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  1. yup hence now I'm arranging managers and seniors to take events beforehand and set them when they're able to attend
  2. • DATES WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON • ADDITIONAL EVENTS THAT AREN'T LISTED HERE WILL BE HELD • THE REWARDS WILL BE DETERMINED ALONG WITH THE DATES SOON December is coming up, which is also known as the Christmas month. Throughout the whole month, a plethora of events will be hosted, in addition to scripted mini events such as gifts spawning for every player at their homes, gifts that can be found scattered around the map, and other newly scripted events that will be unveiled in time. 1. GROUP WARS For December, we will enable our long-time scripted group war script which collects statistics such as kills, deaths, turf captures, smuggles and so on. The group that at the end of the month has the best statistics will be awarded 3 months of group+ for free. 2. SQUID GAMES We had a little squid games event back during Halloween, however it was just a test run to see if the event was possible at all. For December, certain games will be scripted in to allow a much better experience. Players will have to sign up, and participate in each of the scheduled games. The player who makes it to the end takes the reward. 3. HAYBALE RACE There will be different sets of haybales going high in sky. A player will have to climb from haybale to haybale without falling. The player who makes it to the top in the quickest amount of time is the winner. This is going to be a fun and challenging event. 4. MAZE RACE A giant mapped maze with one exit. A set of players is placed inside the maze and the player who reaches the end of the maze in the quickest amount of time will be the winner. The maze as said will be quite a big one, so best get those navigational skills sharpened till then. 5. THE GIFT HUNT Santa accidentally drops gifts out of his sleigh whilst flying around from house to house. It'll be a competition between all of the players in game, the first one to get to the gift, whose location will be announced, and finds it at that location, will be able to collect the reward of the gift in question. 6. THE DUEL TOURNAMENT Tournament between players where the more skilled aimer wins. Players sign up for the event and have to appear at the scheduled times to move up the ranks. The winner of the tournament will take the reward. 7. MISCELLANEOUS Throughout the month, different variety events will also be held, such as: Dodge the shamal Best tuned vehicle competition Best Christmas decorated yard competition Vehicle races And so on. Keep an eye out on this topic for the schedule and other information relating to these events.
  3. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OFFICE OF SENATOR MATTHEW M. CARTER ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Dated 22nd of November, 2021 The US Senate welcomes this great addition to the San Andreas territory, as another place of great aesthetic, a place of great nature and a place for all the citizens of San Andreas to visit for a vacation day or a holiday. The US Government has provided additional funds for this project to come alive and will continue to invest into San Andreas to improve the quality of life of all citizens and to make San Andreas a welcoming tourist destination, whether for domestic or foreign tourists. Signed, Matthew M. Carter U.S. Senator
  4. we're not gonna be turning this into a heavy roleplay server with such license systems and making dependency on people to obtain some fundamental things such as weapons, all we're looking to do is to make the heavy weapons (M4, AK, Sniper) more scarce so it's used wisely in fights that require it, not willy nilly as it currently is
  5. Hello, As we have entered a new era where we prohibited creation of militant / terrorist groups, and as the only existing one got closed, we are here to announce a few changes that will take effect now. The number of heavy air vehicles will be returned to the initial number pre-LMSA The health of the heavy air vehicles will be returned to the initial number pre-LMSA That means 1,000 health for all of them The health of the bunkers (armored trucks) will be returned to the initial number pre-LMSA That means 8,000 health The heavy air vehicles may only be deployed in following circumstances: A felonious suspect fleeing in aircraft A special occasion such as a high government official visiting an area The drive-by rules will be modified to prohibit drive-by by police in these circumstances: if the suspect is NOT a felonious suspect but is driving a high speed vehicle In this circumstance, PD will have to utilize their HSV fleet to pursue the suspect and use PIT and other tactics All the laws that were made specifically for the LMSA are revoked and no longer in effect. That means no airspace patrolling with jets and attack helicopters That means no involvement of heavy air or tanks into scenes Now, in an ideal situation I'd also propose further changes such as M4 and sniper would only be deployed mainly by SWAT, HRT The issue with this is that there's endless resource of AK47s, M4s, sniper rifle cases in the server, and that they are practically used in every shootout or every other shootout, which would make this unreasonable to impose We're however interested if criminals would be interested in making some changes in the way of how M4, sniper, AK47 cases get produced, making them more rare in the server and more valuable, so their use would be reduced in unimportant scenarios Some ideas we had were: Warehouses of groups that have them would be set for 2 weeks, then unset for 4 weeks, so the groups would have to work to produce a supply of cases in those 2 weeks that it's set for, and then use them wisely for the next 4 weeks while the warehouse is unset Creating a specialization for criminal groups which would be responsible for crafting and distributing weapon cases to other groups, under some rules so that there wouldn't end up being a group that wouldn't be sold weapons We're still accepting suggestions!
