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  1. wow ahmed waheb funniest player. ok! gratz boy
  2. Terrorism has no religion. And I wonder why are you on 'garbage ass server's' forums.
  3. Instead of saying 'I go report' just go and straight report instead of saying that on public chat and trying to threaten the Administrator
  4. Not really Mr. Altaf.
  5. We weren't born to handle reports, we go in game to play not just handle the tickets sir. Who said we do 'not' punish those who do it? It is not like if we receive a report against someone we just /warn him straight instead of investigating it properly. And most them are newbies. To be honest, I really dont really care about what you say about us because you dont know shit
  6. Day dreaming is not good for health Mr. Silvester. You know shit about what happened there and why we did it. So better stay quiet. Just because we're admins does not mean we cant enjoy our time in the server with friends. We didnt ruin any RP scenarios or anything. And it's ok to play around with our friends as long as no innocent player is trolled or harmed. These are the words of the community manager, not mine. And about that useless thingy, I didn't just straight become a Admin, it starts from Helper.
  7. Doesnt make sense at all
  8. About that 'fuck off and suck it up' thingy, let me make this clear. If we do not investigate and tell them to fuck off our asses get reported and managers get spammed 'your admins are idiots they dont know how to handle tickets' and at the end, we get fucked
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