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  1. Best EMS I've ever had seen, Good Luck Jane,
  2. There's an Office underground with theme like a bar, and there's no /buy Option, so i wanna make it bar, actually enable /buy for it Sorry for the Delay I was kinda busy nowadays.
  3. Name: Brian_Harris Type: Business Reason: I wanna make it Bar. Image:
  4. Name: Eric_Jackson Type: House Reason: I need a Restricted Gate, to me more Personality. GPS: 2512 Image:
  5. DonJunior.


    What a Fight
  6. What is your Discord account? Abdomota#4486 ( i think) When did you get banned? 03/18/2023 What is the ban reason? Autism/spamming the managers. Personal comment Im really sorry about my behavior i was tagging Managers especially Matthew cuz i wanted to know when he will see the second wave of characters so i was spamming him until i got muted by sir Kacper for Autism then i got banned directly when im muted. Im really sorry and i promise all of you that this won't happen again..sorry My regards. Lucas Hozay
  7. What is your in-game name? Junior McJames Which staff member banned you? Anonymous When did you get banned? 10/21/2022 What is the ban reason? Annoying Admins in DM'S To Unban+Tempban evading Personal comment My personal comment is yes i annoyed admins in DM's ans yes i did Temp ban evade with Anas_Stewart and Zed_Williams. And i did Temp ban evade cuz i was angry when i got Temp ban, and i did those accounts to "REVENGE" And smth like that but fr im sorry i won't do this again and I'll do my best to avoid getting Warns and Administrators punishments, and this is my third appeal and i hope this time got accepted, cuz i changed fr and i hope to got unbanned, and thanks and my greetings to Valarise Staff Team. And im sorry about my lying in my support ticket on discord but now i accepted the fact like sir Marko said to me (Larry)
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