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  1. That 'abuse', the thread was already removed like too soon after I even posted it, and it wasnt even meant to stay, I already admit that I did put it there and I did wrong doing that. About discord I just wanna hang around and stay connected. Nothing to copy from there either or something, I won't break any rules at discord.
  2. We can try this because anyway its dead as it is
  3. Also as theres the new release of UGMP, I want to be updated regarding that too.
  4. First of all, as I've said in my ban appeals that I didnt even want to copy stuff, it was just that the forums was on building phase and initially it was just pasted there and removed later on. I've nothing to copy from the discord server (as the ban reason is), so I dont feel theres anything wrong in me being there. Just wanna hang out with friends sometimes there.
  5. What is your Discord account? Rooney#9038 When did you get banned? 12/10/2020 What is the ban reason? Not sure, probably same as ban from samp server Personal comment Not really sure why I was banned from the discord, but I would like to be back.
  6. What is your in-game name? Rooney_Winters Which staff member banned you? Richard_Jones When did you get banned? 12/10/2020 What is the ban reason? Ripping off valrise content Personal comment My previous appeal was denied due to ban evading, I've explained Eduardo about the scene that I wasn't ban evading and what happened and stuff. I apologize to the admins for the problems that my friend had caused.
  7. Someone should raid the Ching Chong group and stop their turfing

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    2. N0TME
    3. SPEX


      all fine unless i see rooney reporting me for deathmatch

    4. N0TME


      Okay, my content need approval from a moderator for "expressing my opinion" so this post will get denied and you won't be able to see it so nvm XD.

  8. Thats what I am sorry about and wanting to be unban.. I apologize about the thing I did and I accept what I did, also the topic(s) were removed. About your question, I request the admins to consider the unban request because this wasnt my intention to fully copy the thread. I accept that I pasted it there initially but the forums were still in building process, and that thread was supposed to be have a permisisons change soon as it was also still building up. But this happened so fast that I wasnt able to do anything. Also, as a veteran and old player I have had very fe
  9. What is your in-game name? Rooney_Winters Which staff member banned you? Richard_Jones When did you get banned? 12/10/2020 What is the ban reason? Stealing Valrise content Personal comment The content wasn't personally stolen by me, it was stolen by someone else and then at last it had come to me, I was only responsible for posting it in a thread which I am sorry to the admins for. Still the leaker isnt me or the stealer isnt me. It is someone else unknown to me
  10. Name: Daniel Comment: I am trying to find some sense here, is that not normal to?
  11. Name: Legal Comment: Sad that the citizens failed to listen to the other candidate, Mr.Ted Woods, or realize that he's the true leader the state needed, and voted for Mr.Kavanagh.
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