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  1. 250k/week rentable upto 6 weeks
  2. Here, 1m on 24/7, consider it if nobody outbids
  3. boost, also will happily take 650k
  4. Furniture event concluded Was on time this time and the results are as followed - 1st - Tom Pastalaon [1M, 3 points] 2nd - Tanzidur Gambino [500K, 2 points] 3rd - Francesco Gambino [100K, 1 point]
  5. Clothing event Delivered 1 hour, 15 minutes late. People from 1st to 3rd were : 1st - A guy with a chicken mask and a zombie body 2nd - A guy with a pumpkin mask and a zombie torso 3rd - Something with a zombie body Overall, event was not enjoyable as it was delivered 1 hour late, the clothing that won was the most ugly and non-realistic. Everyone was expecting a better event considering last year, this one was poorly delivered and in short : Shit.
  6. Holy shit, cant even xo event on timd
  7. already bump, plz take a loom
  8. LVL 4 ALARM Plate : NOS:NW [ I think ] Starting offer I'll take is 750k!
  9. Today's [10th of October, 2021] Furnituring event is now concluded! In the first place, we have Francesco Gambino! (1M, 2 points) In the second place, we have Tom Pastalaon! (500K, 1 point)
  10. Ill be there on 16th
  11. am wtf? why not rigged for me?
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