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  1. INFORMATION Valrise Gaming celebrates its 6th birthday in June, more specifically June 21st. The whole month of June will serve as celebration through series of events and tournaments, as has been the tradition here every year so far. All the events and tournaments will be hosted mainly during weekends and fridays. However, smaller events will be hosted at random times throughout week days. EVENTS RACE TOURNAMENT DUEL TOURNAMENT GROUP WAR [25 JUN 2023 -> 02 JUL 2023] D-DAY EVENT [04 JUN 2023, 17:00] VALRISE PARTY WITH GIVEAWAYS DRUG TRANSPORT EVENT TRIATHLON GIFT HUNT EVENT [01 JUN 2023 -> 24 JUN 2023] BIRTHDAY CEREMONY [24 JUN 2023, 17:00] SCHEDULE Detailed schedule will be released shortly for each event as we need to ensure that staff members in charge of respective events can attend at those times.
  2. You were not banned, you were kicked. And this is your FINAL warning. Any more advertising, trash talking, provoking and alike will lead you out of this discord server permanently.
  3. You are temp banned for 24 hrs, learn to not be annoying and to follow the topics at hand without throwing trash into every channel you type in.
  4. LocMax

    V2 Changelog

    INTRODUCTION V2 has been envisioned so that the gameplay would feel more alike to the way server was between 2018 and 2019. It would make the server still consist of roleplay elements and be classed as a light RP server (RPG server), whilst providing a plethora of opportunities for players to explore, whether it be missions, jobs or miscellaneous features. It also features map changes that were wanted by players, mainly removal of some maps from Idlewood and Ganton, and a brand new look for the area surrounding Gas Station 9 and around the precinct. The rules will also feature certain changes that were wanted by the players, more about that in the changelog itself. Credits to @Valentino P (mapping / testing) and @INFERNO @Dizzy (testing). V2 is not the final update by any means, it is just the beginning of a longer transformation process that will deliver additional changes over the coming weeks. There is still a lot that has to be changed, added or removed which could not be done in such a short time frame that we developed V2 in. The biggest change is definitely the anti cheat launcher (VAC) which will impact gameplay in major ways - by preventing cheaters from disturbing the fairness of the gameplay especially during competitive events such as group wars and tournaments that will be hosted throughout June as part of community birthday celebrations. Credits to @Jones @Eren_Hernandez @Mazen who clutched in recent weeks and brought the launcher to its current usable state. Another change is the return of the mobile client, this time tailored in accordance with our needs. This mobile client will feature valrise logos and will remove modifications that used to come with it - such as aimbot, and other similar mods. Credits to @Ben$on for making the mobile client come alive. Still, we recommend you get a laptop since it's an essential item for every person nowadays. THE CHANGES legend [main] - this has to be set up in the main server [todo] - this still has to be done in the upcoming updates [VIP] - this is only available for donators CHAT Public and ask chat has been recolored to the original colors used in past Local chat colors have been set to be purple toned again if you disable your PMs via /togpm, you can use /allowpm to allow certain players to PM you regardless /block will now also work to unblock a person (use /block to block, and /block again to unblock) Car whisper message should split into two lines when the message is longer instead of being cut CHARACTERS Character selection is now after the login or registration process It contains a selection menu that shows your main character and your secondary characters [VIP] Donators can create 2 characters, everyone else only 1 WAREHOUSES RPG, Grenade, Molotov and IED crafting has been removed from warehouses and will now be given out through the different /missions that are repeatedly occurring POLICE RPG and IED has been removed from the police /rack MAPPING Idlewood complex behind GS9 has been removed Idlewood complex north of pizza stack has been removed Ganton hood mapping has been removed Mall now has enterable stores which will feature our new "walk-in" business system [see details under "PROPERTY"] Mako Casino has been relocated to Market nearby the Jewelry store as it did not fit the new Idlewood map Skate Park has been returned to its normal form as the group that resided there moved to Jefferson A community center has been added at the edge of Idlewood near Idlewood precinct with a gym and cafeteria OFFICIAL GROUPS With V2 we're also returning the official group statuses Official group will receive the [official] tag in /listgroups Official group will have a discount on gunparts required for weapon crafting Official group will have increased weapon crafting limits [main] Official groups will have their topics pinned in the groups board on forum [main] Official groups will be able to receive elevators, gates and garages for free at the group properties Official groups will be able to activate group perks for discounted number of group points Official groups will receive oxycodone, xanax, codeine from cargobob mission and trafficking mission Official groups will receive solvent from cargobob mission and trafficking mission Official groups will not have to pay monthly fee for weapon crafting warehouse BUSINESS GROUPS We're changing the concept of business groups and the way they operate Business groups used to be necessary for certain aspects (such as renting a billboard, getting a vehicle from dealership, trucking for business crates and so on), however, this has not always functioned as majority of our player base is oriented either towards being criminals or being cops. This would leave certain players hanging as business groups would a lot of times be unavailable, inactive or uninterested in doing their specialization tasks. We're removing the dependence of scripts from business groups, that means you'll be able to truck for your own business crates, warehouse crates, buy vehicles at dealerships