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  1. imagine wanting a GTA roleplay server which does not involve shootouts or guns, what are we, a church?
  2. The red vehicles parked at Downtown LS across ZIP
  3. I saw you ramming the red vehicles at Market with that dump truck as well. That was also unintentional right?
  4. I will lift the ban for now, if there's further detections of malicious actions coming from you, you will have to find a new GTA SA to install
  5. Right, well, the anti hack doesn't just detect a golf club from nothing, it has not happened before, so it seems like you have some sort of malicious game files.
  6. On 20-11-2020 19:59:06, you were detected attempting to spawn a golf club weapon. Can you explain what you were doing at that very moment?
  7. You can still come and play whenever you have holidays, it doesn't have to be a permanent goodbye!
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