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  1. LocMax

    State Vehicles

    A good compromise might be: Adding state vehicles in remote areas Adding more rental stations in more places
  2. LocMax

    State Vehicles

    qUaLiTy OvEr QuAnTiTy Sure, go play UG:MP which is centered on being a heavy roleplay server and then when you managed to play it for a month without QuAnTiTy come back and speak again!
  3. LocMax

    State Vehicles

    Vote above. Should we return state vehicles or keep the rentals only?
  4. all you concerned with thief: the list of wanted vehicles is going to be generated for popularly owned vehicle models that means you won't get a bobcat as a wanted vehicle if 5 people own it in the server the reward will obviously be increased when the vehicles are not as easily accessible after the increase it'd be in a range between 25,000 - 35,000
  5. yes because every job needs to enable you to make $1 million in an hour right?
  6. that'd be the case if the server player base was a different... demographic (age, nationality, etc..)
  7. my view is that this won't work out long term simply due to the fact that players play this server for the action aspect of it and not to work as taxi drivers or need to run for 20 minutes to reach their own vehicle
  8. We're surely going to find a way to aid companies in some form to ensure that they can pay their members and operate. The bottom line of $3 million will also be moved up to $7 million.
  9. perhaps tonight or could be tomorrow it depends as it has to be tested first
  10. aside of that we're also updating jobs so that all jobs have more or less equal pay rather than only trucker
  11. the business item prices are being updated and will be giving businesses more profits and also we're going to help county businesses by increasing item prices in ls and keeping them same in county which will motivate people more to buy items in counties
  12. These are top richest players in server (their networth). I initially suggested that the taxing should begin at $5 million, not $3 million. In my opinion, those who are below $10 million aren't the problem and I would even agree to not tax anybody below $10 million. However, those who want to be big millionaires should be working to maintain their wealth instead of just sitting inactive and having such large amounts of money or assets.
  13. You're only paying a tax of $137,775 a month.
  14. you definitely didn't pay 20 euros to play here
  15. I won't bother writing an essay again as it's simply not worth the effort or time just like converting a server for the platform wasn't worth the effort and time. You had a whole team of 3D artists (modelers) resign in a matter of week for similar reasons as the current servers on UG:MP which are closing and stopping development left and right. Let's show some images.. You have the audacity to come on our forum, after for absolutely no reason banning one of the owners of the community, who absolutely said nothing on your discord at all, and only submitted one brief stateme
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