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  1. There is already a property assigned to that house, it is just currently seized by Law Enforcement. Request rejected.
  2. This board is not to be used for such topics. Make a staff complaint if you actually think an administrator did something wrong and it will be reviewed. I say "if you actually think" because you've at least admitted to one of those in your ban appeal.
  3. We didn't have any screenshots from the last session, will try and get some from the next one.
  4. Name: R. Jones Comment: Fantastic coverage. I certainly look forward to working with either candidate once the election is finished. I hope they'll do the citizens proud and perhaps even fulfil a full term!
  5. and now you also get to not post anymore
  6. After a review and discussion in Management, we've come to the agreement that the ban on you was inappropriate and as a result will be expunged. As a whole though, the general message I've posted here still applies. Please take some time to read it, and I hope this'll demonstrate that there is a place for you in the server as long as the current behaviour stops. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  7. Your ban was partially a rresult of "initiating" the incident that happened at LSPD by hunting down and running over that Volunteer. That in itself can be considered a breach of the safezone rule, and in essence DMing. Acting out in an OOC manner like that isn't ever acceptable. In general though, the behaviour seen isn't aceptable. Yes, our standards may not be as strict as some RP servers, but that doesn't mean it's ever acceptable to just hunt people down in an OOC manner. This wasn't the first incident that occurred after the regained activity, we were already discussing incide
  8. 04-11-2020 00:15:55 - Frank_Miles (45)(30731) aimed at something 04-11-2020 00:15:55 - Vinny_Spagerolli (28)(47971) aimed at something 04-11-2020 00:15:56 - Vinny_Spagerolli (28)(47971) -> object or nothing [country rifle] 04-11-2020 00:15:56 - Frank_Miles (45)(30731) -> vehicle [client id 1043 / model 470] [desert eagle] Either Vinny has split-millisecond reaction time, or he was going to shoot anyway. On top of that, you ran the guy over and his shooting was simply a reaction to that. Running the guy over seems to be conveniently left out of the video.
  9. Unbanned with reasonable basis that you've "served your time". Please ensure you're up to date with the rules when you rejoin.
  10. Don't you think after getting some of your punishments you should have perhaps changed your attitude towards the server? Just because other people do it doesn't mean its acceptable. Those people doing will end up with punishments too.
  11. He may have done, but I'm not going to punish someone who was being so blatantly DMed for trying to avoid that.
  12. Hello sir. Could you please elaborate on your RP actions towards shooting the man that was already AFK after you arrived? You've so excellently provided at least 2 minutes of proof that you weren't interacting with him before you started shooting.
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