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  1. What is your Discord account? ΣMaleOng#1751 When did you get banned? 11/01/2022 What is the ban reason? SPAM i suppose!!! Personal comment Heyyy, Howdyy im here to banne appeal. I remember Trey Young that day got free because unbanned Heavy and i wanted to announce to whole Valriser Staff Team + Players that the Legend got unbanne!!! Pliz unban me i wont ever do it again fr ong. Y O U NG is power gheahhh. Pls im changed i wont spam ong!!!! Im a good habibi now show mercy fr!!!
  2. they werent gangsters at all, but nvm
  3. Loser momento and that's on Lamarquantavious Squabable Bingleton Dingpingle Young the 13th
  4. Mans couldnt cope dying to Noctas like 5 times what cope you talking abt frien?
  5. gang gang

    1. Odane


      "malaka malaka" I believe they say in your country @Mikalis_Dudaj

    2. Bones


      Kurac kurac

    3. Mikalis_Dudaj


      Entaksei malakes!

  6. OG Mikalis Dudaj from EnBeeAy sends his regards
  7. Aught reason i want my crib to get moved is that i want to be closer in my hood mane, chill around and have some parties and shid. I want it from here. to move right ere Is that koo'?
  8. In game name: Mikalis Dudaj I would like to change the interior to ID:110 (if not possible then to ID:43) for rp purposes.
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