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  1. Sir, we don't accept these kinds of requests, ammunitions are meant to be unique and limited in the server, thus no properties will be added here.
  2. You have been banned for quite some time now, unbanned as per ban consequences.
  3. Will be reviewed on 1st of October as per ban consequences.
  4. You have been banned for quite some time with no much history, unbanned as per ban consequences.
  5. Relocated & Interior changed, for signs you've to wait for a manager
  6. You can't appeal on the behalf of your friend... Tell him to open a ticket in Valrise's discord if he can't remember his password nor his email
  7. Hello Franceiso, you've a very long punishment history with constant spamming and provoking when you were unbanned. You have 78 punishments including 5 permanent bans, nothing going to change this time. After consultation with a Manager, you will not be given any more chances on this server, denied.
  8. It's a good idea but it won't work as expected since every player owns at least 1-2 vehicles at minimum, probably to increase the usage of rentals you should by increase the dealership prices & implement a new system which encourages the maintenance of vehicles from time to time as mentioned here:
  9. To be reviewed after two weeks as per ban consequences.
  10. You're permanently denied from here, Spamming appeals won't help you
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