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  1. Weezy


    Thank you but I found one for 4.2mil Admins please lock and archives topic.
  2. Weezy


  3. Weezy


    Drop me some sexy offers!
  4. IG Name: Weezy Cartoon Bank Account: 239 Any good lucks for future: May allah bless you!
  5. @LocMax @Kacper It's time to lock this shithole and end this drama..
  6. These two were sold, only Palomino House, Value 200k(GPS 1464) left!
  7. Get in game and check them, sir.
  8. 3K HP PREMIER: Starting bid: 1mil. BO: 1.5mil. Palomino House, Value 200k(GPS 1464): Starting bid: 200k. BO: 350k. LS Colinas House, Value 350k(GPS 1585): Starting bid: 100k. BO: 300k. Auction end after 24h.
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