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  1. You're the one that's broken the rules which are there to protect everyone and provide everyone an environment where they can have fun. You won't win a moral high ground by talking about people being Administrators in an old game or something. Simply follow the rules of the server, don't try and ruin the experience for others and you won't end up being punished by an Administrator. When you've decided that you aren't going to give us a lecture, make a new appeal.
  2. Oh hey Josh! So good to see you again, I've missed you so much! You're denied.
  3. Hi @Carl_Satour A staff report was filed for this incident, albeit by someone else, and we have deemed your ban was unnecessary. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. You've now been unbanned, punishment expunged.
  4. Hello. Everything was explained to you. You are a veteran player. You do not get to determine what punishment you get for a rulebreak. You are perfectly aware that it's not allowed to do that, but figured you'd go ahead and do so as it's only a "minor" offense, and you think you should only get warned for it. There's only so many times someone can get warned for the same thing before we realise they won't respect and follow our rules. You have had several punishments for the same thing. It's time that you accept you've done wrong, stop blaming us and move on
  5. "Before I ddos your fucking community every day" was the actual quote, and you were banned for threats towards the community.
  6. I don't get it - Do you want to be unbanned? What's with your shit posting just before posting this ban appeal?
  7. Seems like you've not changed. Denied.
  8. You think downplaying your rulebreaking and saying how anyone could have done what you did is going to get you unbanned? You aren't welcome back Rochi, time to move on.
  9. Alright. Shame you decided to lie all the way up until this point though. Given the fact you were in a staff position within this community and decided to betray our trust and set a poor example for the players of the server, and given you've already got a ban on record, your review date will be in 3 months from now. Understand that this is not a unban date, but a date for Management to decide whether or not you'll be allowed back. Review date set for the 15th of April.
  10. No. You can come clean and confirm which mods you used, knowing that we already have enough evidence to ban you, or your ban appeals will keep getting denied. Your next reply shall include the names of the mods you used or it will be denied.
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