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  1. 1st October 2022 - 17:00 Former governor Hernandez resigned from his office about a few days ago, which opened the elections once again for the position of governor of the great state of San Andreas. There were 2 canditates applying for the governor's position, namely - Radolf Thompson and Attila Michael. Unfortunately, Radolf Thompson withdrew from the elections which led to Atilla Michael now officially being the governor by default. On the 1st of October 17:00, The new governor's inauguration was held. Attila Michael has now entered his office, officially being the governor of the great state of San Andreas. Governor Michael gave a wonderful speech, the Governor promised that every civilian will be able to reach out the government for their issues, the governor also looks forward to improve the businesses in San Andreas. The governor assured the citizens of San Andreas of their safety and government's support. The vice governor, Shawn Cooper, has not been seen in state for a while, though the citizens expect him to work as expected for a vice governor. As expected, a few hostile and felonies were committed by a few civilians, But law enforcement easily crushed them with minimal effort. Citizens ask many questions - "What will the new governor do for the state?" "Would the government focus on fixing economy?" "Will crime be reduced in the state now?". Every citizen looks forward to the actions about to be taken by the new governor in hopes to bring something new and fix the existing issues in the state. Whatever will be the outcome, everyone hopes to see the state improving and hopes that Governor Michael will do the best of his ability to serve as a governor for the great state of San Andreas. Media: Weazel News Company.
  2. To be sold to Sakee for 2.25m BO, Not accepting any more offers.
  3. In-game name: Hiroshi Kamiya Number: 68
  4. Can sell it to you for 2.5m, If no one offers higher.
  5. IG Name: Mark Davis Bank Account: #8990 best of luck for your future!
  6. NR.1962 V:250k BO: Starting from 2.8m Buy now: 3.6m ((discord - Hiroshi#8193))
  7. Name-mark davis Bank Id-8990 Your Number- 712
  8. Name: Mark Davis Number: 9 Bank account #: 8990 Message: hbd anthony mahon !!!
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