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  1. Halloween Month Monsters come out after the sunset 1. Best costume competition This event will be hosted 07/10/2022 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 14/10/2022 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 21/10/2022 at 17:00. This is a true halloween themed event. It is up to players to create most unique looking costumes for halloween via /clothing. The winner will be determined by a panel of judges handpicked on the spot made up by players and staff members. Each costume will be scored and the player with highest score will be the winner with a reward. 2. Best vehicle tuning / modifications This event will be hosted 08/10/2022 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 15/10/2022 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 22/10/2022 at 17:00. Same concept as the costume event, however this time with vehicles. The winner will be determined by a panel of judges handpicked on the spot made up by players and staff members. Each vehicle will be scored and the player with highest score will be the winner with a reward. 3. Trick or treat This event will start 01/10/2022 and last until 01/11/2022. Trick or treating is a classic tradition. Players will have the opportunity to go from house to house, knock on the door and trick or treat with their costume. They may receive money, food, or some intriguing items such as drugs, weapons, or perhaps some explosive ordinance slips in from your uncle. You may also get a ticket to win an exclusive vehicle! 4. Pumpkin hunt This event will start 01/10/2022 and last until 01/11/2022. Pumpkin hunt is practically hide and seek between players and a hidden pumpkin. The pumpkin, or more of them, can be hidden all around the map. And it's on to the players to find them. The three players that found the most pumpkins at the end of the event will win rewards. First place winner will pick between monetary reward and an exclusive vehicle. The other two will also pick between monetary reward and less exclusive vehicles. The Leaderboard for that you can find here: https://panel-rpg.mudoogaming.com/leaderboard/pumpkin 5. Best furnished property This event will be hosted 09/10/2022 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 16/10/2022 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 23/10/2022 at 17:00. The furniture can be inside interior or the yard. The goal is to have the most halloween themed furnished interior or yard, or the most good looking and unique one. The winner will be determined by a panel of judges handpicked on the spot made up by players and staff members. Each property will be scored and the player with highest score will be the winner with a reward. 6. Variety events This event will start 03/10/2022 and last until 01/11/2022 Variety events are going to be events randomly created by Senior Admins. It will vary from escape the shamal, to destruction derbies, hide'n'seek, races, and so on. 7. Escape the maze This event will be hosted 15/10/2022 at 18:30. This event will be hosted 22/10/2022 at 18:30. This event will be hosted 29/10/2022 at 17:00. Three different maze maps have been created. Players are dropped on one side and must find their way to the exit of the maze. The first player that finds the exit of the maze is the winner. 8. Squid Games - Green Light / Red Light This event will be hosted 14/10/2022 at 15:00. This event will be hosted 21/10/2022 at 15:00. This event will be hosted 28/10/2022 at 15:00. The most famous series of Netflix. Squid games. We will replicate the "red light green light" game. If you move when the light turns red - you die. The goal is to move across a field to a safe area without dying.
  2. LocMax

    Survey Review

    It will be a while before we do anything with vehicle armor levels, first we're going to implement the roleplay improvements with groups, players and staff.
  3. LocMax

    Survey Review

    Our solutions proposed above are up for discussion here. Provide further feedback or ideas.
  4. LocMax

