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  1. you'll be unbanned, however if you mention that ridiculous server once more in any context you will be here again.
  2. we don't appreciate when players invite others into servers like that.
  3. Don't attack staff members in future and control your anger!
  4. 0 previous punishments, you are unbanned. Don't do it again.
  5. You have to use VAC https://vac.valrisegaming.com/update unbanned
  6. You're unbanned, don't do it again @Miles_Kentaki because next time you'll get forced onto VAC and that's not pleasant to run.
  7. You have a lot of punishments for DM. You will be unbanned now and next DM you're gonna say bye to your weapons for a long while.
  8. @MR. BLACKyour password has been changed and sent. Change it in-game via /settings. Next time no unban if another person enters your account. Use 2FA.
  9. @Cataleya_Restrepo you are unbanned. Next time you will lose all your assets if you do something like this again.
  10. You will be unbanned due to unclear evidence and storyline. You are warned to not: Troll Bait others into situations so you get reasons to shoot them Abuse scripts Abuse bugs Attempt to exploit or bend the rules You are on thin ice and have been for past years, don't get cocky.
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