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  1. I told you once, and I'll tell you this again D e n i e d
  2. Hi I have viewed your ban, you will be unbanned Behave... or else...
  3. Hi I have read through your punishment history and whatnot, and it appears that you have a pretty lengthy list. You will be denied this time, and you may re-appeal in March of next year. Denied.
  4. Hi there I looked in to your appeal, and it appears you have been given past warnings for scamming already. You will be unbanned however a diceban of 30 days will apply to your account. Unbanned.
  5. Hi Ritik, I have looked in to your unban appeal and you have breached your unban conditions as listed in the reason after being given another opportunity to play. This request is denied and you may try again in February 2023
  6. Hi there I have looked in to your unban request and unfortunately we will be unable to let you return to play on Valrise. You're still trying to lie your way out of it after after being caught. Denied.
  7. Hi James Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to return based on the following criteria; You were banned first by Athena for not abiding by the server rules, and not performing to a server standard. You then decided to leak IRL information(s) on other players who played on the community. This request has been denied.
  8. The story is cute but I’m sure your attitude won’t be any different whenever you get yourself around other people and start being influenced by them You currently have 4 bans on your account however if you appeal on 1st of January I might consider letting you back in.
  9. It feels like I am speaking to a brick wall at this point. Denied.
  10. You wanted to leave from all the drama yet you deleted and tampered with shit that wasn’t meant to be tampered with. Not to mention - you were aware of what was going on at the time of the attempt on sabotage yet you failed to bring it forward, to put it as simple as it is, you’re a security threat and you won’t be welcome back for the near future.
  11. After further reviewing the decision was overturned - you sabotaged a community server by removing subjects critical to the server, and ruined experience for some. You left for a while, it appears your plans in the end went to shit, what brings you back now?
  12. No, we will not be unbanning you for breaching into other accounts. denied.
  13. Hi there The ban was discussed within management and we have no choice but to deny you. It's your 5th ban, which means by the consequences you're automatically denied, considering you were given another chance on your 4th ban.
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