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  1. What is your Discord account? 1_williams_1 When did you get banned? 01/01/1997 What is the ban reason? Advertising another server to Valrise Players through DM's Personal comment i really sorry about what I've did any my big apology to @RedlineDevand i know that i was wrong unban me please. Let me explain what happend as well, I found a Heavy RP Server (( It's closed now btw )) I Saw it and i liked it, i was just sending Invitation links to Valrise players because they were doing an event or some Most person who invite people in gets a gift Premium package or some, so i kept sending it to valrise players, RedLine told me to stop or he will ban me, i was thinking that he is joking and i kept sending Invites, and kinda wanted to challenge Redline and sent an invitation to him through the DM's, he banned me, and im now here apologizing to him and the retarded action i did, apologizes again to @RedlineDev, and thanks.
  2. Best EMS I've ever had seen, Good Luck Jane,
  3. There's an Office underground with theme like a bar, and there's no /buy Option, so i wanna make it bar, actually enable /buy for it Sorry for the Delay I was kinda busy nowadays.
  4. Name: Brian_Harris Type: Business Reason: I wanna make it Bar. Image:
  5. Name: Eric_Jackson Type: House Reason: I need a Restricted Gate, to me more Personality. GPS: 2512 Image:
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