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  1. Hello! Your request for property relocation has been approved. You'll pay a sum of $635,000; $50,000 for property relocation, and $585,000 for property price difference. New property price will be set at $1,000,000, due to the change in the overall shape of the exterior. Feel free to contact a senior admin+ to relocate your property. Have a lovely day!
  2. Hello! My apologies for inconvenience. I have recently been told that businesses are not being relocated anymore. Thus, your request for the relocation of Cluckin' Bell has been denied. If there is anything else we may assist with, please let us know, otherwise, this will be archived in 48 hours. Have a lovely day!
  3. To be archived in 24 hours if there are no further replies.
  4. Hello! Your request for a yard has been approved. The cost of the yard is free since the location is Richman/Mulholland It's worth noting that yards in the Richman area are not perfect due to the irregular shape of the land, and there is a possibility your yard may not be complete in some corners/areas. Please contact a Senior Admin+ to get your yard set. Have a lovely day!
  5. Greetings! Your request for a yard has been approved. Since your property is in Angel Pine, the cost is free. Please contact any Senior Admin+ to set your yard. Have a lovely day!
  6. Dilimore is in Red County, so its counted outside LS
  7. Please edit your request to contain the ID of the property you'd to relocate, as well the the location you'd like to relocate it to, marked on the in-game map.
  8. Greetings! Your request for the relocation of property #2427 has been denied. Unfortunately, we do not relocate properties from outside of LS to inside LS. Please pick another location.
  9. Approved. Contact any senior admin+ to set the interior. The cost is free.
  10. Greetings! Unfortunately, your request for the relocation of Bayside Hotel has been denied. The reason is that we mostly do not move businesses from outside LS to inside LS. Additionally, there are enough hotels inside LS already. If you think your business is not profitable, I recommend you to sell it and look for another one. Have a lovely day!
  11. Hello! Your request for a yard has been accepted. Please contact a senior admin to set it. You'll pay the sum of $1,500,000, which is the cost of any yard set for a business anywhere in Los Santos. Additionally, keep in mind that you should create furniture that is suitable. Any kind of furniture that excessively blocks the ability of other players to move in this area is not allowed. Doing so will result in your yard being wiped. Have a lovely day!
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