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  1. i request the profit logs
  2. nigga look at the post again. current offers 8m and a nrg
  3. Wys blud 

    1. suryanta


      Wys g calm init man’s eating croissant might be on l8r g😋

  4. sell it for cash and then offer the cash btw i am selling this for MR SHUTUO............ ABDULLAH EIX................. i have simply just made the advertisement.
  5. i believe the french have a word for this: ce la vie best, jezza florez
  6. For Sale: DILLIMORE SEED SHOP. VAL $950,000. CURRENT OFFER: $8,000,000 DILLIMORE GAS cum 24/7. VAL $700,000 CURRENT OFFER: NRG For All Enquiries: contact Jesse Flores (467/dc suryanta) Profit logs attached below
  7. Hi all. Wish to make this into an office for a business we are starting in the next couple of days, just like how we did before. I may be more inactive over the next couple of days due to university exams but I will come in game if need be. Many thanks!
  8. Name: Jesse Flores Requesting: Business Image:
  9. What is your Discord account? suryanta When did you get banned? 01/01/2022 What is the ban reason? comm ban Personal comment as you are aware i was Banned. now i am no Longer. my discord remains Banned. it is my wish for this to be Rectified. i have Made an appeal. my discord remains Banned. please rectify regards suryanta
  10. Example application: Name: Jessy blorges Phone: 467 E-mail(Discord): U know it Any special info you would like to mention: ... U Fired Me Once I Think But Can U Unfire Me
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