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  1. What is your Discord account? duplon When did you get banned? 08/03/2023 What is the ban reason? Mistake Personal comment I think I was mistakenly banned.
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  6. What is your in-game name? Marco Spagerolli Which staff member banned you? Anonymous When did you get banned? 07/09/2023 What is the ban reason? trolling, misuse of police duty (script abuse) and continious DM Personal comment [02:31:25] John Sheller says: u just killed him bro.)) [02:31:30] (( Marco Spagerolli: he sniped me )) [02:31:48] ** Marco Spagerolli o< [Azarbaijani accent]: look at wheels ** [02:31:49] (( Penislo Penaldo: I didn't snipe you f y i )) [02:31:53] (( Marco Spagerolli: who did then )) [02:31:56] (( Penislo Penaldo: idk not me )) [02:32:07] (( Penislo Penaldo: you're just an a-hole man )) [02:32:10] (( Marco Spagerolli: ???????? )) [02:34:39] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: hey [02:34:42] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: hey [02:34:42] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: is all ok here ? [02:34:45] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: yep [02:34:47] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: okej [02:34:49] Ambatukam Spagerolli says [Persian accent]: YOu real one G [02:34:55] * Ambatukam Spagerolli hands over some money to Penislo Penaldo. [02:39:50] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: marco spagerolli is a-hole [02:40:03] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: why are u using stupid accent [02:40:06] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: WJAT [02:40:10] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: ITS MY ACCENT [02:40:11] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: PROBLEM ? [02:40:13] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: STOP INSUTING [02:40:14] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: silly [02:40:15] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: GET OUT OF HERE [02:40:19] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: why [02:40:26] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: I DONT LIKE BEING INSULTED [02:40:28] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: NEITHER U [02:40:30] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: SO LEAF [02:40:33] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: u just suck [02:42:33] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: how to become cop ? [02:42:42] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: inside [02:42:43] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: take quiz [02:42:44] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: then go on duty [02:42:46] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: can u show me plz [02:43:48] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: hey [02:43:49] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: where now [02:43:51] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: yo [02:43:53] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: come [02:43:54] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: 3rd flor [02:44:16] Carlo Vasquez says [Columbian accent]: bolice officer [02:44:20] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: ahh [02:44:20] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: we're only 4 online [02:44:21] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: all here [02:44:25] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: what shall we do [02:44:29] Carlo Vasquez says [Columbian accent]: best bolice officer ngl [02:44:31] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: we can patrol gangs [02:44:33] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: real [02:44:52] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: how to do ur standing [02:44:55] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: swingin hands [02:44:58] Ambatukam Spagerolli says [Persian accent]: /rap [02:45:05] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: carlo buddy [02:45:06] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: haha im gangster now [02:45:08] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: get in the picture [02:45:39] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: ok that wll dop [02:45:54] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: wait [02:45:56] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: i check something [02:46:47] * Carlo Vasquez locks their Patriot. [02:46:49] * Carlo Vasquez buckles their seatbelt. [02:47:05] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: handsup [02:47:25] * Carlo Vasquez unbuckles their seatbelt. [02:49:57] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: we should leave him i think [02:50:32] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: haha i shot his wheel [02:52:21] {3d59cc}[Radio]{8fa5ff} SAPD Volunteer Penislo Penaldo: marco [02:52:25] {3d59cc}[Radio]{8fa5ff} SAPD Volunteer Penislo Penaldo: keel him [02:52:30] {3d59cc}[Radio]{8fa5ff} SAPD Volunteer Marco Spagerolli: Yes Penislo? [02:52:38] {3d59cc}[Radio]{8fa5ff} SAPD Volunteer Marco Spagerolli: Who? Over. [02:52:46] {3d59cc}[Radio]{8fa5ff} SAPD Volunteer Penislo Penaldo: help lspd pls [02:52:49] {3d59cc}[Radio]{8fa5ff} SAPD Volunteer Penislo Penaldo: hes back [02:52:53] {3d59cc}[Radio]{8fa5ff} SAPD Volunteer Marco Spagerolli: Enrouote. [02:53:11] Carlo Vasquez says [Columbian accent]: hey [02:53:11] Penislo Penaldo says [Spanish accent]: look [02:53:13] Carlo Vasquez says [Columbian accent]: can u guys [02:53:14] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: hey [02:53:15] Carlo Vasquez says [Columbian accent]: unsu [02:53:16] Carlo Vasquez says [Columbian accent]: me [02:53:17] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: camt [02:53:20] Ambatukam Spagerolli says [Persian accent]: what hapen [02:53:20] Marco Spagerolli says [Azarbaijani accent]: u kidnapped [02:54:47] You cannot revive this player due to headshot injury. [02:55:21] You have been severely wounded by Penislo Penaldo. [02:55:21] You can request EMS by pressing "Y" or you can "/accept death" once you are able to. [02:55:40] You paid ,506 for hospital fee. [02:55:42] You spawned at the group HQ. [02:55:42] You must be in the Police Department to take duty guns. [02:55:44] * Marco Spagerolli has taken their duty equipment. [02:55:45] You have been issued: Nightstick (1) Desert eagle (300) Pepper can (1200) . [02:56:06] You have severely wounded Penislo Penaldo. [02:56:10] (( Penislo Penaldo: wtf ? )) [02:56:11] (( Penislo Penaldo: why rk ? )) [02:56:14] (( Marco Spagerolli: its not )) [02:56:15] (( Marco Spagerolli: u shooting )) [02:56:18] (( Penislo Penaldo: ??? )) [02:56:20] (( Penislo Penaldo: u shot first )) [02:56:22] (( Marco Spagerolli: u aimbotting )) [02:56:23] (( Penislo Penaldo: i killed u )) [02:56:24] (( Penislo Penaldo: no ? )) [02:56:24] (( Marco Spagerolli: shut up )) [02:56:27] (( Penislo Penaldo: prove ? )) [02:56:27] (( Marco Spagerolli: mobile player ? )) [02:56:29] (( Marco Spagerolli: ur )) [02:56:31] (( Penislo Penaldo: no dude )) [02:56:33] (( Marco Spagerolli: aimbot )) [02:56:36] (( Penislo Penaldo: want to see something crazy )) [02:56:41] (( Marco Spagerolli: yep )) [02:56:52] ============= PERMANENTLY BANNED ============= [02:56:52] You got permanently banned by Anonymous. [02:56:52] Reason: trolling, misuse of police duty (script abuse) and continious DM [02:56:52] [02:56:52] [!] You can appeal your ban on our forum (www.valrisegaming.com). [02:56:52] [!] Please do not ban evade or you will not be unbanned. [02:56:53] Server closed the connection. So first thing that happened, Carlo got suspected, then decided to shoot the fuck out of me with a sniper as he thought it was me that suspected him, it wasn't. I then looked around and only saw 1 person in sight, he was aiming at me as far as I could tell. I went and killed the person, that was where the chatlog starts with Penislo. I did kill him, as I genuinely believed he sniped me. After frisking him and finding no sniper I assumed him to be a hacker on late at night, no admins, high ping, low level, I still believed that it was him, however after him denying it, you can see I ask in radio if it was any cop messing around, to which I get no real answer back, so that furthered my believe into thinking it was Penislo, also the name didn't help his cause either. You can then see we met again at LSPD, which Penislo started insulting me, almost trying to cause an argument. He then asked how to become a cop, which I then showed him how to do it, we even took a picture in the room as it was only us 4 on at the time. He was acting like a noob, asking basic commands to which we helped him and made him feel included. A few minutes later, I was inside LSPD talking to John, I get radio'd telling me to come back outside and kill someone, that backup is required. To which I then step outside and see Penislo shoot Carlo, didn't know why. I thought nothing of it as Carlo didn't react and the server was dead anyway I assumed they were just messing around. Then Ambatukam knifed Carlo as he had a gun in his hand and expected him to retaliate after being shot. Then Ambatukam attempted to leave the area, to which then Penislo started shooting Ambatukam and killed him, to which then I went back to revive Ambatukam, to which then I couldn't as he was headshot, but whilst I was attempting to do so, Penislo started shooting me for no reason, to which then I attacked back and hit him a couple times. He then killed me after I got up close, and he also didn't miss a bullet. All of this so far is making me assuming that Penislo is trolling and hacking, which prompted me to simply respawn at LSPD and attempt to kill him again, which I did after hitting him about 8 times with a deagle as he was using 4 different types of drugs for damage reduction. Which made me further believe he was indeed hacking, as you can see in the messages after killing him. This lead to Ambatukam & I being coerced into fighting an undercover admin, this is what led to our unfortunate ban. I believe this was an unfortunate assumption on my end due to being lured into fighting a losing battle against a staff member that wanted me removed. Yes I'll take the blame for suspecting Carlo for kidnapping, Ambatukam jumped on his car and he started driving away initially and I suspected him, I jumped the gun on this one and didn't expect him to be so upset by it as there was 4/5 people online at the time so it wouldn't have mattered either way. I'd appreciate if this can be reviewed as I genuinely didn't mean to break rules, my friends are starting to play again and I enjoy playing with them.
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  9. What is your in-game name? DUPLON_GAMBlNO Which staff member banned you? Eduard_Reiner When did you get banned? 03/15/2023 What is the ban reason? Script abuse (/v park) once again. Personal comment
  10. Harry: LocMax, I know you're busy, but I need to speak with you about a pressing matter.


