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  1. What is your in-game name? Zayn Bronx Which staff member banned you? Benson Corleone When did you get banned? 10/16/2023 What is the ban reason? Sending Ip Graber Link (Rookie move) Personal comment Sorry if i did such a thing that is bad and i admit really trolling with ip's as i didn't send an ip grabber link but it was a false thing. please unban me:
  2. bro i was suffering for launching the thing in my win7 then i realized its not for win7 Lmfao
  3. What is your Discord account? justspittingfacts_ When did you get banned? 10/16/2023 What is the ban reason? I dont know Personal comment when i got banned in the game it happened to me in the server also , please i request unban because i didn't do anything
  5. okey im sorry but i have school exams and i won't be allowed to play in server bcz i have many also im sorry for what i did and i really regret saying to murka that i can ip grab i was just kidding with him to unban me from gvardia server im so sorry and i regret it,please just give me another chance
  6. @cavosavoskplease look at this , because im sure if the ban appeal took more than 1 month im gonba leave the server
  7. and sorry if i made something really wrong and it was valid to get punished on so im very sorry and it won't happen again if you had one last chance.
  8. also murka or any admin lied about sending ip grabber links and yes i'v said that as a troll but i wasn't serious and the admin or whatever don't even have proof of a link that i'v sent.
  9. i got even banned from valrise gaming discord ;-;
  10. What is your in-game name? Zayn_Bronx Which staff member banned you? Benson_Corleone When did you get banned? 10/16/2023 What is the ban reason? Sending Ip Graber Link (Rookie move) Personal comment It wasn't ip tracking , me and noami (fifthgen admin) i was just trolling with her then i randomly said in chat : "this is noami ip : ...." (it isn't even the ip of noami) Then after that Murka in helper team banned me from gvardia Discord server then i started trolling and said to him ill give you an ip tracker for free and unban me from gvardia discord but he didn't do it cuz i was just trolling then i got kicked out gvardia from some problem after that all i joined crips and continued my journey then now i woke up and found out that i got perm banned. here are pics from what i was saying ig: also just from the end what i wanna say is sorry and im not saying that the admins are bad or something , i admit that i joke with fake ip's not real one's and i said also to murka helper that i'll send him ip grabber as it was just a joke , but i deleted all my messeges in his dms because i was scared that he could get me warned and i didn't want that , i swear that i don't do anything but just enjoy the community and i swear i will stop joking with ip's , i just want to play in this server
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