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  1. Name: v3 requesting a house thats not scripted Type: House Reason: because they said u can claim if its not scripted Image:
  2. Name: Aki Escobar Panel profile link: https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/profile It's a video game, focus on your life and do what's best for you, once you're sure everything's set, you may decide the next step! Best of luck
  3. I don't need the houses therefore I'm selling them, logic I got poor sure but then don't ask me for 10k to rearm please
  4. Yard not activated Value: $200,000 BO: Offer! GPS: 773 Yard not activated Value: $283,116 BO: Offer! GPS: 1088
  5. Can you raise the offer a bit? Lincoln offered 1m for Huntley and is sold. 1 huntley and 1 premier remaining!
  6. Memphis offered 800k for huntley Any more offers? BUMP
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