    LocMax: Harry, what is it? Is something wrong?


    Harry: Yes, there's been a terrible mistake. You see, a player named Duplon was falsely banned from the community and I need your help to unban them.


    LocMax: I'm sorry, Harry, but I can't do that. Once a player is banned, they remain banned. There's nothing I can do about it.


    Harry: But that's not fair, LocMax. Duplon didn't do anything wrong and yet they were punished for something they didn't do. That's not justice, that's injustice.


    LocMax: I understand your concern, Harry, but the rules are the rules. We can't just unban players on a whim.


    Harry: But that's not what I'm asking for, LocMax. I'm asking you to do the right thing and rectify this mistake. Duplon is a good person and they don't deserve to be banned.


    LocMax: I see your point, Harry, but I still can't unban them. It's not just my decision, it's the decision of the whole community.


    Harry: Then let's take it to the community, LocMax. Let's have a vote and let everyone decide. If the community thinks Duplon should be unbanned, then they should be unbanned. That's what democracy is all about, isn't it?


    LocMax: You know what, Harry, you're right. Let's put it to a vote and let the community decide. I trust their judgment and I believe they will make the right decision.


    With that, Harry and LocMax go to the community and put the issue to a vote. After a fair and democratic process, the community decides to unban Duplon, who is overjoyed to be able to return to the community. Harry and LocMax both feel proud to have done the right thing and to have upheld the principles of justice and democracy.

  11. What is your in-game name? DUPLON_GAMBlNO Which staff member banned you? Eduard_Reiner When did you get banned? 01/19/2038 What is the ban reason? Script abuse (/v park) once again. Personal comment Hello everyone, I am back once again with another ban appeal. I firstly wish to apologize for breaking the rules by abusing a command to flip my car. I would very much appreciate another opportunity to play this server again. I understood that was my last chance in my previous appeal, I just never expected punished for such a trivial (in my opinion) script abuse. I've heard many stories about this being done regularly by other players and as well as on other servers with no consequences. It's my fault for breaking the rules, I should've known as I was on my last chance I would've been under watch by staff, which I was evidently. I wish to apologize again and make it clear that this wasn't a script that I regularly abused, it just came about as I was exploring east LS trying to find some cool spots and assumed it wouldn't affect anyone and would allow me to continue enjoying myself rather than running back to where ever it was previously parked. In future I will not abuse any commands, in this scenario I won't even attempt to find spots as it doesn't fit the server, instead I will choose other methods to explore. I also wish to bring up the fact this command has been acknowledged by Locmax and he plans to implement a fix so that it is no longer abuseable under any circumstance. As much as I could say there are flaws with the server, it's still my favourite one to play, maybe there are flaws in the community, but it's still the one I come back to. If I get this chance to play again I will accept the fact that I'm under watch 24/7 essentially on house arrest and will remain with a clean punishment history for as long as possible. A side note to Kacper: Hi, my friend. Can you please respond. I cannot contact you in any way. Please. I'd appreciate a response rather than being denied with no explanation, thank you.
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