  6. LocMax

    Server Rules

  7. Hello sir. You'll be unbanned as it's your very first punishment in the server. Please do understand that you cannot shoot players for petty reasons such as merely being punched (mistakenly). Using a weapon against players should be for appropriate reasons.
  9. V MYSTERY EVENT #1 SQUID GAMES EVENT 23/10/2021 17:00 CET MYSTERY EVENT #2 DRUG TRANSPORT 24/10/2021 17:00 CET NOTE: All those pending unban till 31st October will be unbanned tomorrow on the 22nd.
  10. Every single server launch goes like this when you have a server made from zero. Same was with the SA:MP server. It launched and it took another 6 months before the script got appropriately adjusted, fixed and made fully playable. You can't expect a server that was made from zero and tested with a handful of people to be perfect and to have a thousand features. Again, look at how long it took SA:MP server to receive all the feature it currently has. It's a constant process. It'll take some time for all the issues to be addressed and new features to be implemented, especially considering the scripting of a FiveM server is quite tasking. Simply be patient and be helpful by playing the server even if it has low players and settling groups in it so you're not bored. Features and fixes will inevitably come. There's priorities for certain features and fixes based on their necessity and cruciality, so don't expect everything at once.
  11. GOVERNOR INAUGURATION CEREMONY 26/09/2021 AT 17:00 CET Los Santos City Hall
  12. I'll set you an office at Idlewood
  13. this isn't a popular area, we must get you a place at busy places like Idlewood, Pershing SQ. and such
  14. V Halloween Month The amount of events is scary. 1. Best costume competition This event will be hosted 08/10/2021 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 15/10/2021 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 31/10/2021 at 17:00. The goal of this event is for players to create a unique /clothing costume. The three players with best costumes will be given rewards. The winners are selected by a judicial board that will be selected on spot. 2. Best vehicle tuning / modifications This event will be hosted 09/10/2021 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 16/10/2021 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 23/10/2021 at 17:00. The goal of this event is for players to customize their vehicles with /attachments and /tune. The three players with the best customized vehicles will be given rewards. The winners are selected by a judicial board that will be selected on spot. 3. Trick or treat This event will start 15/10/2021 and last until 01/11/2021. Trick or treating is a classic tradition. Players will have the opportunity to go from house to house, knock on the door and trick or treat with their costume. They may receive exclusive vehicle ticket, money, food, or some intriguing items such as drugs, weapons, or perhaps some explosive slips in from your uncle. Some rare one-time items might appear too. 4. Pumpkin hunt This event will start 01/10/2021 and last until 01/11/2021. Pumpkin hunt is practically hide and seek between players and a hidden pumpkin. The pumpkin, or more of them, can be hidden all around the map. And it's on to the players to find them. The three players that found the most pumpkins at the end of the event will win rewards. First place winner will pick between monetary reward and an exclusive vehicle. The other two will also pick between monetary reward and less exclusive vehicles. The pumpkin can also contain items inside of it just like trick or treating. A rare item might be inside which you do not want to miss out on. The Leaderboard for that you can find here: here 5. Best furniture This event will be hosted 10/10/2021 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 17/10/2021 at 17:00. This event will be hosted 24/10/2021 at 17:00. The goal of this event is to create the best looking interior or yard using furniture and its features. The three players with the best, most fitting, and creative furniture will be rewarded. The winners will be chosen by a judicial board which will be selected on spot. 6. Mystery Event #1 This event will be hosted xx/10/2021 at xx:xx. Mystery event will be unveiled during October. It might be a drug transport event, a race tournament, a duel tournament or something brand new! Stay tuned for the announcement of it 7. Mystery Event #2 This event will be hosted xx/10/2021 at xx:xx. Mystery event will be unveiled during October. It might be a drug transport event, a race tournament, a duel tournament or something brand new! Stay tuned for the announcement of it
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