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  1. Hope everybody is feeling energetic and positive! Stay happy :)

  2. Woops sorry for being late... Finally made it into the Staff Team! 

    Thanks to everybody who supported me.



      Congrats again well deserved!

  3. Valrise has taught me many things! Playing it properly will help you gain real world experiences. 



      All depends on the situations though. Some situations seem unrealistic at times.

    2. Lopez


      What real world experience are you talking about? You find annoying people in valrise expecting for DMs. 

      Did you ever heard someone is focusing on a roleplay medal in valrise?

    3. JAT
  4. Weekdays are almost over! Have fun playing Valrise on weekend!

  5. Hi! Hope everyone is in high spirits and good luck for the upcoming week!

  6. Sir don't share with us your own car's experience. You never booked a ride with us, I assume the rat was in your personal vehicle.
  7. SASD establishes a checkpost at LS-LV tolls - 17th August 2022 On 17th of August 2022, The San Andreas Sherriff Department, better known as SASD established a checkpost at LS-LV tolls. The prime purpose of the checkpost was to catch smugglers who were trying to smuggle illegal items between the two cities. While speaking to the media, a Sherriff of the SASD said that the rate of crimes in the past few days has increased a lot, making the situation of the state very alarming. Some citizens complained that the checkpost is of no use and it only wastes their precious time but law enforcement agencies claim that the checkposts are for the benefit of the masses. While talking to Weazel News, Deputy Sherriff Mia Townsend said that formation of such checkposts is the only way through which we can reduce activities of terrorists and make sure that no illegal immigrant crosses the toll. She further added that citizens of the state should co-operate with the troopers as it's for their own safety. Weazel News' officials tried to further investigate the matter. Was the checkpost an illusion? Were they trying to catch a specific criminal? All these questions were asked from Sherriffs of SASD but they said that such information is confidential and can't be disclosed. Weazel News pays tribute to these departments for their services. It was raining heavily along with thunderstorms and high winds when SASD officials established the checkpost, yet the severe weather didn't force them to reduce their morale. Name: Comment:
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