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  1. Happy birthday

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday ♥️

  4. You do not get to choose how your request is handled. You are not allowed to bother staff members. Reappeal in a week.
  5. Valrise heads to its 5th full year as an established community. Back in 2017, we were just a loose bunch of guys with some conceived ideas and general thoughts over what we idealized of a community, but most importantly, we were very sure of the things we didn't want a new community to become, based on our previous experiences. Looking at 2022 just by the corner, we believe it is adequate to rewind our year. In 2021, the second year of the pandemic, which could be defined almost entirely by uncertainty (for good and for bad), we strove with the mission of keeping people entertained through the hard times - though things were reopening and life slowly returning to normal, we were glad to see most people who found us during the pandemic and enjoyed their time decided to stay, making Valrise their gaming home. We see that as the result of successful policies, constant server improvements (don't forget to thank @LocMax for the relentless development!) and understanding the demands of our playerbase. We also continued with projects to further expand the community to other games. 2021 saw the launch of our FiveM server and the installment of a Minecraft server, thanks to the enduring effort of our developers, testers and staff members, whom each at their attributions dedicate their time to make Valrise a better place. During the year, we also saw the demise of other long-standing roleplay communities in SA:MP. Valrise is one of the last standing english-speaking roleplay servers in this platform, and this year has just highlighted even more to us the challenge it is to maintain things running properly and sustain a playerbase who trusts us to guarantee this. Fidelity is something highly regarded when you manage a community, and it means we're thriving in the right way. Our efforts, however, would mean nothing without you, the one reading this text. We hope to see you around in 2022! Lastly but not least important, just nearing 2022 we were glad to promote @INFERNO and have him assume the vacant SA:MP Server Leader position, recognizing his continued dedication and reliability, as well welcoming @Arendameth to the server management. All said, Valrise Management wishes everyone a Happy New Year and happy holidays.
  6. eye in the sky?

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. 1Shot1Kill crew won the event - congratulations to them! I'll be hosting another event in this fashion next week, but individual, to compensate for all the faults we had in this one!
  9. That's the matchmaking for the event - the first two playoff matches will be played firstly. The winner of G6 vs. El Katiba Ballas will play Game 3, against Immortal Force. The winner of Ara Aara Sioonara vs. Elite Squad will play Game 6, against 1Shot1Kill. Remembering that if a crew can not place 4 guys who meet the event requirements to participate, they will lose the match by WO [walkover].
  10. Hurk Drubman and Berdy Reznov do not meet the necessary activity to participate, you'll need to find one more person for your team Enes Soprano is already with the Kavanaghs, you'll need to find one more person for your team Deniz Kocovali, Joe Luis, Cian Walsh and Ricky Pearson do not meet the necessary activity to participate, you'll need to find two more people for your team --------------------------------------------------------------------- All above said, I have already drew the match table. Will be publishing here in a few hours! If the above quoted crews do not get to make the necessary appointed arrangements in time, they will lose by WO [walkover] against the opponents they were initially drew to match. Since 10 registered crews, we will have a quarter-final format with two play-off matches before. You'll be able to see that in the table to be posted.
  11. 2020 was a challenging year in all aspects - from our personal lives to adapting to the “new normal” a global pandemic brought us. Running this community was no different, since the lockdowns and movement restrictions also brought the necessity of providing good entertainment for the people. Specially this year, we have had a record number of new players who got to know the community, joined once to try and ended up sticking around, and to those specially I thank you for trusting us. To our regulars, who have been around for longer and were used to one server, this year brought some massive changes. From our average playerbase, which drastically increased and made us recruit more staff members, gain an overload of extra demands and readequate to the new reality the community faced, to significant changes in the server’s dynamics, in a way to renew and make gameplay more fun and appealing. We also thank you for trusting us this long and ensuring we’re responsible for providing you some meaningful joy in your free time. New players joined, most of them stayed, some of them departed. Regardless, we’ve been ceaselessly striving for the server’s development to guarantee player experience here is unique, free of disturbance and that every person thrives up to the best of their potential in the way they wish to play. This also includes the work that’s being done in our current WIP projects: the FiveM and the upcoming UG:MP server. We’re not free of criticism, and constructive appointments help us adapt, overcome and improve issues, and we’re also thankful for them – compliments come illustrated when we see work pay off, with an active server and people sparing much of their free time here. We’re not paid nor receive any advantages for managing this community, which means all our efforts towards this come out of free will and the willingness to see this community thrive, as the place we chose to stay, play and relate to. All said, Valrise Management wishes you all Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and warmful happy holidays.
  12. All members meet the requirements, so your crew is registered All members meet the requirements, so your crew is registered All members meet the requirements, so your crew is registered All members meet the requirements, so your crew is registered
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