Attila Michael, who crashed the airplane with a pitched down nose directly at the city hall - many believed it was done on purpose. However, out of luck the aircraft hit the poles of the city hall and did not cause any severe damage, the only casualty was the pilot himself, who lost his life in this incident. Many takedowns were confirmed by the heavy air personnel present on the scene. Following this, an improvised explosive device (IED) was planted on the scene as well, causing chaos everywhere but the IED was not detonated as it's signal was blocked by FBI. The IED was planted by an unknown male. FBI's Hostage Rescue Team successfully managed to rescue the VIPs by taking them inside the interior of Los Santos City Hall. Heavy exchange of fire and shootouts took at pershing square with many casualties and multiple suspects neutralized as well as arrested. After a while, the VIPs were rescued and taken to FBI's headquarters in a convoy, successfully. As governor Brian Thompson could not complete his speech, he has uploaded a recording online which showcases his speech, we have attached the recording below for our readers: LSCH Media: PAID ADVERTISEMENT LUXURY CORPORATION Subscribe to the Luxury Package and get access to a large fleet of supercars and armored cars! www.luxurycorporation.com "A standard of it's own"
  4. Civilian with ADHD traumatically ends his life infront of emergency personnel 27th of october, 15:30. Law enforcement receives a 911 call from a civilian who killed a person by himself. Police volunteers arrived on the scene and tried to arrest the civilian, however sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene just in time to negotiate. The civilian acted weird, as he kept on insisting that he is hearing some strange voices, which keep getting louder. This civilian was identified at Tyler Bradshaw. The deputies realised that Tyler is suffering a mental condition, So they call for emergency medical services and try to calm down the civilian. The civilian did not want to go to the hospital, he resisted and then had his first seizure, passing out as fell to the floor. He is immediately placed on a stretcher and brought to the emergency room inside All Saints General Hospital. EMT Simon Gofrowsky is the present EMS personnel on scene. As the condition of Tyler is getting worse minute by minute, He is given psychometric medicine before any lab-checks. Tyler's condition immediately starts to get better which was a good sign. Sheriff's deputies talk with Tyler and it was obvious that he had forgotten everything, losing his memory. It was concluded that Tyler was kidnapped and tortured by the kidnappers. Tyler had also murdered one of his friend because of his condition for which he called 911 for. A strange man enters the emergency room, saying that he knows Tyler and wants to see his condition. Things took a sudden turn here as Tyler jumped off his bed and punched that man, saying he is one of the kidnappers. The strange man is taken out for further negotiation and that's when Tyler drops dead on the floor once again, having his second seizure. He is immediately given proper care and tests are taken, and it is narrowed down that Tyler is suffering from ADHD - Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. This explained a lot of his actions. Tyler is placed on a week-long therapy to help him recover. But things didn't go as planned. Just after a few hours, Tyler somehow managed to escape the emergency room and starts doing strange actions. Later, Tyler is seen standing on top of the hospital roof - Tyler insisted from the start that he wanted to end everything with his life. Not short after, a large amount of emergency personnel surrounds the scene, while some personnel tries to stop Tyler from the roof - He was about to jump off. But, before proper arrangement was made to stop him from jumping, Tyler jumps from the roof. Everyone panicked. Tyler had jumped off a 5 story building. He landed on the ground, smashing his head against the sidewalk, crushing his skull. Blood spread everywhere, as medical services try do the best they can, but they fail. Tyler's pulse was lost, and it was officially declared, that Tyler has lost his life. All personnel takes their hats off and pay respects to Tyler. Tyler's story still remains unknown, no one knows what happened to him and who was responsible for it. Crime rate in san andreas continues to increase day by day, this is a major case which should definitely be looked upon and Tyler should be provided justice. Weazel News Company pays respects to Tyler and encourages their readers to have a moment of silence for Tyler Bradshaw. PAID ADVERTISEMENT PAID ADVERTISEMENT LUXURY CORPORATION AllCargo Logistics Subscribe to the Luxury Package and get access to a Order crates and fuel at an affordable price! large fleet of supercars and armored cars! Order from AllCargo Logistics! www.luxurycorporation.com www.acl.com "A standard of it's own" "Delivery right at time"
  5. Law Enforcement executes a successful ambush on multiple barricaded suspects On 23rd of October, 2022, An estimated number of eight (8) suspects had barricaded themselves inside of the willowfield ammunation. Multiple law agencies including the Sheriff's Department, Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Special Weapons and Tactics had arrived on the scene, locking down the area. Not shortly after, a plan was made to ambush the suspects by making it appear as if no law enforcement was there. All the personnel had taken concealed positions nearby - on rooftops, behind alleyways and such. The plan was to ambush the suspects the moment they exited as a breach would have been too risky and caused many casualties. The situation turned into a standstill, the suspects did not want to exit and law enforcement did not breach. This standstill lasted for about an hour, when suddenly things got full of action - a few suspects exited the property and used rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) on law enforcement. However, their efforts didn't do much as they were quickly neutralized. Only a few suspects remained inside, Tactical teams quickly breached the property and neutralized the remaining suspects. The ambush was somewhat successful even though a few of suspects' accomplices tried to scout the area. This was a rare case with a large amount of suspects barricaded in one property and law enforcement did manage to successfully neutralize/arrest them! Media: PAID ADVERTISEMENT PAID ADVERTISEMENT LUXURY CORPORATION AllCargo Logistics Subscribe to the Luxury Package and get access to a Order crates and fuel at an affordable price! large fleet of supercars and armored cars! Order from AllCargo Logistics! www.luxurycorporation.com www.acl.com "A standard of it's own" "Delivery right at time"