    Survey Review

    Hello dear players. The management team took the last few days to go over the survey responses. Each and every response (except the unserious ones) were considered and discussed by the management team. We will file the responses at the bottom of the post in case you are interested into what players have been submitting in the survey. We identified some recurring issues: Roleplaying players and groups are being ignored; We are not enforcing roleplay enough through rules; We are not sufficiently strict in server rule enforcement; Our staff need training on dealing with situations; We need to reward and support roleplaying players and groups; A lot of the survey responses complained of the lack of roleplay, excess of deathmatch, unsatisfactory staff performance and the lack of quality in the player base. Our solutions to the aforementioned issues are: Roleplaying groups and players receive a special status in-game visible in different places For example, in /listgroups, groups focusing on roleplay will have a special [roleplay] label beside it These roleplaying groups would have discounted price for elevators, gates, additional HQs and other These roleplaying groups which are criminal would have better prices at the drug dealer or reduced weapon crafting parts The roleplaying players would have reduced price for custom numberplates, /loyalty perks and other alike The roleplaying groups would receive extra vehicle slots and a third group HQ The status of a roleplaying group or player would be issued based on player's or group's performance over an extended period of time The status can be revoked at any point should the group or the player stop roleplaying Motivate player-player interaction through script As suggested by Pablo, different criminal group types can produce different items, such as: Mafia can produce snipers and grenades Gang can produce AK47 and molotov Cartel can produce M4 and RPG This would force other groups to make deals with groups to purchase weaponry that they cannot produce themselves Similarly, for drugs: Mafia can sell heroin Gang can sell cannabis Cartel can sell cocaine and meth This would mean that if a certain group wants to sell heroin, but it's not mafia, they have to contact a mafia and sell to the mafia rather than to the scripted dealer In addition, we are considering restricting drug sales to the scripted drug dealers for non-groups altogether so individual players who want to sell drugs must reach out to one of the criminal groups Boosting legal jobs Making legal jobs nearly as profitable as the illegal jobs (such as drugs) Ensuring players who take jobs actually perform the tasks of the job Adding new roleplay positions in government such as State council - it would have around 6 members who would be handpicked from applications based on their punishment history, knowledge of roleplay, in game activity and interest into political roleplay The state council's job would be legislative - to approve or disapprove of law changes by governor, to hold oversight over the governor's activities, to ensure finances of the state are being managed well and to allocate certain amount for projects and activities and so on Improving staff quality Staff members would be vetted out more strictly, meaning those with bad history would not be recruited We would develop a training program so that staff improves in their ability to investigate and handle situations Developing a more efficient way for reporting, as it tends to happen that staff get swarmed by complex reports in-game which take too long to handle, resulting in other reports piling up and being unhandled This would mean any report that would take more than a few minutes to handle in-game gets directed on forum Improving player quality and roleplay quality More strictly enforcing rules on behavior and decency (no toxic or childish behavior) More strictly enforcing rules on names (no more "glock_14", "donald_trump", "dinko321" type of names) Removing patriots and other military tier vehicles from population (keep it only for groups) Removing vehicle armor levels from privately owned vehicles (if it's above 1500 hp) and keep it only for groups Link to the survey responses posted in our discord - LINK [check pinned messages]
  5. Would you like to be able to furnish the exterior of your property? make a request here! Property NR: Property Type: [House | Business | Group] Photograph showing your property from multiple angles: Pricelist Los Santos Houses in Richman, Mullholland, Mako Island - FREE Houses elsewhere in Los Santos - $2,500,000 Businesses anywhere in Los Santos - $1,500,000 San Fierro Houses anywhere in San Fierro - $500,000 Businesses anywhere in San Fierro - $250,000 Las Venturas Houses anywhere in Las Venturas - $500,000 Businesses anywhere in Las Venturas - $250,000 Counties Houses anywhere in counties - FREE Businesses anywhere in counties - FREE
  6. IN EFFECT AS OF 25/08/2022
  7. IN EFFECT AS OF 25/08/2022
  8. LocMax

