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  1. Mikro

    Server Rules

    04/03/2021 Big update in the rules regarding deathmatching, failure to roleplay, safezones, aiding and cop-vs-criminal interaction. The main purpose is to force a more RP approach on interactions and to limit continuous shootouts. Below is an update summary, however we also suggest you read the full rules in the main topic. Update summary Deathmatch clarifications (02. #03) : Added: RP that has no intention/need to murder (e.g. robbery) has to exhaust all roleplay options before resulting to murder. Failure to roleplay gun-fear rule made
  2. This sounds like an unban request for SA:MP, not Discord. Use this form: https://forum.valrisegaming.com/index.php?/forms/2-samp-rp-ban-appeal/
  3. "No idea" haha. You were warned by Matthew already, but did not take it serious at all apparently. Try again next month or something.
  4. Unbanned. This is a last chance. Any kind of advertisement (or other rulebreaking) will result in a direct ban without a warning.
  5. Unbanned. Note that this is a last chance and any rulebreaking will result in a direct ban without a warning.
  6. I think you gambled your chances away through bragging about how you are hacking on our server and making videos about it. Did you really think we would condemn such actions and message? You knew exactly what you were doing. And these are the consequences. Denied.
  7. You did. As long you keep denying the facts, there is no point in unbanning you. Perhaps when and if you are unbanned from SAMP, we can consider unbanning on discord too.
  8. Are you sure it won't happen again? How can we trust you?
  9. Unbanned. Any next small rulebreak or "joke", will lead to a ban without any warning. Use this chance wisely.
  10. Unbanned. Do note that this is a last chance. Any tiny rulebreak will result in a direct ban with no chance of being unbanned again..
  11. Only after your got banned in that other discord server yes. We have discussed this and don't think you are ready to rejoin our discord server(s). Try again in maybe 3 weeks or something.
  12. Alright. Ask for a final review in a week to get unbanned.
  13. Days before that we already discussed here the problems with your actions. Yet you thought it was handy to keep it? To me that does not look like you are serious about this unban request.
  14. There are more ways to advertise. No need to laugh, because we do not ban for no reason. Can you promise that no kind of advertisement will ever happen again?
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