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  1. Just so happens that I remember this. You were confronted by myself that you were playing on a proxy and I asked you to remove it. You were inclined to deny the fact that you were on a proxy, even though I had the evidence to support it. You won't be unbanned until you come clear as to why you're playing on a proxy network.
  2. NOTE: You are not permitted to be in a leadership position in ANY group as a consequence of your ban.
  3. After a discussion with the rest of the management team we have come to the conclusion to lift your ban from Valrise. Don't fuck it up. Welcome back.
  4. Hello Darryl! I hope this message finds you well, albeit in light of recent events. It has come to our attention that there have been numerous reports filed against you, indicating a breach of our server rules. After careful deliberation and a comprehensive discussion of the specific case with LocMax, the decision has been reached to impose a ban on your account. Upon reviewing the logs, it appears that the situation prompting this action involved a directive not to "hands up" but to move out of the path of a moving tank. The decision to engage in robbing a moving tank as a civilian has been deemed impractical and, frankly, absurd. This behavior has had a considerable impact, causing chaos and disruption to the gameplay experiences of others. It has been concluded that your presence is no longer welcome on Valrise. For your reference, I have included excerpts from the logs below detailing the reported incidents on the specified date. 07-01-2024 17:58:19 - Mircea_Niko (32)(157760): /b1 07-01-2024 17:58:32 - Mircea_Niko (32)(157760): /b Dont do that 07-01-2024 17:58:35 - Mircea_Niko (32)(157760): /b Youll get banned 07-01-2024 17:58:44 - Mircea_Niko (32)(157760): /report 61 blatant DM 07-01-2024 17:58:48 - Darryl_Williams (61)(144259): /FRISK 32 07-01-2024 17:58:50 - Darryl_Williams (61)(144259): /ROB 32 07-01-2024 17:58:52 - Mircea_Niko (32)(157760): /b You will be banned mate 07-01-2024 17:58:58 - Mircea_Niko (32)(157760): /b You are not allowed to interfer 07-01-2024 17:58:58 - Darryl_Williams (61)(144259): /ROB 32 07-01-2024 17:58:59 - Mircea_Niko (32)(157760): /admins 07-01-2024 17:59:00 - Darryl_Williams (61)(144259): /ROB 32 07-01-2024 17:59:18 - Mircea_Niko (32)(157760): /p Darryl how fucked up are you 07-01-2024 17:59:24 - Darryl_Williams (61)(144259): /P Very, very Regards, Kacper SA:MP Manager
  5. Your appeal is rejected, and you're not welcome back. Goodbye!
  6. Doesn't exist and the first one is too big. Rejected.
  7. Done. You can now use /furniture.
  8. That aint a restaurant, that's a 24/7 you sent a picture of. Find a better business elsewhere. Rejected.
  9. Welp you don't have 2.5m so... rejected until you get the money
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