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  1. Story of Don of the Vercetti Crime Family This is a story, about a boy who came from the street to everything! Aki Vercetti, born 09.02.1996, in Los Santos, near Ganton. His parents died early, killed by a local gang called Ballas, he promised himself that he would join a gang or mafia, live well and take revenge on the ballas! After a couple of years, he met Eric Hills, the leader of the Grove Street Family, Eric saw that Aki had nothing to live on, so he invited him to his gang. So he got his first pair of quite a few drugs, however, he heard Grove Street was the biggest enemy with the Ballas, so he said, "This is my chance!". Grove planned a huge war with the Ballas, they set a date, tactics and all, however when the war started, Eric was killed, everyone from Grove fled because they killed Eric. Aki cried for Eric, and then he heard the Ballas approaching and ran away. Again, Aki ended up on the street, with no money and nothing ... He was walking around Vinewood for a while, and he ran into multimillionaire Carlo Gambino, when Carlo saw him so miserable and nothing, he took him with him to a beautiful yard with mansion! Aki wondered what he was doing here, is this a dream? However, Carlo invited him there, to join his criminal family named Gambino. Of course, Aki accepted it, he became Aki Gambino, after a little longer Aki fell into huge money! However, no one knew that Carlo was suffering from a serious illness, and during the occupation of one territory, Carlo just ... fell ... he didn't move or anything, he just fell. Everyone approached him and saw that he was not breathing. Aki was crying over Carlo's body and the Ballas, as soon as they noticed that, came and attacked Gambinos. All escaped, except Aki, Carlo and Thomas. Thomas was killed by Ballas, Carlo was already lying dead, and Aki, when he already saw that there was no hope, fled. After many years, already growing up and turning 24, he founded his own mafia called the Vercetti Crime Family, when they planned a huge drug transfer from Los Santos to San Fierro, they were attacked, only Aki survived, then he got a call from his brother Marko, asked him how is he, if he is okay, he saw on Tv how everyone was killed from the Vercetti Crime Family. They decided together to make Vercettis again, they met a lot of good and duplicitous people, they managed to make their mafia again, and now, Aki is laying on the money, killing anyone who gets in his way, all that needs to be done is not forcing its members than he does, nothing is hard for him anymore, he succeeded in life, after a few months, he killed the Ballas and exterminated them from Los Santos!
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