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  1. I will pay the full 1.8m, thank you.
  2. i'll give you 1.5 if you come in game right now
  3. He didn't aim at you, or even fire a single bullet. And the excuse was vietnam flashbacks. Come clear already. It didn't work in game, it won't work here either.
  4. No, your whole account is being wiped, period.
  5. Your full account will be wiped and you will be unbanned at some stage this week until that is done. The wipe includes; Your full account from top to bottom Your money Your cars Your properties (businesses, houses, etc) Your inventory Your score Your licenses and passport It's a full wipe, you will be starting from zero. There's one condition, you will not be breaking any rules, any toxicity shown will be acted upon immediately and you will be blacklisted. Chat rules apply. Game rules apply. Same goes for discord. Any negativit
  6. That would also be gone. I still need to bring this up with management.
  7. It seems that you’re desperate to be back. I will ask managers if they want to give you another opportunity, however your entire account would be wiped. That does mean you would start from 0, like a newbie. That would be the only condition.
  8. Let's just break this all down for you, and you should think for yourself if you even deserve a... 11th chance or something at this point. You have a grand total of seven bans, congratulations, you're on a record breaking spree at this point, not to mention it's in the time space in under 8 months this year. The punishments are various, from spamming, dming in admin situations, falsely reporting administration because you were butthurt I assume, around 9 warnings for "poor roleplay/rp" and countless warnings and tempbans for DM. And then your unlucky day, 27th of Octo
  9. Kacper

    vip giveaway

    Looks like it's your lucky day! Congratulations! Credits will be with you shortly on your panel account. If you need a guide on how to use them, don't hesitate to make a support ticket on our discord! Thanks for playing everyone!
  10. Kacper

    vip giveaway

    provide in game names please!
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