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  1. Lincoln.

    Island Conquest

    I, LincolnGvardia sign up group Gvardia Family for this event. Funds will be wired tonight.
  2. Bullet Turismo Super GT Banshee Sandking Place your realistic offers
  3. Job description - 100.000$ per activity: Take photos during our activities Modify and post them on our topics Job description - 300.000$ per activity: Create a group topic for a business (one time job)
  4. I can sell you my armor upgrade perk to use it on Premier or Huntley Price is 2mil
  5. Join the walkie talkie 1122 I call for drivers all the time
  6. The Gvardia Corporation is constantly in need for workers in various positions: - Bartender - Driver - Bodyguard - Assistant - Butler - Photographer Payments vary between 75k$ and 350k$ per hour depending on the request. Highest payments are for photographers so if you want to make the best money, start working on your skills. Join radio frequency 1122 in-game to be up to date with active requests.
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