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  1. Selling bullet proof wheels upgrade. Post your offers below or contact me directly at "kubo2#2380".
  2. Buying 1khp Patriot. Drop your offers below.
  3. Name: Sadeem Weedorovich Comment: Seems like San Andreas' Governor is too broke to buy an NTSC-PAL convertor. Let's hope she gets one as soon as possible. Wondering, what European shows does she enjoy watching.
  4. I feel like comunitty us doing great at this moment, and the thing i'd like to change, is activating Public Chat InGame. I think that's the thing that Valrise is missing at the moment, place where people can chat...
  5. Looking forward to this.
  6. Name: Jacob_Frost Type: House Reason: I would like to change the interior of this property (El Corona Los Santos 903) to either ID60 or ID128 (depends on admins choice, what suits more) Image:
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