  6. Law enforcement fails to stop a jewelry heist - many K.I.A. 12th October, 2022 - 15:00. A jewelry heist took place earlier this day and law enforcement did arrive on the scene. However, after a few minutes when Weazel News' journalists arrive on the scene, they noticed something strange. Abandoned law enforcement vehicles, unmanned barriers and dead bodies of LEOs. It was later confirmed all of the personnel present on the scene was killed in action with the suspects still unknown. Not shortly after, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's CSI division arrives on the scene to investigate. More barriers are set up as civilians are prevented from crossing the barriers. The FBI investigated all the bodies in detail to come up with clues as for who might be responsible for this act of manslaughter. Civilians ask questions and make theories, Some said that an improvised explosive device (IED) was used while others believe that the suspects used special weaponry, slaughtering the LEO personnel. However, not much is known to the public as the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be keeping this case confidential. Did law enforcement just fail to stop a jewelry heist from happening? Did the suspects actually get away without even leaving a trace? We believe that the FBI will or has already figured out the suspects responsible for this mass-murder of LEO personnel, however there's no actual confirmation about what happened here and who is responsible for this. Does this mean that criminals are actually getting more powerful than law enforcement? The government and all law enforcement agencies should take important steps to combat such level of crime in the state. PAID ADVERTISEMENT Order crates and fuel for your business from one of the best logistic company in town! Visit AllCargo Logistics' website today to get your order completed in the least time possible! AllCargo Logistics - "Delivery right at time." www.acl.com
  7. BREAKING NEWS SAPD Police Cadet discharged for criminal conduct! The real names of the police cadet and victim have been blurred out for privacy reasons and safety. 11th of October, 2022 - 20:00. It was just a normal day as an off duty law enforcement officer was driving back to his home after his shift. A patriot driven by a male approaches the off-duty LEO and commands him to pull over. The unknown male orders him to step out of his vehicle - threatens to rob him. The off duty LEO, wasting no time, evades the robber but gets tailed down by the patriot, severely damaging his vehicle. He eventually does manage to lose the patriot as he calls for help. Eventually on-duty personnel tracks down the suspect and execute a felony stop on the suspect. The suspect was uncomplying but eventually did surrender. As soon as his mask was taken off - everyone was surprised, raising their eyebrows. It was an off duty police cadet attempting to rob another off duty LEO personnel. An investigation proved that a robbery was actually attempted as the victim was carrying a hidden camera. The cadet was arrested and placed in the san andreas state prison serving his sentence for robbery. While justice had been served, what's surprising here is the fact that while crimes are being committed, now they are being committed by trusted individuals as well. We hope that the government will take important steps to deal with such corrupted officers bringing justice to every citizen of San Andreas!
  8. Dinghy's Cluckin' Bell On the 10th of October 2022, At 1 PM, A new business was seen at Pershing Square, Los Santos. People called it "Dinghy's Cluckin' Bell". This new business, as the name suggests, was based on selling food products. The owner of this business was Dinghy Davidson. Dinghy Davidson's business is focused on selling fresh food to every citizen of San Andreas. Mister Davidson said that the food he sells in his business will be always hot and fresh, affordable for anyone. These types of businesses are definitely what the state needs - A unique business which provides the best qualities of services, also being affordable for anyone! Mister Davidson sells a variety of food items, such as - Chicken sandwich, fried potatoes, nuggets; tea, salad, sprite. Dinghy's business attracted a LOT of customers in a very short period of time which is because as stated earlier - This business was very unique. Customers bought all types of food items here, and the food was definitely fresh as promised! Not only was it fresh - it was tasty as well, one civilian said that a lot of effort must have been into this business. All types of customers from different places were interested - There was an officer who loved the food, there were EMS officials, civilians, everyone enjoyed mister Davidson's food. Civilians say that more businesses of such types should be opened not only limited to food but of other branches as well. If you're looking to buy some food from Dinghy's Cluckin' Bell - You can find his business at pershing square and sometimes even at fort carson! A quote from Dinghy - "My business is the most unique and also good than others." NOTE - THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT. WEAZEL NEWS COMPANY IS ONLY PROMOTING THIS BUSINESS BECAUSE THEY FIND IT UNIQUE AND WOULD LIKE TO SHARE IT TO THE CIVILIANS OF SAN ANDREAS.
  9. 1st October 2022 - 17:00 Former governor Hernandez resigned from his office about a few days ago, which opened the elections once again for the position of governor of the great state of San Andreas. There were 2 canditates applying for the governor's position, namely - Radolf Thompson and Attila Michael. Unfortunately, Radolf Thompson withdrew from the elections which led to Atilla Michael now officially being the governor by default. On the 1st of October 17:00, The new governor's inauguration was held. Attila Michael has now entered his office, officially being the governor of the great state of San Andreas. Governor Michael gave a wonderful speech, the Governor promised that every civilian will be able to reach out the government for their issues, the governor also looks forward to improve the businesses in San Andreas. The governor assured the citizens of San Andreas of their safety and government's support. The vice governor, Shawn Cooper, has not been seen in state for a while, though the citizens expect him to work as expected for a vice governor. As expected, a few hostile and felonies were committed by a few civilians, But law enforcement easily crushed them with minimal effort. Citizens ask many questions - "What will the new governor do for the state?" "Would the government focus on fixing economy?" "Will crime be reduced in the state now?". Every citizen looks forward to the actions about to be taken by the new governor in hopes to bring something new and fix the existing issues in the state. Whatever will be the outcome, everyone hopes to see the state improving and hopes that Governor Michael will do the best of his ability to serve as a governor for the great state of San Andreas. Media: Weazel News Company.
  10. To be sold to Sakee for 2.25m BO, Not accepting any more offers.
  11. Can sell it to you for 2.5m, If no one offers higher.
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