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  1. Congratulations to Tony Winstons (@BMW11) for winning the giveaway! Please contact Antonio Torres whenever you see him in-game or on discord A̶djie#3941 to get the farm rights. Thanks to everyone for participating!
  2. Participation to this giveaway has been locked. The winner will be announced at midnight.
  3. Farm Lease Giveaway Hernandez Corporation is giving away a one month lease of Whetstone Farm. In order to participate in the giveaway, you just have to input your name ((in-game name)). A random name will be picked on the 24th of June, 2022. The lease period will start from the moment permissions are set, and for 30 days. The winner will be given manager rank of the farm, access to the property itself (keys), and farming equipment, and is free to use it however he/she likes as long as the use complies with with the state and federal laws. The corporation is not responsible for any actions taken by the winner within the lease period. The corporation will not provide seeds or any extra items than what was listed above. The corporation will be responsible for the property's taxes. By participating in this giveaway, you agree to these terms and to be held solely responsible in case any lawful issue arises in regards to the property during the lease period. You can't participate in this giveaway if you're currently an owner or a lessee of a farm. This is not a giveaway for ownership of the farm. This is a giveaway for a lease for 30 days.
  4. This account is not banned. Try to restart your router and log in again. Turn off any VPNs if the problem persists. If none of the previous solutions works, make a support ticket on our discord, where we will be able to help you better.
  5. @Alfred_Amschel Request will be archived in 48 hours. Was it done in game/Are you still interested?
  6. Duplicate. Please refrain from creating any more appeals as you already have an ongoing one.
  7. Archived as per player's request.
  8. As the punishment was too harsh compared to your history, it'll be changed to a panel warning. The other parties included will be unbanned and receive the same punishment, apart from Kuhrwisko_Dziwkarz who'll be unbanned in 2 days as a temporary ban.
  9. It's funny how you are contradicting yourself. One moment you say you were robbing someone, and the other moment you say it was an accident and there was no robbery. No one manipulated or edited the logs sir. The logs were provided in their raw form that didn't include the two messages of the victim player. You want them? Sure. Did that change anything from the facts which I already provided? It doesn't. Regarding your argument that the rules were not explained to you. You're right. The explanation statements were not directed to you, but they were at your friend who was sitting next to you in a car. The same car that had you and 3 of your friends who broke those very same rules 5 mins later. If you need statements to be directed at you to understand, you're the one being at fault here. Let me get the series of events straight. The car was being driven *On a clear road*, then it took an intentional steer to ram into a completely random stranger driving in the other lane, and excusing it by the words "It was an accident". Accidents don't happen on purpose. A FBI vehicle came by, parked 10 meters away. When he asked for money as per the damages of his vehicle, you said "handsup", and then as he took a few steps back, you started firing on him (WITH FBI STILL AROUND). Want the rules that were broken in a simplified form? -> Deathmatching The player was fired upon because of a car crash which you intentionally caused, and excused it by it being a robbery, then somehow now you're claiming it wasn't a robbery and it was an accident. -> Copbaiting You started firing on the player while being fully aware that FBI is around -> Safezones You started firing on the guy next to SOB HQ (SWAT HQ) -> MISCELLANEOUS RULES You had no reason to rob the player in the first place. Do you want to keep going? You knew that eventually, your situation was aimed to get to Deathmatch a player over a car crash, which you later framed to be a robbery when you saw FBI around, to have your fun of Deathmatching them as well. You got permanently banned due to the deathmatching mentality. You didn't know some rules and broke them on accident, you were fully aware of them and broke them while blatantly deathmatching a player. So before you start calling me manipulative of logs and saying that I am accusing you of things you didn't do, you should consider who's the one who has another ban on his record for "Robbery spree and DM mentality", and rather than defending your actions, I suggest you accept your mistake because otherwise, this appeal will not go anywhere.
  10. The police didn't come after you were robbing someone and the shootout started. You started robbing (and shooting) the victim with FBI present 5 mins after a similar incident where you were told how to perform a robbery correctly and you acknowledged it. My reply is the same one that I gave to your buddy, feel free to make another appeal when you're ready to give the whole truth rather than twisting the facts into your favor.
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