    03. Job Rules

    IN EFFECT AS OF 25/08/2022
  9. IN EFFECT AS OF 25/08/2022
  10. IN EFFECT AS OF 25/08/2022
  11. 1 - Making people behave decently in the server and prohibiting them from disrupting situations they are uninvolved in does not make the server heavy RP. 2 - "Unrealistic driving" rule does not exist. Players can jump off cliffs, drive however they want as long as that does not cause ramming of other players. 3 - Most of you never played real roleplay servers that were considered heavy roleplay (ie. RCRP, LSRP) so it's difficult for you to grasp the difference. Heavy roleplays require character development, prohibit any kind of metagaming, powergaming, there's no turfs, no missions like smuggle and trafficking, no volutneers, and the list goes on endlessly. So claiming "omgggggg why becoming heavy rp" is nonsensical since we're 3 years away from being a heavy rp server.
  12. Those of you who have been affected by this change and would like to downgrade to window level 2 can reply to this topic with the following format: Panel link to your vehicle which has level 3 windows: The panel like must look like this: https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/vehicle/10890
  13. Hello dear players. We are looking towards improving the standards of the server for all the players. This means that we're looking to reduce the amount of trolling in the server, annoying actions that are purely done to bother another party of players, generally uncivil behavior that doesn't contribute to the gameplay positively and improve the quality of scenes that occur. We understand the large majority here enjoy the endless action and shootouts that the server brings. However, even those activities can be civilized. Even those activities can exclude toxic behavior, trolling, annoying behavior and the series of other negative actions that somehow became standardized here. By reiteration of existing rules and implementation of new rules, we will limit certain behaviors and acts. These are applicable to everyone regardless of whether they are business group, criminal group or police group. For the period of two weeks after the publishing of this topic, players will first be verbally informed of the violations of these newly implemented changes. After two weeks have passed, the punishments will be escalated based on severity of rulebreak and the scale the rulebreak affected other players and scenarios. 1. ANNOYING / CHILDISH / IMMATURE BEHAVIOR AND DISRUPTING SCENES From here on, you will be punished if you intentionally bother other players, by any kind of annoying, unreasonable, or disruptive behavior. Some common examples: • You see a group of players holding a roleplay activity (let's say marathon event by government), group of players running on the road. You decide to follow them and horn non-stop at them, shouting "MOVE!!!!", "FUCK YOUR MARATHON" and so on. That classifies as annoying behavior as you can simply drive away using a different route. • Randomly approaching cops who established a perimeter with barriers due to an ongoing situation, shouting "FUCK YOU COPS", or destroying the barriers, driving through the scene repeatedly. That classifies as annoying behavior as you are in no way involved with the scene, yet you're being an annoyance to those who are apart of it. Find something else to do. • This also applies to cops who disrupt civilian's or criminal's activities. In example, when a group of players are having a roleplay activity that doesn't involve shooting or hostility, and the police show up and begin ramming, or shooting. 2. ADMINISTRATIVELY PUNISHING ABUSIVE POLICE OFFICERS This is another step we're taking in order to increase the trust of players in police. Law enforcement agencies are official server factions. They therefore must be of certain standards. If a police officer randomly shoots somebody who is uninvolved in a situation under claims of "corruption" - that will be classified as DM just like it would be for any other player. Furthermore, making somebody suspected just as they are about to lose previous suspections, with intent of extending their wanted time, is also considered abuse and will be administratively punished. Randomly suspecting players who haven't done anything will also be considered script abuse. In general, more abusive or malicious actions will be punished administratively by staff rather than "ICly" by faction leaders. However, important to note that corruption in roleplay is allowed. Roleplayed corruption classifies as being corrupt and the corruption is roleplayed all the way. Examples: taking bribery, releasing friends or bribed players from jail, kidnap and torture of prisoners, and so on. Just claiming toe be corrupt but not roleplaying or putting effort into it does not count. 3. DRIVING Driving in this server is admittedly painstaking. You cannot drive your vehicle from Idlewood to Market without being rammed by somebody on the way. Players drive in such reckless, careless and intentionally dangerous ways, which causes other players to be unnecessarily rammed and their vehicles damaged. Therefore, hence fourth, ramming will be more observed and punished than before. It is your due diligence to drive reasonably, in a manner through which you do not threaten to ram other players, regardless of lag, or accident. If you decide to intentionally drive in such manner (ie. in wrong lane across market, or city hall) and you ram somebody, you do risk being administratively punished. Obviously, when you're wanted and fleeing from police, you can drive erratically. Same for emergency services when they are responding to a situation with sirens or lights. 4. ENGAGEMENT BETWEEN CRIMINALS AND POLICE As we decided to take step 2 - punishing abusive police officers administratively, we also expect the criminals to avoid acting unreasonably and engaging cops where it would be unrealistic or unreasonable to engage cops. In example, if you are being pulled over by police for violating traffic laws and you choose to evade - you may not call backup for this situation and you may only shoot as last resort. There's no sense in turning a simple traffic stop that would in worst case scenario result in you receiving a $5,000 ticket into a mass shooting. Engaging the cops should be last resort in any situation, but we will specially enforce it in this case of traffic evasions. Also a general reminder that you may not chase cops. The general task of criminals is to avoid being caught committing a crime in first place, and if you are caught, your task is to escape police. Your task is not to kill all the cops in the server for whatever reason. Additional server rules which will be enforced by administration are: Police are not allowed to drive-by vehicles of suspects who had not opened fire on police regardless of vehicle armor level or speed unless: The suspects opened fire on the police whilst on-foot then the police may drive-by their vehicle if the vehicle is armored or high-speed vehicle, or if the suspects drive-by afterwards The suspects opened fire on the police whilst in vehicle (drive-by) then the police may drive-by their vehicle regardless of armor or speed Criminals are not allowed to call for backup or initiate mass shootouts in situations where they evade from a traffic stop. If you are being pulled over for violation of traffic laws, and you are not already wanted of a felonious crime (you have a crime that has a [F] label in it) then you may not call backup or create a mass shooting. 5. MISCELLANEOUS Players won't be able to drive-by from vehicles which are upgraded to level 3 bulletproof windows. They won't be able to /switchweapon when passengers inside such a vehicle, and weapons will automatically be removed when entering as passenger in such vehicles. You can have a FREE downgrade to level 2 window armor level. Spike strips will work on bulletproof wheels so the police don't resort to shooting evading vehicles but rather use tactics and spike strips to stop evading ivehicles. These reiterations or additions are going to be implemented gradually. For the period of two weeks you will be receiving verbal warnings for the violation of these newly implemented or changed rules. These verbal warnings will go on your record. If you continue violating them after verbal warnings, the punishment will escalate.
  14. we already done with the topic of bans in the span of my 12 year playtime in SAMP? hmm.. Dylan is still in Valrise today, and he is the one who took a minute to revert FD forum yesterday from the autism you and the goons committed... do you know that there were a lot of disagreements in span of 5 years about different topics? yet, do you see the server still online? you do... do you see Mikro, Dylan, Leonardo, Jones and me still present? you do... FBI is also still present... so... I think you can use that image as toilet paper because it doesn't have absolutely any use.
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