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  1. Name: Darryl_Williams Type: House Reason: I need a restricted garage set in my property id 332. (preferably ID 8 garage, since it's a big garage as u can see) I am also requesting for a yard if possible Image:
  2. What is your in-game name? Darryl Williams Which staff member banned you? Annonymous When did you get banned? 12/30/2023 What is the ban reason? Dm - trolling Personal comment So i made a mistake, jumping on top of a tank and shooting it, that was unrealistic. I would like to get another chance because i have improved my behaviour. Thanks
  3. I assume the legitimacy of these sanctions, and i will do my very best to respect the rules from now on. Maybe hanging out with better RP'ers will help for sure, i ll try to stay distant from tattaglias and the like; if i get one other chance there will be no rulebreak from my part.
  4. What is your in-game name? Darryl Williams Which staff member banned you? Unknown When did you get banned? 01/02/2024 What is the ban reason? Trolling - Deathmating Personal comment I was basically banned because of this scene, yes i committed a rulebreak that is evident & undeniable but that i argue to be unintended : The tank did /b1 while i was robbing/killing someone (i was wanted) i thought it was an instruction to lay on the ground that's why i shot. But i still take the blame : it was a huge powergame to shoot a tank + to surf on it like that. I thought about this and decided to have a lot more caution when it comes to rules and i won't ever ruin other players's gameplay. I m sorry and i d like to have a chance in Valrise again. The rumor according to which i m a nuisance to all players is very wrong (mainly proliferated by Yuri & some NBA HR), i think there are many players who'd like me to come back.
  5. What is your in-game name? Darryl Williams Which staff member banned you? Kacper When did you get banned? 02/01/2024 What is the ban reason? Deathmatching / Troll. Personal comment I got banned by Kacper after Yuri recorded me on top of Mircea (NG)'s tank, shooting him down. i doubt Kacper didn't dig enough into the context of that before sanctioning, because everyone in DC was crying ''Darryl is a DMer'', when actually it was not. What actually happened is we were having a shootout (as a gang, LSV) with someone, then Mircea saw the whole thing and called for backup + told us to do /handsup in the megaphone then threatened to shoot. its not DM nor trolling, and i d like to come again in Valrise, to have fun while respecting the rules. thanks
  6. Name: Darryl Williams Type: Group Reason: I need a yard of 40 objects set in my HQ. it's a gang HOOD and some gang stuff is to be mapped there : Image:
  7. Matthewww

    Island Conquest

    I, Darryl Williams sign up group AGC for this event.
  8. Send please photos or house GPS + prices.
  9. Name: Darryl Williams Type: House Reason: I want a yard set here : Image:
  10. One car can fit inside there, i compared the dimensions. its a small garage
  11. Name: Darryl Williams Type: House Reason: I want a garage set in this house : GPS 761 Image:
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