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  1. Hi guys i dont wish to be rude or anything but i would like to have access to valrise discord sometime soon to make a ticket
  2. Hi hilly flores

    1. dellpacker


      USB C to 3.5mm Jack, USB C Headphone Adapter Aux to USB C Headphone Jack Audio Adapter Type C to 3.5mm Aux Adapter Compatible with iPhone 15/15Pro max,Samsung (1, Black)

    2. AMR


      is hiller folre back,? damn

    3. dellpacker


      Hi baby

  3. Wys blud 

    1. suryanta


      Wys g calm init man’s eating croissant might be on l8r g😋

  4. HELLY

    1. dellpacker


      Helly copter hellycopter

  5. What is your Discord account? dellpacker When did you get banned? 12/13/1901 What is the ban reason? Ban Personal comment Please unban me
  6. Name: hilly_gabagooli Requesting: Yard Image: gps 29 also request business sign if possible
  7. Name: hilly_gabagooli Requesting: Yard Image: gps 29
  8. niggers

    1. dellpacker



  9. horny nigga laundry basket

  10. I May Be BANNED But Even So You Are So Fucking Annoying!!
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