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  1. Sadly I left the ingame community, I only lurk around on forums now
  2. Enes is only 1st cause im not there
  3. @GregoryOi your not on the worse driver award, does that mean ur driving has improved?
  4. Vehicle Has Been Purchased Please Lock and Archive This
  5. Current Value of the said vehicle is $70,000 And I am willing to offer a price of $80,000 to purchase said vehicle. Contact Details are as below: Phone Number: 4776 Name: Kagari Y. Walker
  6. Withdrawn Bid 3m too much for a low quality plane like that
  7. Hi son

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    2. Va-ll hall-a

      Va-ll hall-a

      Mans still on discord tho

    3. dellpacker
    4. Va-ll hall-a

      Va-ll hall-a

      bruv its dead fam, like man could be doing other shit. man dont have to deal with pakis

  8. +1 Mudoo has a growing DM rate when its a Roleplay Server and its not even realistic at all. And before the next person says another cry topic kindly fuck off please.
  9. Disregard this request please, Changed my mind not active as much as i used to be so please L&A thank you
  10. I disagree with what LeonardoC had stated. There has been Several times their side has been FAR worse than most of us in SAPD, yet they are unaddressed given they are management. Which in all due respect is kind of an asshole move if you ask me. Regardless, I personally have seen several plots to cause drama in SAPD, or inciting arguments within the Official Factions. This has caused many issues e.g. the disbanding of JSOF. a Group intended to allow SRT/HRT to work together with S.W.A.T. What happened to that may you ask? It disbanded, why? FBI's units continously Provoked stupid fights with SAPD members stating their Crap, or the division is Crap which then leaded onto the never ending fight of FBI vs SAPD. Now as Richard stated: "Initially this situation was triggered due to FBI/Manager feeling trolly and encouraged the volunteer to DM/murder a cuffed suspect, any newbie/volunteer would listen to someone who claims to be FBI and is driving FBI group vehicle" This has been encouraged in FBIs manor for quite some time, Not to mention several rule breaking which occurred and was over looked. One being Car parking/Using the Ramming vehicles to kill people. Which is ofc against what should be allowed. Anyway back to the main point imma keep nice and simple. I Disagree with what LeonardoC stated, and they should focus on their problems and how they Do twice if not thrice worse than what SAPD do
  11. I would like to get this building set as a Business Property/Restaurant as I intend to make this into a Role Play based business where Players can interact with the Staff whom work there. https://imgur.com/gallery/1lJXaSh Due to this building being in a enclosed back street behind Jefferson Dealership I am hoping that this property would be fairly if not very cheap to afford. Hopefully This does get set as its going to be a RPly joint business for myself and another player and we are planning to Develop this business as if it was RPly being constructed to being publicly opened
  12. I agree with what LocMax has stated. Given every sit, example if a criminal group loses they make several lengthy topics just to basicly complain about how one group is more powerful than the other which is somewhat getting out of hand and quite annoying given its only a game not to mention a 14/16 year old game, It is not real life some people should accept the roleplay rather than leading everything into a DM fest
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