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  1. You are not banned for that, you are banned because I said them to ban you specifically for toxicity, but your response on discord just proves that you are actually here to troll. You need to take lessons on how to speak with people and behave in public, this is a very serious issue. 03. Behavior All players must act with respect and be considerate towards others. You need to understand what this rule means and look back at your actions and have to think what you did wrong in-game to get banned. Unless you are able to figure that out, don't expect me to discuss your appeal. Once you figure out what you did wrong, make a new appeal stating what you did wrong, how do you ensure that is not going to happen in future and how do you plan to fix what happened already. Till then DENIED.
  2. Happy Birthday! Mr. Eduard

  3. Happy birthday! 

    With respect, from The Gambino Family

  4. Happy Birthday leader

  5. Charlotte Hartwell AKA Roberto Makaveli, who was even given chance to become a Faction leader namely SAFD, showed how wrong we were to trust him, he wiped SAFD forums, because he had admin access as Chief & tried to post emails of members of the community. This only shows us that the screenshots posted earlier were correct and they would have done even more damage if they were not stopped in time. This small exploit of SAFD forum is a live proof that how much of a snake these people are they came down to leaking random players emails, who do not even associate with staff or with their bans. I could only tell you to be careful when you come across these people as they might act all sweet but be vicious on the inside. More updates will follow.
  6. At this point you should have guessed we don't really care about the money you charged back. Even if you pay it back you will not be unbanned. So I suggest, stop trying here, we do not welcome frauds and cheats in here.
  7. Hello Alex, You were banned on March of 2022 for charge back of multiple "donations". Not once but multiple times. Your story is quite shit you know? In 2020 the card belonged to your brother and now in 2022 the card belongs to your father. Not my words but yours. You never joined this community at 2018, you started playing at 2019, you got banned for this at 2020, so I guess you were 13 at 2020 then, I am not sure how exactly you are almost 18 in 2022. Anyways quite amusing story. Simple words, you are not welcomed back here after what you did and you never will be this is a community management decision.
  8. Unbanned. Management deemed punishment excessive, it has been changed to a warning. But that does not mean you are right in your action, you can't randomly assassinate anyone, you need to plan properly show same to senior administration and get permission based on that.
  9. In course of 1 and half month you have: 1 ban, 2 temp ban, 4 warnings, 2 admin jails, 1 kick. And your appeal looks like shit, no sign of change or regret of own actions, when you decide to acknowledge mistakes and plan a course to work on them appeal again.
  10. Considering you waited out a long time and this is your second ban, I am giving you a chance, don't ruin it. Unbanned.
  11. I wonder which retard gave you posting perms, thanks for reminding.
  12. Good job editing logs, let's see what really happened: Quica ELGuerro says [Columbian accent]: 1m 2x Rayan Tremblay says [Canadian accent]: oKT * Quica ELGuerro rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}4{DDA2F0}. * Quica ELGuerro rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}3{DDA2F0}. * Rayan Tremblay rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}6{DDA2F0}. * Rayan Tremblay rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}4{DDA2F0}. Quica ELGuerro says [Columbian accent]: say go Quica ELGuerro says [Columbian accent]: lmfao * Quica ELGuerro rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}2{DDA2F0} * Quica ELGuerro rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}4{DDA2F0}. [14:18:57] Quica ELGuerro says [Columbian accent]: He said OkT Quica ELGuerro says [Columbian accent]: and he says it's a go You went ahead after the guy said "oKT" and tried your luck, the moment you failed you started blabbering shit. This is not the first time you tried to get out of ban using lies. You can stay banned, until you admit your fault.
  13. Nevermind this is being dealt on: Stop making new appeals and wait for Mikro to reply.
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