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  1. You may reapply again in two months which means that after two months you have to come clean and stop lying, meanwhile have a good look at rules and make sure you follow them the next time you will have a chance to get back in server. Denied. Also meanwhile you won't make any ban appeals this time before the two months being passed, if you try to ban evade in game that it will be longer for you to make another appeal and to have a chance to get back.
  2. Biased on your extensive punishment history you may reapply again in two months exact at this date, denied.
  3. Hello Naxo, You have extensive punishment history also you have been warned many times to not repeat that returning after death that you have done recently many times. I got two questions for you, what would make you think to have a second chance for playing here again? Also can you explain me what you have learned from this ban?
  4. That's why you are here also with your words you are accepting that you used this weapon hack here too, What would you do if you get yourself another chance to play here?
  5. Hello there, You have been banned for weapon hacks, which made you to come into appealing this unban request and in same way you don't accept that you've used them on Valrise. Can you explain yourself better? Also come being totally honest if you wanna have a chance to play back here.
  6. Hello, Boyard! It's been a while that you have been banned and the reason for your ban is "Extensive punishment history, constant rulebreaking". Can you explain me what you have learned this whole time and what you have to do to have a chance of playing again in our server.
  7. Stop posting another unban appeal, you have already have one open and be patient about it, creating one after another won't get you unbanned that soon.
  8. Welcome back, now server has a new name which is Valrise Gaming to know more about this you can go at this link: Also if you are banned from discord you can make an unban appeal at this one : https://forum.valrisegaming.com/index.php?/forum/255-ban-appeals/
  9. You had too many chances already, what makes you think that this time it is different?
  10. Bumping your topic like that won't get you anywhere, as long as you are lying here you won't be unbanned. Come clean and maybe we will take it into consideration to let you play back in server.
  11. Hello Laky, You have been multi accounting and trying to profit from both accounts which multi accounting is forbidden that lead you into being banned. 08. USE OF MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS Creating and using multiple accounts is against the rules as well as creating accounts and sending your newbie money to your real account. Example: [#01] John Doe creates a second account and begins playing with it because his other account is in debt. [#02] John Doe creates a second account and starts giving money to his real account. Minimal punishmen
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