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  1. Name: Tuco_Avitia Type: Business I have a toolstore in redsands east LV. Recently I found out that it has a problem with it's yard (senior admins tried but no clue). I know it's not that big problem but I ask to move it just next door.
  2. Name: Tuco_Avitia I'm asking to set a personal garage for my house in Richman. All requierments are respected. I request Garage interior ID 4.
  3. Forgot to say that it's custom plated "PussyEater" 8h left.
  4. After 24h auction ends 10h left.
  5. After 24h auction ends 14h left.
  6. Rare Hotknife for sale. Drop offers.
  7. Everyone says his last offer. I'm done with this shit
  8. You withdrew. You won't get it. Anyway I have 5.67M offeted
  9. The northern 24/7 store in commerce is for sale V350k. Selling to the biggest decent offer.
  10. Name: Tuco_Garcia Property: Business Purpose: I want to transfer my office from Idelwood to market( infront of the cemetery. Because I need vast yard for my project.
  11. 5-20k daily depends on the day and the turfs activity
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