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  1. Happy Birthday 

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      Going based off what i saw lol

    3. dellpacker


      itsn ot my birthday sorry i just change every so often so it says im like 2 years old

  2. i just notice this last picture is my desk in my office get the fuck outta there!!
  3. FAGGOT ARE HIRING MINERS!!! Standard ore prices + bonus for hard workers!! yeahh! https://discord.gg/G24BrR99
  4. to gps 69 (haha ?? hahHAHAHAH??) crack den
  5. unbannnn plzzzzzz

  6. Hey I'm still kinda new to fourms and I wanted a chance to work for the trucking company listed I've been driving trucks for 5 years I know this to a T. I would like to apply

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