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  1. SPECIAL CATEGORY (Voted by management) The MVP Roberto Makaveli Most unique character and player of the year Jason Blaese Unexpected star Levi Becker The best newcomers Lucas Black Luka Kuznetsov Most hours played in a year Simon Stewart Most hours spent on a job Judith Lloyd STAFF CATEGORY (Voted by players) Best staff member Shaquille Burns Tanzidur Hernandez Most helpful staff member Lukas Stewart Kindest staff member Dinghy Waggenheim Most professional staff member Benson Corleone GROUP CATEGORY (Voted by players) Best Criminal Group National Balla Association (NBA) Roberto Makaveli Best Business Group AllCargo Logistics (ACL) Marisa Kirisame Best Government Group San Andreas Sheriff Department (SASD) Trina Grant Most Unique Group Whetstone Woodland Insurgency (WWI) Levi Becker LAW ENFORCEMENT CATEGORY (Voted by players) Officer of the year Simon Stewart Deputy Sheriff of the year Adel Lordran Guardsman of the year Damien Taylor FIRE DEPARTMENT CATEGORY (Voted by players) EMT of the year Daniel Martinez Firefighter of the year Simon Gofrowsky CRIMINAL CATEGORY (Voted by players) Criminal of the year Roberto Makaveli PLAYER CATEGORY (Voted by players) Roleplayer of the year Cyd Parker Governor of the year Nabster Oseguera Civilian of the year Deshawn Anderson Businessman of the year Miguel Escobar Driver of the year Charles McTavish Pilot of the year Bradley Ross Funniest player of the year Hilly Gabagooli Dumbest hacker of the year Frisk Alaric
  2. Unbanned, use only the official valrise mobile launcher
  3. 01-06-2024 13:20:13 - [public] Enzo_Corleone (3)(2671): fuck this shit server 01-06-2024 13:20:19 - [public] Enzo_Corleone (3)(2671): always <xx> was better ?
  4. Unbanned, let's see how quickly you can farm a 2nd ban.
  5. Nope you're not playing here, try again in one month and we'll see how I feel about it.
  6. HOW DOES IT WORK? Players are placed at various locations - inside stadiums, on top of rooftops or within mapped areas. Some rounds will provide same vehicle to all players, other rounds will require players to bring their own vehicle of choice to the event (not armored group vehicles). Then, the players have to engage in relentless ramming until they are the last ones standing. HOW TO JOIN? Simply appear in-game at the scheduled time of event and listen to event staff instructions. REWARD Players will receive points for each round they win. The player with most points at the end of all scheduled destruction derby events will also receive a free PERSONAL vehicle with 2,000 armor, bulletproof wheels and bulletproof windows. In addition to the above, 1st place -> money [and the above reward] 2nd place -> money 3rd place -> money
  7. HOW DOES IT WORK? Boxing tournament will be hosted inside the Ganton gym, and at the Verona Beach outdoor gym. Players who show up at the event will be noted, and will then engage in fights one against another, with the winner of each round being noted down and then competing with other winners of the other rounds. HOW TO JOIN? Join by being in-game at the scheduled time of the event and following the instructions provided by event staff in-game. REWARDS 1st place -> money, free fighting style and maximized melee damage (once the gym update is in) 2nd place -> money and maximized melee damage 3rd place -> money
  8. HOW DOES IT WORK? Race tournament is a classic. This time we'll turn this around a bit. Players are able to participate using their own, privately owned, tuned vehicles in the races. The vehicles that will be permitted will be tuners, lowriders and sedans. Basically - no infernuses, bullets, NRGs and other vehicles alike. To name a few examples of vehicles that you may use: blista compact, elegy, uranus, stratum, savanna, tahoma, premier, elegant, ... Players who do not have a personal vehicle will be provided with one of same kind, however, not tuned. HOW TO JOIN? Simply appear at the scheduled event time in-game and come to the location specified by the staff. REWARD 1st place -> 3 points 2nd place ->2 points 3rd place -> 1 point Players who win a single race tournament round will win money, while players who come up at top of the tournament itself with most points will win a free vehicle of choice - whether it's an infernus, a hotring, or another AND a free vehicle max speed and acceleration upgrade.
  9. HOW DOES IT WORK? King of the climb event is a competition on a mapped area where players' task is to climb to the top of the mapped tower. It's easy to fall and to have to restart from step 0, which makes it challenging to complete. As there's gonna be many players participating, the challenge is even bigger as players might fall due to ramming into each other. HOW TO JOIN? Just be in-game at the scheduled time of the event and you'll be able to join! REWARD Players will win money based on their position in the event, if a player wins 3 rounds (3 in total, not in just one event), they'll receive loyalty points.
  10. HOW DOES IT WORK A scripted zone is created by event staff WITHIN WHICH YOU MUST BE in order to not die. The zone is colored in blue, and initially the size of it is large. Special maps are being created for the PUBG event, and some unseen current maps will be used as well. Loot will be dropped on the location by the event staff - weapons and items. Players are parachuted at the location and then it's their task to loot, kill others and survive last to win. HOW TO JOIN Just appear in-game at the scheduled time and you'll be able to join! REWARDS Winner receives money, if same person wins 3 rounds (3 rounds altogether across whole event, not just in one day) the person will also receive loyalty points.
  11. HOW DOES IT WORK? Criminal groups plan a raid on Area 51, which will be defended by National Guard and Law Enforcement. The goal is to break into the deep depths of Area 51, where the research laboratories are located. The first group that reaches the area, finds the valuable cargo and leaves, gets to keep the item. REWARD The group will receive several Jetpack cases, which will provide the members of the group a notable advantage when competing for turfs or in other situations where such an agile improving equipment can provide benefits. In addition to the jetpack cases, the group will receive 30 group points. SCHEDULE The precise schedule will be announced within a few days. You can consider that it'll be hosted the weekend in middle of June.
  12. HOW DOES IT WORK? Group tournament will feature 3 round 4v4 battle in RC stadium interior, using desert eagle, M4 and sniper rifle. Each group can dynamically choose the members who will participate in each round, meaning you don't necessarily have to have a specific set of group members chosen, as long as the picked players are members of your group. HOW TO JOIN? You must register your group for this event, so that we can have in mind the number of participating groups. Once we see the number of groups participating, we'll organize "batches", so for example NBA, WWI, GSF, SFT would be in batch A, CJNG, BCC, 928, CSM would be in batch B, and then the winner of batch A will fight the winner of batch B and so on. Group leaders may reply in this topic specifying their group's name and their desire to participate. REWARD 1st place -> 3 months of group plus, 80 group points. 2nd place -> 1 month of group plus, 40 group points. 3rd place -> 20 group points SCHEDULE Schedule will be published along with all the other community events within few days. You can consider that it'll start in June and be hosted either on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays throughout June.
  13. We're not setting any more ammunations sir, and a pawn shop is not a template that we have
  14. There's sufficient seed shops in RC
  15. Approved for $450,000 - must sell hot dogs and hamburgers in addition to drinks
  16. Specify what business you are requesting
  17. There's a pharmacy at Dillimore, close enough
  18. Yard approved, interior must be appropriate for the type of business it is.
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