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  3. My punishment history prior to this ban: 2 warnings 1 tempban
  5. I will when I get ig. Go to GPS 1419. For reference: it's opposite carters HQ
  6. What have you learned from this experience (getting banned, being impatient about it, etc) and how do you plan to stay unbanned considering your awful punishment history within just a month?
  7. Can you please show us where exactly is your business located on the map?
  8. 30 Diamond Ores 37 Gold Ores Realistic offers please
  9. xan

    when coming back?

  10. 21/10/2021 Hence fourth, we are prohibiting creation of groups or roleplays that consist of: Claiming ownership of a territory; Demanding independence; Formation of military-like or terrorist groups for whatever other purpose; And any other such movements The exception to this prohibition is the already existing Liberational Movement of San Andreas (LMSA) until its closure. This is due to the fact that they were created before this prohibition was announced.
  11. Man. Just add some freaking guns for everyone to purchase. Just kind of copy the Amunation script line and add it to the black market guy. So We can shoot each other.
  12. Vehicle tuning event and Squid game at same time?
  13. bro this nigga crying for everything nigga get yo gypsy ass outside go touch some grass, they dont live in Five M it will be active time by time
  14. ser pls no ooc insult i think the problem with mudoo valrise gaming fivem is that everyone was too hyped for it... obviously its understandable that there will be a minimal amount of features but unfortunately there was a lot of bugs to with the small amount of features
  15. If you honestly think i give a damn about being liked by the development team, then dear God you're nothing short of pathetic. No one said the server is where it should be, however Jones and his team are working towards that. If only your little bitchy whiny ass would exercise patience. Instead what i see is some pathetic little pubescent teenager acting like a beta male Karen moaning all day on the internet. For once learn to accept the responses you get, and actually shut the fuck up. No one gives a damn about your little pathetic white, pasty life. You're not as important as you think you are. Jesus dear God, you're actually pathetic. i seriously dont know why anyone bothers scripting for ungrateful incels like you
  16. Hello sir. You'll be unbanned as it's your very first punishment in the server. Please do understand that you cannot shoot players for petty reasons such as merely being punched (mistakenly). Using a weapon against players should be for appropriate reasons.
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