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  1. I don’t remember that it made more then 10k a day when I used to own it
  2. Yes but 95% it’s on + and the max - was 70k on me
  3. since i own it i earn 3-4m monthly around 100-120k daily profits, tax per month is 300-400k.
  4. says the guy who sells garden house for 25m hahahha
  5. I got taxed 380k yesterday do you think it’s a lot when you can make 3,4m per month
  6. Like I said you have to be patient please read before talking I can’t wait everyday for 110k profit I want a lot of cash in one time I can’t wait 1 month for 3,4m profit
  7. its not fucking economy you can make easy money from 4d but you have to be patient
  8. well tanzidurs bid isnt withdrawn and + if im not upto selling for 40m and waiting for other offers there is not even a single chance that i will sell it for 15m
  9. well curently the people who say its fake you are the ones who are lying something that i know is real doesnt count as an lie and if you are people here really interested in buying 4d feel free to place an bid above 40m if you have enough cash ofcourse. I dont want or need to hear from someone its fake its all acting well let me tell you its not fake im just trying to sell my property which is really worth this much cause of the profits, and Please dont even react to my comment if you are just going to troll. If you are here to place an bid then place it or just hit me up on discord cobradeniz#4657.
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