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  1. Irrelevant to your points. You are now just throwing random shit. But random shit does not make solid arguments. I will put an end to the never ending cycle. All necessary information was provided regarding the matter of the topic starter. Lets move on.
  2. Can you just please stop being such a sore looser. We can also screenshot the content of that "message.txt" for you. Wouldn't change a single thing. On this matter you will simply have to trust me and Locmax. And no, we are not releasing all the data. We don't do that because of the reasons Locmax mentioned before, but also because you will simply claim them to be false again. There is no end to it. Hence, you will have to believe me and Locmax here. --- Also for those who are dragging very very very old anecdotes into this discussion: stop dwelling in the past. --- I believe it is soon time to lock this topic as all information regarding the elections has been given.
  3. Good, we reached an agreement. Please refrain from such discussions, and especially no provocations/insults. Unbanned.
  4. Because of advertisement to our members.
  5. I ask these questions because I want you to understand that it is wrong. And your answers on the questions also give me an idea on how truthful you are. I hope you mean a technical error in your head. If something like this happens again, you will never be allowed back. Breaking any of our rules can result in a direct ban without a warning. So please follow the rules and behave. Unbanned.
  6. This political and religious discussion went on for over an hour. While the "other side" stayed relatively on the same level, your arguments became more and more insults. So this punishment has nothing todo with "different views", but was because your arguments became heavy insults and provocations. Do not come here claiming bias while it was you who could not control yourself. After that you also basically started insulting the manager in DM. I am not keen on such behavior at all, it is disrespectful. There are unban requests for a reason. Having said that, political and religious discussions are not allowed at all for a reason. I do not blame you for getting into heated arguments, this discussion should have been disallowed from the beginning. But I do blame you for your actions afterwards, etc. And yes, perhaps a mute was enough, but that is up to the staff at that moment, a ban is not invalid either. Can we agree that there was no need to get into this political/religious discussion, neither a need to escalate it to insults, and neither a need to go mad in the managers DM?
  7. Well, obviously for your general toxicity and shittalking. Calling abuse on everything, etc. So it was not you engaging with someone else, it was you yourself who started spreading shit. In case you are unbanned, that should not happen again.
  8. My dear Community Members, Once again a year has passed! This year has been less corona, but still a lot of online fun. We have had a stable year as community with enough support to keep ourselves running. Despite people saying that SA:MP is dying out, we are still riding a good wave with tons of players. I am very glad we are still here as a community and salute all the players and donators for staying with us! Of course this year the SA:MP management has decided once again to do a mass unban. As of now a total of 348 players have been given another opportunity! Read more about this at the end of this post. In the past year Minecraft did also make an entrance again within our community. This time as a small SMP (Survival Multi Player) with a whitelist. Those who were granted access did show their creativity in some amazing builds! As of today we have started a season 2 with a new world in the new 1.19 Minecraft release. And you can still apply... For those that don't want to apply, or did not make it, we are still planning on using our experience with these SMPs to create a more public server. Sadly we have also had our lesser moments. A few months ago we had to say goodbye to Jones as he had not enough time left to spend on the community. Despite all his efforts, we have not yet managed to launch a good FiveM server. For the overwhelmingly amount of effort and support, we thank him! This goes for everyone who supported and helped us through the years. But the bad times we can overcome together! New people with new skills and ideas are joining the community. What exciting things will they bring for the coming year? Happy gaming, Mikro & the community management team Mass unban As is tradition, also this birthday we are having a mass unban. But like always, not everyone is included. If you find yourself not unbanned, I am sorry, but you did not receive this extra chance. The following rough criteria were applied and are non-discussable. - Last ban happened over a month ago at least. - Last ban was not for excessive behavior, aimbot, ban evading, threats, etc. - Should not have had more as 4 bans in total. - If the last ban was hacking related AND you were unbanned, you are forced on CAC. Are you unbanned? If you did pass the criteria, congratulations! You have received this one time free "get-out-of-jail" card. This gives you the chance to reconnect with friends in-game and come to the last of our birthday events. However, do not get too excited, you will be on a tight leash. Your punishment history is not forgotten and will be taken into account when you do decide to rulebreak. Use this chance wisely!
  9. Remember those heavy insults you spammed in our discord channels? Because you were mad about a ban and could not control your anger. Just like your SA:MP ban, this ban is about your general behavior. It also appears you have harassed our discord members in their DMs with your insults and racism. I am sure you remember, so don't come at me with "I've no idea". Make an unban request when you are serious.
  10. You need us to find your discord unban name? Didn't you mean to make a SA:MP unban request? You did not provide enough information, so I will deny this.
  11. Posting childporn is not shitposting, it is illegal. Why did you even post it?
  12. New season soon, make your applications if you wish to join! There will be a clean 1.19 server. Rules still apply of course.
  13. Nicely evading this discord ban? If you give an explanation here on what you did and come clean, we will consider an unban.
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