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  1. Tom

    how the fuck am i supposed to find your discord

    1. Oldman


      Ronn#2671 noob

  2. Tom


    VIN: 10312 - Level 3 armour, BP wheels. ADD level 2 windows. VIN: 17828 - Level 3 armour, BP wheels. ADD level 2 windows. [Would also love to keep the plates IF possible - VIN 10312: Sicario || VIN 17828: 3399] DONE apart from plates which we did not agree anywhere on
  3. hey, not sure when this ends, but ill send you my entrance at 2:30 CET if thats fine
  4. Tom

    Grand RP

    no problemo, lub
  5. Very well build! Although it would be nice to see some color scheme around so it looks more finished (you probably know what I'm trying to say). Still a very very great job, 10/10!
  6. Really hope that the vehicle tuning competitions will not be rigged like last year. For the rest looks good As per 5, I suppose exterior furnishing will be added back?
  7. Tom

    Survey Review

    They were always unbalanced, before miner it was trucker
  8. Tom

    Survey Review

    I agree with the most part, although there are things I wouldn't like, they are good enough for me to live. HOWEVER, I believe that you shouldn't take away patriots from players*, as there is no similar vehicle you can replace it with. Looks bad or not, it should be kept or switched to a FBI Rancher for Mafia, and rest to something different. I do not believe that you should remove the 3,000 health upgrade to personal vehicles, or you should do a refund or ''compensation'' if you decide to. I personally just upgraded a Limousine to 3khp, and making it 1.5k, is well... pointless.
  9. wonder who owns that shooting range
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