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  1. whenever you can join the game, contact me and we would have a talk...
  2. Alrighty whenever you can get In game in the next few hours contact me and we will have a talk moncho
  3. You need to work more on your application If you are still interested reply to me and work more on your app

    State Vehicles

    me as intellectual who never played roleplay votes
  5. Well I am biased ofc ahhaha I love valrise and I worked with Matthew for quite a long time... I don't play that much anymore since the GW died (rip) but I love how the community is advancing, how things are being handled and the fact that we are expanding into more and more games... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FELLASS PS I want more drama to read and enjoy laughing at there isn't much of it anymore :c

    no wait I am not

  7. So you basically went from being the prince to being the bruiserweight ahahahah nice man
  8. Ah! I almost forget stop all this non sense about promoting. Promoting was never about how many bans you get into your racket. If it was like that I would have never got promoted to manager or any level because I was barely banning people in my time (maybe during a year and a half of work as staff there is almost 200 or a lil bit less). Promotion system is way different than that. Each staff member is evaluated by his performance by higher staff members, their activity in game, how nice they are to people and most importantly their common sense and their ways of acting towards people. So kindl
  9. I disagree with your opinion. It is true that you should have minimal English capabilities to understand the gameplay and admins instructions. In addition, it ain't their fault that they don't understand English. English isn't the main or even second language of every country in the world and some people starts studying it when they are 9 or 10 years old and they start learning the basics of the basics. So, if you say English is a requirement, half of the people who play here will get banned and personally, I was shitty in English and I learned how to speak it fluently in gaming servers like
  10. Inactive in game! denied! Reapply whenever you return
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