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  1. Name: Antonio_Bonanno Type: Business I opened new office in idelwood but the problem is it's bugful when enter and exit (late response) and I need a yard so I ask to change its location some miters left.
  2. Okay, agreed Interior 140 and small yard pls.
  3. Name: Antonio_Bonanno. Type: Business. Location: Idelwood. Near 24/7 store. Details: I have an elegant Idea. We all know that some rare 24/7 stores only sells flowers. Luckily, I found the perfect outside store. The ask is easy, open it as a business and pls make it sells flowers only.(by /buy) Really this is original idea. If accepted I ask Interior ID 123 (hardware store) the best one. If that's not possible maybe I will try to use it as RP flower store (without real flowers) Hope you accept it cuz' all players will like it.
  4. Just try and if u haven't prooves don't say that they are fakescreens.
  5. It deserves plus i bought if for 7M BO
  6. U are dump, u never heard about gas station 2? All know it asshole What's it so genius?
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