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  1. A Speeder boat for sale, out of stock boat and a fast boat.
  2. A custom plated turismo, i got a 5m offer in game, starting bid 5m.
  3. 4,1m offered in game.
  4. i said i already got an offer of 4m and 4,9M didnt answer me back, but the 4m guy is ready to buy it.
  5. A journey van for sale, starting bid is 4,99M.
  6. The title explains everything, basically its a fast boat and its out of stock. Drop your offers.
  7. There are some other things to be discussed just like the usage of "XDDD, lol, cba, brb" ICly, i do not think that's roleplayish, and personally i qualify it as a mix betwen the IC and OOC.
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