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  1. What is your in-game name? Tanzidur_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Abuid_Lijaus When did you get banned? 06/10/2022 What is the ban reason? Disrespectful and Toxicity towards Staff members - Management decision Personal comment I have been facing many unfair situations like refund requests not getting handled, reports not getting picked. All my last reports on any person, I had to pm an admin to pick the report even if there was 5 admins in game. Today's sit just got over my head since the swat parked his car infront of my heli blades and blew me up. It wasn't a fair situation cause it had no interaction and disabling heli like that shouldn't be allowed. I logged out because PD wouldn't leave a chance to seize anything. They all knew the sit was unfair, instead of co-operating starting cuffing me. In a world where people grabs every chance, I grabbed the chance to /quit and not login till an admin pick my report. I messaged marko in discord to handle my report but he was doing something else. Then atkinson told me to login, I logged in and thought he would handle my report cause he pmed me after my support. I told him to tp here so everyone can see that it's an asit, he didn't even tell me he wasn't handling the report and still kept talking to me in pm. Like dude? don't talk with me if you are not the one handling my report, as I misunderstood that he was the one handling my report, I told my surrounding to pause but they wouldn't cause atkinson from mobile can't do anything. After a while I decided to comply with FBI as winter promised me he would handle my sit. We went to FBI hq and reviewed the footage and it was an accident. I still roleplayed the rest part because FBI looked like someone with brain who wouldn't mishandle a situation. I think they decided to not put a case and jail me in game. As I was talking with winters about the case, I got perm banned for toxicity towards staff. The toxicity was in an alliance discord where a third party interfered and decided to report it. My behaviour is not like this and I am always trying to contribute in every discussion one way or another. What else can I say? Some situations really brings out the worse of us, I bet everyone had their moment where they raged. My history is clean and I am not someone to break rules, I tried to control a situation which turned out wrong. But I think perm banned is way too harsh, as I said I lost it in game. Most of the people in the server knows me and I have never been this unprofessional. Thank you for understanding, hoping for an unban. Heliblade scene -
  2. I want to move my bar (/gps 2882) from east LS to montogomery. Ls has already too many bars, montogomery has no bars. From here - To here -
  3. Mans just tryna slide a deal here niggu! Please don't kill me. 1.5m last offer
  4. Location - Montogomery Gas station Gps - 314 Script owner - Zac Hernandez Requesting on behalf
  5. Yes bro, call whole g6 here for backup. You fucking autist, I already bid which is reasonable. Your ass is just trying to make money from a dead motel
  6. There is no profit here to bid 2m. You are enjoying a free property from your friends. Be grateful instead that ur getting offers
  7. Tanzidur

    Survey Review

    Why would there be a compensation if every 3k hp is being made 1.5k? It's technically the same, it's just your mindset. 1.5k hp is the new 3khp
  8. The title says it all - I am looking for full time farmers. People who are dedicated for the work, paying 20k per step meaning 60k per batch ( total 3 steps ). Discord - Tanzidur#1011 Inbox me your details if you are interested.
  9. ?????? people can claim furnishing specialization rn, there are vacant spots
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