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  1. Let's cut the part where you feel bad for DMing and assure us you won't DM again, I don't trust your words or assurances. Let's see facts 11 punishments in total for just DM alone, you play here since 2019, you are considered a veteran player, yet you are just full of shit when it comes to play by rules. This is your 4th permanent ban in general, 3rd permanent ban for DM and 7th ban for DM of we take in account temporary and permanent ones. I know you will never change and it's a waste to give you another chance. Server is better off without a player like you, do not appeal before 2022. This
  2. When a player insults an admin he get punished ? 

    But when an admin insults the player family he don't get fired ? 

    Logic of Valrise


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      i am 14 and this is deep

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      Eduardo is an Indian satanist.

    4. Skinny Pete

      Skinny Pete

      fucking indians amirite

  3. Let me get to the point Jovanca, I don't want to know who you insulted why you insulted and what you did to repent. Rules are very clear on these points of your, when you were insulted or wronged in administrative decisions you simply could have staff reported that's how it works. You going ahead and insulting back is not the way. From a staff perspective ignoring who you gave an apology to or not, keeping those aside let's see: Ban for threatening community. Publicly insulting players on numerous occasions. More than 5 punishment for just being toxic. Toxicity is someth
  4. Your behavior after your ban proves you have no intent to change, or have any regrets on your actions. You still cling onto the very theory and already proven wrong concept that you and your group were doing nothing wrong, you keep acting in a ignorant way on multiple platforms. Considering everything and having a long chat with other members of management and up, we all voted on your unban and it was a collective vote that we don't want to have you playing here. Your groups were part of Deathmatching a multiple times and we have had discussions a lot of time over administration chats and mana
  5. It was a wrong ban, unbanned and expunged, sorry for inconvenience.
  6. After a discussion among management, we have decided to deny the appeal and you will not be unbanned.
  7. After a discussion among management, we have decided to deny the appeal and you will not be unbanned.
  8. After a discussion among management, we have decided to deny the appeal and you will not be unbanned.
  9. After a discussion among management, we have decided to deny the appeal and you will not be unbanned.
  10. Hello Luca, Me and @Kacper were the first people to suspect you using this account for multi accounting. You had said to us that this is your "cousin" back in time, but I personally had gone back in everyday of you logs for 3 months, until one single day you did a mistake, you disconnected from Luca account and logged on this one right after, guess what same ip and same device serial, AKA same person same laptop/PC. So we have evidence to fully believe you are multiaccounting. Now, evidence kept apart, coming to facts, EVRYTIME, luca got dice banned, because of his irresistible habit t
  11. You're still not coming to the point, you guys drive around finding cops killing them, even after you evaded, one guy saw 2 cops going to 4D where nothing was there and you all came back for sole reason to kill them both. I am not convinced, make appeal when you are not blind to your faults. Denied.
  12. Just FYI, since you wanted proofs: You came inside a police department to shoot a tank on 1v1 in a sit that you were not even part of, I don't need to hear what you have to say on it as it's pretty self explanatory when placed with your history.
  13. You have 3 punishment alone for DM in month including this, you are a veteran player, you are supposed to play by rules, I counted your history, you have 7 bans(perm + temp) for DM alone in your history, 12 warns for DM alone & 4 admin jails for DM. You are a chronic DMer and you are the type who will never change, nothing you say will change my mind and get you unbanned, server is better off without a player like you, you are denied, do not try to appeal anytime. You will never be unbanned considering this your 8th ban for DM in your time in Valrise.
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