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  1. Spamming is annoying for everyone. Don't do it again. Next time you won't be unbanned this fast. Unbanned.
  2. The exact reason was "Blatant display of hate symbols in an attempt to illicit controversy". You were not only showing the symbols, but also using them to provoke people. If we unban you, will this not happen again? And that means not using such symbols in any way, including in (profile) pictures.
  3. I posted this on your last unban request. Explain me what you did exactly. Also tell me why you even deserve another chance.
  4. You were indeed banned for that. Sending a shitload of message to random members of our community is not really appreciated. Why did you misuse our discord to send these invites?
  5. I hope you have learned from this. Any rule breaking might result in a direct ban without warning the next time. Please be kind to everyone. Unbanned.
  6. Yes you are, because you KNOW you are banned on that discord account. Yet you wrote in this appeal that you have no idea why you are banned. So now tell me, you got unbanned on your Wicked discord. I told you that any toxicity or other rulebreaking would get you instantly banned again. Yet you managed to get banned again for toxicity on that discord account. How can we trust you that you won't do the same on this account?
  7. That is also what was said before. Yet it happened again. If you wish to be unbanned, reply on this request in November and I will make a decision.
  8. You tell me. Are you still the same? As I quoted, you already got your chance. So tell me, why should you get another chance?
  9. This is a hard one. Just this one time I assume you have learned from it. And I hope you realize what you did was sickening. If this happens again, even in the slightest way, I will community ban you. So not just in discord, but in the whole community. Unbanned.
  10. The point was, it was not only in your about me. That made it pretty active advertisement. We will extend you another chance. But please make sure to have it removed and not do it again. Unbanned.
  11. I think you owe us a bit more explanation if you wish to join back here. Especially a good reasoning on what you did wrong and how it will not happen again.
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