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  1. Nigga that isn’t the problem the problem here is that if locmax is willing to rig the vote then what else would he do, for example is he giving his favourite players more money to bid on properties or giving credits etc for free to some players out of favouritism…
  2. Nigga u got proof sheesh i was joking
  3. Yeah bro and remember 2021 fort Carson mayor that shit was rigged af I got 3 votes but 30000 people voted for me
  4. What is your in-game name? Jesse Which staff member banned you? Kacper When did you get banned? 09/30/1965 What is the ban reason? dox Personal comment Good morning and good evening First off I must start my ban appeal with apologies to all those affected. Kacper; I am very sorry for what I have done. In hindsight I should have seen how myself doing a dumb silly little thing would have not resulted in my personal gain, and worse, how it could have potentially been a lot worse for the person on the business end of the stick. For this Kacper I must apologise so much. It should not have even crossed my mind to do this. It's hard for me to write about this. I apologise for allowing information about you to be spread around in discord servers that were overseen by myself, namely my former company's. I should not have allowed myself to be the man who let it happen but I cannot deflect blame onto the others because without my stupid antics this would not have happened. To my old friends in the staff team who trusted me and whom I trusted (you know who you are); I am so sorry for letting you down. I am so sorry for embarassing you in front of the server. I cannot force you to forgive so all I can really say is that I hope that no harm was made. You were never my former self's target yet you were still caught in the crossfire. To my old friends who regularly played with me and those who we enjoyed the company of eachother; I apologise for making us look bad. We had great memorable times together and I'm so sorry for how it ended. We had a great company. We were criminals, we were police, sometimes we were firefighters and sometimes we were trucking fuel and materials. Most importantly, our greatest success was the unique F&G. Our company managed to bring peace with people from all parts of the community where in other parts of the server, they could and would only bicker and fight over small things. The reasons why I feel motivated today to submit this ban appeal is likely apparent.. I learnt that you unbanned two other players for doing the same as I did, even while one was a senior administrator at the time who you later entrusted to become a server manager. These individuals have done nothing sweeter than what I had done. I hope that you understand my remorse for what I have done. I never wished that my time at Valrise would ever end in such a way. I had a relatively light punishment history since the start of the year and until my ban (we can take this statement with a pinch of salt). This is my only relevant ban with the exception of when I first got banned many years ago on my first day for deathmatch but I hope that we can look over this when considering my case! I have to say it again. I am so sorry for what I did to you, Kacper. I apologise to those I have embarassed and those I have disappointed. At this point I can only ask for forgiveness and hope that one day I will be able to see those who gave me a memorable time again. sincerely, suryanta.
  5. What is your in-game name? Jesse Flores Which staff member banned you? Kacper When did you get banned? 05/24/2022 What is the ban reason? Dick rash Personal comment Kacper; and any other admins it may concern, Sorry for late appeal; I had exams on Wednesday and Thursday so obviously I couldn’t fit writing a ban appeal with the limited time I had. It looks like I have been mistaken for a doxxer, and I understand why you might have thought that to be the case, but I can’t do more than show proof that it wasn’t me. I was told that it was because we had eachother on Snapchat for a while, from around ~2019, and I could have used maps to find out. However, I never really used the app, and only really used it once a night to check what a groupchat of old friends that I knew from GMOD was up to, but never more because my friends generally used Instagram only. I don’t have you on snapchat anymore, so you were most likely removed a few weeks ago, when I removed everyone from my old high school and some other guys I haven't seen in a while. I have only have had registered three Discord accounts; the oldest is banned for raiding servers two years ago (Deleted User af5a029f#3910), the second is my current (suryanta#7934), the third account is inactive, it was only used to troll one of my friend’s smash bros team (bollock bloke (i like nintendo)#3010). You can check the logs to see that it wasn’t any of my accounts that posted it, and that I don’t share the same IP as him (I only share the same IP as hilly gabagooli because we live in the same house). I don’t understand why I even would want to do such a thing as we I thought we have had been on good terms for the time that we have known eachother since I joined in 2018. I am on so much worse terms with other players on the community OOCly but I would never even think of attempting to leak their personal info because it would just be rather silly. I obviously apologise for any misunderstandings that may have come across, but you need to know that it’s just not in my nature to do such a thing and it wasn’t me. I had been doxed previously in this community when I lived in my old house which obviously got me very pissed. All my previous punishments have been for trollish/dumb behaviour. It would be absurd that I would risk so much progress in this server and the relationships with all the people I have made, to leak information that people wouldn't even think twice about. If I need to provide any more evidence/prove anything I would be happy to do so if you just ask.
  6. better call rafael you nigga
  7. nigga get rid of the gay colours PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  8. im just gonna play this game , since im not hacking or even cheating , its samp, just becuase of a multiplayer mod, maaaan
  9. name: markothetaximan commentary: Shiddd broo that can't be fucking GOod............... better execute the governor for something.
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