and rent your own billboards without having to use any business group for it. Business groups will however still exist and be able to do these tasks, and their members will be provided money on monthly basis for execution of these tasks by management. This is meant to motivate those who REALLY WANT TO have a business group, to continue having it, and performing the tasks they are specializing in, and still receiving money for it, as opposed to previously where players made business groups just so they could truck for themselves and didn't really care about anything else. TURFS Turfs will rotate on weekly basis in order to provide a bigger variety for groups There are ''quick turfs'' that can be captured by only 2 group members, and these turfs disallow sniper rifles and capturing from within vehicles, these turfs also have a capture cooldown of 2 hours as opposed to 8 hours that normal turfs have Quick turfs will be randomly selected each week during the cycle process, so each week different turfs will be the "quick turfs" which will provide further variation to turf battles as it changes the tactics you can utilize for capture Turfs now have information displayed above minimap showing the number of members capturing the turf, the minimum required to successfully capture, the turf name and the time remaining A single turf can now provide up to three different perks which can be seen through /turfperks /capture no longer requires specifying group that you're capturing for, typing only "/capture" works Reviving players knocked in turf has been fixed so that they should automatically resume capturing once revived CARGOBOB HEIST Cargobob heist occurs at random intervals, the time can be seen through /missions You can take any cargobob on the map to perform the heist You have to deploy the magnet of the cargobob in order to be able to carry containers [use /cargobob magnet] You have to head to the GPS coordinates that are shown to you after you have entered the cargobob At that location you must use your magnet to get a yellow container [press FIRE button] Carry the container to the drop location which is marked with a yellow marker on map Release the container at that location [press FIRE button] You can loot the containers by being on-foot and pressing Y, you will receive crates that you must load up on a vehicle The crate must be delivered to Montgomery, at GPS coordinates that are shown in the message you receive Once delivered at Montgomery, unload from vehicle and load to the garage by pressing Y BANK HEIST [main] The bank now has an alternative entrance at the rear of the building and the back of the interior [main] The bank additionally has a tunnel underneath the building which can be accessed from the vault, and will lead to another alternative exit STORE ROBBERIES Certain stores have NPCs acting as clerks and only those stores with the NPCs can be robbed The amount of money you receive from robbery depends on the location of the store [those close to center LS give more due to higher risk of being caught while those at more remote locations give less due to lower risk] You will need a buddy whose task will be to keep the store clerk intimidated, if the aim is dropped from the clerk at any moment, he will alert the cops and you'll have to run The cash register needs to be smashed up with a baseball bat before you are able to take money from it Money is taken in batches, by pressing N every few seconds PROPERTY Cooldown has been added to prevent players from entering-exiting too quickly, so once you exit a property, you cannot reenter it for 2 seconds There can now be walk-in businesses that can function based on open interiors (such as the store at Blueberry or the Mall at Market), players can use /buy when in proximity of such business VEHICLES [main] Number of state vehicles slightly reduced since there were currently too many spawned everywhere Each player can have up to 3 vehicles spawned at a time [VIP] Donators can have up to 6 vehicles spawned at a time [todo] A variety of new attachments have been added to /attachments [todo] Vehicles degrade depending on the travelled kilometers, they will eventually require servicing by a mechanic specialized group or else will have engine issues You can now use /v impounds whilst inside a vehicle to show the vehicle's impound history DRUG DEALER Any player can sell drugs to the drug dealer as it used to be in past, however they will receive 70% of the price rather than 100% that group leader receives when selling [todo] Drug dealer to be improved in some way to give people who sell a lot benefits COCAINE Coca leaves can be found at random locations in wilderness of San Andreas (Whetstone, Red County) Coca leaves can be collected from the ground by pressing button N on your keyboard when near to it Coca leaves can additionally be obtained from the smuggle or cargobob mission by official groups Cocaine can be produced at group properties that have been mapped or furnished appropriately to act as production labs Production process is quite long, depending on how quickly you add ingredients, it can be up to 20 minutes, however, you do NOT have to be present at the cooking location the whole time, you can occasionally come to add necessary ingredients and then leave again until next step Similarly to heroin and meth, you have to add ingredients during cooking process, however it's much less sensitive to quantities as opposed to heroin and meth, you just have to ensure that you add all the necessary ingredients in larger quantities CANNABIS Cannabis indica will provide more grams per plant if there is a higher number of cops online Players with skill level 3 in "weed" category are able to water multiple plants at once by using /weed water. This will water all the plants within 10 units around the player all at once. HEROIN Heroin can be produced inside properties that have either a mapped or a furnished spot The properties, criteria and limits will be determined by management in order to not make heroin redundant You are now able to do the grinder's famous - "double shack" strategy again as time to add ingredient has been increased to the same amount that old system used (and extra due to having to hold spacebar for a few seconds) JOBS