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  1. I love your name, lovely bro.

    1. Nabster


      Thank you Lovely JohnB

  2. Hello lovely bros, I hope the upcoming week goes great !

    1. MelonBoy


      Yes Sir you too

  3. Exactly on this day one year ago, I was hired as a Helper by sir @Ben$on, @Zac@Kacper and @Adjie. My sincere apologies if I have ever wrongfully punished anybody and / or used any admin command for illegal gain. 

    1. AMR


      nobody cares, asslick in  staff channels not in public

    2. Lopez


      چلتے  رہیں گے قافلے  میرے بعد بھی  یہاں
      اک ستارہ ٹوٹ جانے سے فلک تنہا نہیں ہوتا

      For you, John. 

    3. loverofjubgs


      noone cares proceed to murder yourself for the better please

  4. Apparently a bug had caused the aforementioned situation and avoid taking names of other servers. Furthermore, if you ever face something in future, relog or report the issue to online staff. You have been unbanned lovely bro.
  5. Thanks a lot sir @Kacper for your services, I will always respect you.

  6. 1142 hours in the server with more than 900 as a staff member. Thanks sir @Ben$on for hiring me.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Syed


      Lovely bro.

    3. Bitrinejs


      lovely fucking bro the king of this server

    4. holyflow


      First pakistani mature player after Shehryar / Charles / Jamal / James

  7. Nice, sir @AiM has almost 5000 hours in the server, a highly experienced Admin.

    1. Beast.


      Still rat not manager :kek:

    2. Duplon



    3. DonJunior.



  8. Thanks a lot Valrise especially the Management team who has considered me competent enough to bless me with the award of being the kindest Admin.

  9. Lovely bro you had the most number of kills from last June to this year’s June.
  10. Completed my 4 years Engineering degree, I am Engr. John Brayden now !!!

    Yee !!!

    1. Aki


      Congratz brother ❤️

    2. Martin Taylor

      Martin Taylor

      🍇🍇 NBA We UP EngineerK EMSK JohnK 

  11. Heyy lovely people! I hope everybody is enjoying V2 and the mobile client :)

    1. Martin Taylor

      Martin Taylor

      hey lovely moderator ! I'm enjoying smashing latinas in V2 shit had me going crazy bro with the help of V2 I figured out my fingers can make it rain too wooo wooo bro 

    2. gamertag


      Moderator u should be admin????! Nnnnnn

  12. It’s awesome miss, what do you think?

  13. Yee! V2's date has been announced finally! Looking forward to playing with you all :)



      Hope to see whats in store for us.

  14. Good luck sir, may you become the Chief one day and turn the whole Department into merit-based inductions and promotions... ((can't like for now due likes' restriction, will like tmrw))
  15. Hey guys! Hope everyone is in high spirits! Good luck :)

    1. Rossoneri


      Good luck to you too man.

    2. Elfin


      Stay up, stay blessed. Have a great day guys.

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