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  1. To be reviewed after two weeks as per ban consequences.
  2. You're permanently denied from here, Spamming appeals won't help you
  3. Abusing scripts as veteran player who knows the rules well is quite pointless, Anyways as you have a clean punishment record, you'll be unbanned in a week from now with no wealth cut, Locked till then.
  4. How about coming clean? Lying will not really help you here. here you found out that you're on CD & you couldn't equip: 27-10-2020 13:15:58 - Steven_Snowden (11)(34150): /equip teargas 6 5 seconds later you disconnected: 27-10-2020 13:16:03 - [DISCONNECT] Steven_Snowden (11)(34150) disconnected (disconnected) After you logged in, you instantly used /equip: 27-10-2020 13:16:47 - Steven_Snowden (52)(34150): /equip teargas 6
  5. From what I've seen you were together in the same helicopter in-game, So Lincoln sent you a message over WhatsApp instead of telling you in local chat / pms?
  6. Hello regarding this: Can you please state in which chat Lincoln asked you to join the voice chat?
  7. We can't change your house exterior administratively, it can be done via mapping only. Locked.
  8. Unbanned with 50 % wealth cut, you'll be forced to use CAC as well for more info https://mudoogaming.com/cac
  9. You've such an excessive history along with 6 fullbans, You have no chance to get unbanned anytime soon Don't re-appeal before 6 months.
  10. Player can't afford the property, locked.
  11. It can't be set as a property
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