You are now able to view your playtime by job through /jobplaytime [it is newly implemented therefore time counts from now onwards] Automated paychecks that are issued for jobs such as police, fire department, ems, government and alike are now issued on hourly basis based on the job playtime. Spawning at a job after death has been improved so that sub-jobs (such as SWAT from SAPD, SEB from SASD, HRT from FBI, EMS from SAFD) can spawn at any of the parent job locations (SEB at SASD buildings, HRT at FBI buildings, EMS at FD buildings, SWAT at PD buildings) [VIP] Donators level 2+ are able to use /leavejob (or /quitjob) to leave their job from anywhere without having to go to the duty icon of the job SKILLS Skill system has been slightly revamped to address issues that it previously faced with people being able to receive negative skills or pass the skill highest experience amount Skills will degrade after 7 days of last increase, by 1 skill point per day Weed, heroin, meth skill level will now issue appropriate reward (more grams per harvest) based on the level you are Escapee skill will decrease the amount of time you are wanted for, for suspections added manually by cops Stalker skill will reduce the chance of phone tracker vanishing after use Smuggler skill will increase the amount of items you receive on smuggle delivery [todo] Robber skill will increase the amount of gold bars or jewels you receive on heist Thief skill will increase the amount of money you receive on delivery of a wanted vehicle to thieves Swift hands skill will improve vehicle picklock and prydoor speed / chances LUMBERJACK [todo] Lumberjack always had very little trees to cut and was constrained to one location, now there is another job location at Whetstone, behind Angel Pine, and a lot more trees that can be cut TRUCKING Normal trucking will provide extra money on delivery if you're apart of a trucking specialized group Normal trucking will provide additional money if you use your own personal truck for trucking MAILMAN Mailman is an independent job that is located at El Corona Once you go on duty, you load some crates from the post office (through /mail take) and load them into your van (by pressing FIRE button) Once you loaded up enough crates in the vehicle, you can press H to receive the delivery destination. At the delivery destination, you unload the package from your vehicle by pressing FIRE button and deliver it to the red checkpoint at the door of the building. You can then request the next destination by pressing H again. WINDOW CLEANER Window cleaner is part of the maintenance job that is located at Los Santos Junkyard There is currently one skyscraper at Downtown Los Santos that contains the elevator and the windows that need to be cleaned, depending on popularity of the job we can add more on different skyscrapers Elevator can be called up to the rooftop by pressing "H" Elevator can be controlled by pressing "FIRE" button Elevator can be moved up and down by pressing "Y" and "N" Windows are cleaned by pressing "SPACE" repeatedly FIRE & EMS Players will now have the ability to request EMS at their location once they get knocked A whole lot of new fire and EMS missions have been added to provide variety EMS can now respond to knocked players who request EMS, marked on map with red square TRVAELLING [todo] At each train station you are able to travel to other train station by using /train [todo] At each airport you are able to travel to other airport by using /airport PHONE Phones can now be unregistered at the City Hall Issue with speakers being displayed wrongly should be fixed BILLBOARD Billboard can once again be rented by anybody, not only groups with the specialization GROUP WAR When killed during an active group war, you will be instantly dead and no longer knocked No dead body will be left behind for those killed during group war ANIMATIONS /piss has been disabled due to use for trolling CASINO Blackjack game has been added to casinos, accessible via /blackjack at designated tables Roulette and slots command range has been increased so you don't have to be very precise with camera angle to use it ARE YOU HERE? The AFK check that pops up will now be less annoying and detect activity through other means than previously DEFAULT SPAWN LOCATION Newbies will spawn at the Los Santos Airport just by the rental station When you are falling out of a property, you will also spawn at the Los Santos Airport by the rental station so that you can rent a vehicle and drive back to where you need instead of previously spawning at the City Hall where you were stranded without any vehicle to use ITEMS You are now able to use "/use food" or "/use soda" or "/use alcohol" to use any food, soda or alcoholic item without specifying the name FOOD STANDS Food stands were bugged for a long time now, but that has been fixed! Food stands will be placed around popular locations (Idlewood, Ganton, Jefferson, Pershing SQ, ASGH, Marina, ...) and can be rented by players for 7 days After 7 days, the stand becomes unowned and anyone can rent it again for 7 days again Stands are meant to provide players with ability to make small profit by roleplaying in some area with their stand and selling food items, it's not meant to be permanently owned and harbored by individuals who won't care about them after a few days, that's the reason they will remain rent-only SETTINGS You are now able to toggle damage indicator (sounds and visual) via /settings
  5. you will be unbanned and government faction banned (meaning you will be unable to join any government faction)
  6. 2 week extension for ban appeal for messaging managers / staff members about it
  7. You can get a chance to impress us with your immaculate behavior that should be obedient and mature now!
  8. LocMax

    Drug transport

    how about you don't post random unrelated suggestions in this topic? it's one event with sole purpose to distribute new drugs into the server in a fair and competitive way this has absolutely nothing to do with economy this has absolutely nothing to do with players this has absolutely nothing to do with jobs this has absolutely nothing to do with businesses this isn't a suggestion topic
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