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  1. Toon

    Haha yooo Odane, wsg g /TyDolla

  2. Name: Odane Comment: I always Knew that Armando Davis was a corrupt cop. Suspend or fire his ass!
  3. Your momma deffo gonna beat your ass when she smells all the bud nigga Good shit bro keep it up Not bad for your first time
  4. IC name and number? Also call 0192 - DCD Dealership number
  5. Armoured Premier 3khp [PRICE: 1.2M] Jester [PRICE: SOLD] Phoenix [SOLD]
  6. I'm telling you man, communism is the way!
  7. Name: Mydingaling Comment: Fuck Fascism! Communist Dictatorship is the way my friend. Make me the governor and I'll make San Andreas great again. FBI closed and special secret police introduced. All the money made by businesses goes to the state. No more rich people like Benson tryna steal our money by gambling. Shutting down LSPD and giving power to our hard working criminals. Real enemy is LSPD and FBI. Every Criminal unite and make me your leader. #Vote4Odane #Odane4SupremeLeader #closeLSPD
  8. Name: Odane_Cole Type: Other Reason: I'd like to request a barbershop so I can promote some civil roleplay in NBA. I'd like to request interior id 74 Image:
  9. What is your in-game name? Odane_Cole Which staff member banned you? Sam_Scalleta When did you get banned? 01/11/2021 What is the ban reason? Script abuse Personal comment I already admitted that I did it. I apologised to Sam too and I explained to him that I honestly didn't know it was Script abuse.
  10. Yeah it was set manager Nii Chan. You did it for me remember.
  11. What is your in-game name? Odane_Cole Which staff member banned you? Enes_Soparno When did you get banned? 12/25/2020 What is the ban reason? DM Personal comment First of all - Actual reason for killing wasn't "Leroy Caldwell insulted Skinny Pete". It was a lot more than that. Leroy was mad at Skinny for taking his deagle when he was being chased by cops. To make up for this, Skinny paid Leroy for the gun. Bear in mind, at the time, Leroy was a hoodrat(lowest rank in the NBA) and Skinny is a Shot-caller(2nd highest rank). After Skinny had already paid him back, Leroy started to insist that he wanted the gun back. He didn't offer to give the money back, just started insulting Skinny and vaguely threatening him. At this point, the gang is rallying together to go on a rideout, and Leroy is now throwing a tantrum and disrupting RP. After Skinny obviously took issue with his insults, Leroy doubled down on his remarks and tried to intimidate him. Let me rephrase that: A hoodrat tried to intimidate a shot-caller, and when called out, continued, next to a car with almost every online high-ranking member of the NBA. What do you think would be the response of the members present? Now, this wouldn't even be much of an issue, and would likely be quashed if Enes had just LISTENED. They blatantly ignored any explanations of context. Only looking at it in a vacuum of two players interacting on their own. The person who reported was not involved in the situation and admitted that Leroy is his IRL friend, being the reason that he decided to step in. This was not DM. A potentially OOC issue (taking the deagle) was brought IC by Leroy, and then resolved IC and OOC with the payment, but apparently that wasn't enough. To end the situation IC, I killed Leroy when he started disrupting an organised event and threatened a high ranking member in the presence of many others.
  12. Name: Odane_Cole Type: House Reason: I was hoping I could request an interior change for my property. I was hoping if I could get INTERIOR ID: 120. If not possible then could I have INTERIOR ID: 105 Image:
  13. This Fucking jokes not even gonna lie. hahaha
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