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  1. my brother showed me how to do this a while back but they changed it from mudoo to valrise so my shortcut broke
  2. I will pay more + free shamal if u sell to me
  3. 2008 financial crisis simulator when u buy 2x squalo and u dk what to do with them
  4. go to the store there is a number, just find like No. 394 (example) and then use /gps 394
  5. when i first joined i didn't know what roleplay was i just called it "real life simulator" haha
  6. BO 1.2m. All Offers considered.
  7. i can rent one if u would like
  8. Add state vehicles into country side and maybe add some shit state cars like manana and faggios more. Remove desirable state v like sultans.. People will rent even with state vehicle imo
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