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  1. Hello there, I guess Weston Lockheed. I've multi-accounted while I am being CAC'ed because I wasn't having no fun In my word which was I'll keep the CAC and I didn't expect that It's such a hard application In order to keep changing SA-MP version to play Valrise and sometimes freeroam ones. It's such a messy part as far as you can take it.
  2. What is your in-game name? Salvador_Barksdale Which staff member banned you? Zac Hernandez When did you get banned? 06/28/2022 What is the ban reason? Using ALT Account. Personal comment Dear staff team, I apologize for my mistake and I do understand that I've done such as many bad things and I think it's time to apologize and return to my lovely community. Is there a way to get off that ban and re-join the server? I know all of my ban appeals promised with not going to break the rules and broke them successfully while being sad. I wish I could return, and I'd just play as a SAPD member and have fun like before. If there would be any left chances I'll appreciate and If you guess I'm going to ban evade this is a no answer since I'm no longer having fun ban evading...
  3. What is your in-game name? Salvador_Barksdale Which staff member banned you? Dylan McKay When did you get banned? 05/28/2022 What is the ban reason? Using ALT 'ACC' to by pass 'CAC' Personal comment I don't know what to say, It wasn't to avoid using hacks, yet It was just for fun. I'm changing SA-MP when playing this server each time, restarting pc, IDK what to say. Likewise, I guess closing it, or denying it from now If chances aren't going to be given. I tried my best In this community and failed, what more? Keep going? Tried and failed. I just want to get unbanned to play with my friends as far they log in per year 1 time, or maybe not gonna play and would like to stay unbanned so any other time I log in I would be unbanned and not banned. About everything I've done in this community was bad from my first join to the server, I don't know what to say… This is shame I apologize to Antonello, Tina Nakazato for failing to raise her head in pd, and captain Zac as well. I apologize also to Brandon as far I made a lot of problems with him, TSM I apologize as well for failing you down guys. If there's anyone didn't get my apology, send me a message in forums, and I'll apologize. I tried also to change my attitude and did that, but others done many things to fail me, and they succeed. I'm sorry to the administration team. Likewise, I am sorry, Kira Nocta... I tried to become at least one of the staff members and failed since no one looked into my application, I guess this is going to stay as a fail and not going to succeed with it. This is not shit post, so everyone goes on chat and posts it, stop it and grow up, look on yourself and stop looking on others to end their happiness This is my last ban appeal, I guess It taking a year to be decided since this is my 5th ban and I guess I won't look into it because I'll just work on myself and anytime I'm free I'll join the server. not a shit asslick, congratulations my friend benson and james.
  4. What is your in-game name? Zack Maxwell Which staff member banned you? Dylan McKay When did you get banned? 05/28/2022 What is the ban reason? Using ALT account to bypass 'CAC' Personal comment I've explained In my ban appeal that I did not mean this, and I meant just to play and not keep changing SA-MP just for cac. Should I walk away with denying the ban appeal? Or should I stay and get a new chance? About why, I deserve a new chance: I don't know, but I am not going to play I just want to get unbanned, maybe I join some day with my friends.
  5. What is your in-game name? Zack Maxwell Which staff member banned you? Dylan McKay When did you get banned? 05/06/2022 What is the ban reason? Multi to bypass "CAC" Personal comment As the first thing Moncho knows and everyone knows that I wasn't forced to use CAC but I told Moncho keep the CAC forced on my Salvador_Barksdale account yet I just wanted to have some fun In another account and I didn't make any damage, harassed, or being bad to anyone I just don't want to play on main account I'm bored.
  6. I didn't mean bothering, yet the ban shouldn't be given and should be concluded with a small discussion ingame. Idk how come this is a DM sit
  7. I think If you close this ban appeal instead of waiting a hundred of years In order to gain a message/reply. You wish or wish not to understand what happened. @Adjie @TinaGF @Jenn
  8. What is your in-game name? Salvador_Barksdale Which staff member banned you? Antonio_Torres When did you get banned? 04/24/2022 What is the ban reason? DM in safezone Personal comment This is not a deatmatch, and If It was a deatmatch I wouldn't done it. Lieutenant is a high rank targetted by every criminal and I count myself as a criminal so I went to PD duty as a spy and used to wound him, and finishs him later after He was being revived. If this is a deatmatch I'm not sure until now and If It was I got no idea about it. This topic is not a lie and shit like always you just close it and say come back when you're willing to not lie. This is the truth
  9. All I can say is that no. If there's a helicopter that's running away and S.W.AT/HRT whatever is after it, they should keep following him without ramming to get him down?
  10. I would like to prove a point here that If you force me into CAC or launcher, all doesn't matter to me because If I said I didn't use a single illegal modification, this means I didn't.
  11. What is your in-game name? Parker Stewart Which staff member banned you? Eduardo Santos When did you get banned? 03/23/2022 What is the ban reason? Illegal modification(Aimbot) Personal comment Hello, I've made a ban appeal because the truth of me is not using any illegal modification and If I was using I would like to ask for posting it here so I can trust myself that I am using an illegal modification and not being idiot all time, and If I was I should have noticed but actually my aim wasn't following a person, or like something and I am here to ask for an unban, plus getting my punishment expunged and I would like to do anything just to prove I am not a hacker and whoever was laughing because I killed him, Look up to yourself In the mirror and understand that It's your problem you don't know how to aim or shoot like [Good Players] and I wish that the community understand I am not using any illegal modification, However It depends on the person who banned me and he know the truth I didn't use any modification, Creating some false information or and the Checker. Exe is not working well because I asked to prove/grab the Aimbot File, but actually you rejected to do that. All that I want is to let me play and feel comfortable because If you'll keep banning me and I don't have any illegal modification, It'll be such as boring to me and funny to you and the losers that laughed. I would like to apologize to any person I was bad towards him/her, and whoever got disturbed by me, I am sorry too.
  12. All I can say is that good luck with your community, your hard work as proved that people are connected with your server, and no one wishes to leave it because It's scripts are super great, mapping and the whole respect that the administrative team having.
  13. I accept to be forced for CAC and It doesn't matter for me, I just want to get unbanned because I swear to god I've got headache and heart attack from everyone, I got videos of killing people as well If you say am a hacker! oppressed
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