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  1. Until you both go on good terms I can't see this appeal going forward, maybe keep trying
  2. I mean personally apologise, in his DM or via forum PM @moncho
  3. First do what I asked you to do then we’ll continue
  4. Your blue name ain’t gettin you anywhere. Denied
  5. The anger did indeed let the better of you however it is clearly unacceptable that you insulted a member of our community, a staff member and brought it to a personal level which was completely unnecessary. I do however urge you to write him another apology genuinely again and try to make things right. Sort that out first then we’ll proceed with moving forwards with this appeal.
  6. To be unbanned. Use anything to your advantage and you’ll be back here for a much longer time.
  7. I hope Enes doesn’t mind me interrupting on this appeal however I had an encounter with you too a couple of days ago and immediately I thought you’d be a troublemaker. Clearly I wasn’t wrong since you’re here? Anyways it’s just a note for the handling administrator that you cause a lot of trouble.
  8. Kacper

    Valrise economy

    a server reset should occur but ur all pussies to loose all ur shit and start all over
  9. ye but how much u offering lmao?
  10. i have cheetah too ill sell it for a good price
  11. Control your emotions. I’ll speak to Kyrie in the mean time
  12. which administrator told you that auto hot keys are allowed?
  13. you did find it quite funny and didn't think ahead of what would happen did you
  14. and it clearly gives you an advantage over other players which you found funny I recall...
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