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  1. Name: Tanzidur Hernandez Panel Profile: https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/player/Tanzidur_Hernandez
  2. Tanzidur

    Need Farming Job

    Contact me on discord - Tanzidur#1011
  3. Tanzidur

    Close it

    300k for the office
  4. cry all you want, go ask an admin if I ever bought from my shop.
  5. Value is 500k BO starting - 1m Profit logs -
  6. Tanzidur

    For Sale

    are you accepting cash only?
  7. Even if you get offered 25m, you will look for more offers. You just cant fix your mind sir.
  8. He is just checking offers. He wont sell and he thinks this store is 30 million
  9. Solid 30 million for you
  10. Na it was unowned for a month. I was about to buy it 2 weeks ago but I didnt have house slots
  11. Value - 600k Starting bid - 8m Exterior is furnished Reinforced doors It has a garage with functioning door Every bid must be 500k more than the previous
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