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  2. Unbanned, I hope you won't do the same mistakes again, you should be responsible for your account, never share it with your brother, and learn to have patience next time.
  3. You good? Noone will bid because it's not BP
  4. What is your in-game name? Hiroshi Higgins Date & time of occurence? 17/4/2018 before 21hrs when this post done Elaborate how you lost this/these items I made weed farm in " Shady creek,Whetstone " using tracktor with trailer . i just do /weed planter and planted all my seeds like 200 . there is no problem occurse while planting but after when i come back to water the plant there are only 1 ready for watering and all the 199 are still seeding with 0% i made support and ask the helper and he advice to make a refund so that i
  5. 3khp patriot stands for 1.3M nowadays.
  6. Lower the property taxes. = It's ok i like "lower" word. - Lower the toll prices = Already 40 dollar! - Stop the criminal activities = Good words but can you provide legal jobs to people? Or people earn more in legal jobs? Or what you think about new job opportunities? - Adding paycheck to Legal Groups = Brilliant idea! If they hire poor people. - Add some new fair laws = Like what? You should be more specific as candidate for governor. - New recruitments in government = Big question mark again? Could you give more information? - Will build new places around Los
  7. Yesterday
  8. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Value: 4,500,000$ drop your offers for this shit
  9. lmfao having hacks in your pc even if not in your gta folder, best admins and the best community ever🤩🤣💪💪

  10. In that case, you will be refunded. Contact any snr+ in-game for the weapon and a manager+ for the mask.
  11. Nvm, found it, he was been warned for it.
  12. I dont remember his name.
  13. You used aimbot on CAC to circumvent our systems for your own benefits. You are not getting unbanned any time soon.
  14. Report him on the forums first. If your report was deemed to be valid, you will be refunded. Make a forum report here.
  15. I added that guy Rochi on discord and had a little chat with him, it happens to be that we're both from the same country. BUT I'm not HIM and he isn't ME. This is a misunderstanding, I can provide you with the chat I had with him on discord when you resolve this.
  16. Yes, I used another account, and they were banished for ban evading, I just learned to file an appeal, I'm aware of my mistakes, and it won't happen again, please give me one last chance.
  17. Works. Contact any snr+ in-game.
  18. Unbanned. Due to the usage of illegal modifications, you are also forced on our anti-cheat. (read more about it here: https://valrisegaming.com/cac) As per the ban consequences, 50% of your wealth has also been deducted.
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