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  1. Value: $2,000,000 Interior: Madd Doggs mansion NR: 854 ((Pictures will be added later))
  2. Contact me on Discord so we can set up a time
  3. Bar at Temple LS Value 280k NR 1379 (( with a /buy option ))
  4. For any kind of inquiries contact us on our portal www.feyercorporation.com. Property #1 Marina NR: 1558 Value: $350,000 Buyout: Drop your offers below. Property #2 Marina NR: 1536 Value: $1,100,000 Buyout: Drop Your Offers below. Property #3 Santa Maria Beach NR: 530 Value: $350,000 Buyout: Drop Your offers. Property #4 Santa Maria Beach NR: 2371 Value: $450,000 Buyout: Drop Your offers below. Property #5 Marina NR: 356 Value: $1,000,000 Buyout: Drop Your offers below
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