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  1. What is your in-game name? Atkinson_CARLTON Which staff member banned you? nick(the indian one) When did you get banned? 07/02/1991 What is the ban reason? dm and script abuse Personal comment Dear Valrise Gaming Administration, especially Senior Administrator Radolf Baloch, I am writing this, to appeal the most recent ban on my account for Deathmatching. I understand that my actions violated the rules, and I would be happy to submit my case for reconsideration. I acknowledge the seriousness of the rulebreak and its impact on other players’ experiences. I want to assure you that I have learned from this incident and am determined to follow the server rules going forward. I value the community and positive atmosphere you have created at Valrise Gaming. I want the opportunity to contribute to the server and its community in a positive way. I understand the importance of fair play and respectful interactions with other players. I respectfully request that you review my appeal and reconsider the ban on my account. I assure you that I understand the gravity of my actions and am committed to complying with all rules in the future. Thank you for your time and thoughts. I hope they find a better solution to this call. the guy
  2. What is your in-game name? Atkinson CArtlkkon Which staff member banned you? nick thompson When did you get banned? 07/02/1991 What is the ban reason? dm and script abuse Personal comment Hi I would like to appeal against the ban given to me on the server by admin Nick Thompson(the indian tech support guy). However, I feel that the punishment in the form of a ban is too harsh as this is probably my first offence for this act, nevertheless I broke the rules unintentionally, I have no idea when and don't want to know. I would just like to apologise for breaking the rules and ask for an unban.
  3. What is your Discord account? .fuhrer. When did you get banned? 07/02/2023 What is the ban reason? idk, i just got banned Personal comment sir i didnt do anything to get banned on discord i just got banned ingame for dm
  4. Name: Atkinson_Carlton Type: House Reason: Property NR: 633 Would like to request yard on this house. Image:
  5. You lately started to advertise another server to our community's members. DENIED
  6. Considering your punishment history, you are totally clean. And it was a little too harsh for a ban, and also considering you admit to your mistake within the appeal, I will give you one more chance. Don't repeat these type of mistakes once more and don't harbor hackers. UNBANNED
  7. You'll be given another chance on the server, but make sure that you do not have modified vehicle data which can happen with vehicle mods, like in your case with that cruiser. UNBANNED
  8. You used a teleport hack to go around the map to your liking which is not allowed in this server. You may reappeal on 10th March. DENIED
  9. Selling House in Richman with Private Garage & Gate Value: 400k Alarm: LVL4 GPS: 2368
  10. 3khp bp window 2 pat for sultan
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