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  1. @LocMaxadd "haha" reaction so we can react to funny comments
  2. 5 unhandled tickets and nigga taking pics of his mountain hut
  3. Name: beric gambino Type: House Reason: i want to set a yard Image:
  4. Name: berig gambino Type: House Reason: i rp as priest i need yard set and int change gps 2924 Image:
  5. Beric Gambino

    For Sale

    How much for everything?
  6. also can i get a change of interior
  7. Name: Beric Gambino Type: House Reason: I need a yard set Image:
  8. also im donator doesnt that contribute to my unban appeal ? xd
  9. What is your in-game name? Beric_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Antonio_Maxwell or smth When did you get banned? 01/09/1939 What is the ban reason? im annoying the staff too much Personal comment @Dylanwe used to be friends, i was helping u testing hacks on argonath along with steven kolta
  10. Most venerable and noble minds, I, a humble seeker of knowledge, pray thee to illuminate me further regarding the former missive. Though its meaning be clear to all but the most obtuse, I confess to harbouring a seed of doubt in my bosom. May I humbly inquire as to whether my supplication hath been received in good stead? Furthermore, would it be possible for thee to provide me with a more concise elucidation of the missive's content? I am loath to impose upon thee further, yet my thirst for understanding urges me to beseech thy benevolent aid once more. I extend to thee my gratitude and appreciation, and pray that this request shall not cause thee undue vexation. With deepest respect, Beric Gambino
  11. What is your in-game name? Beric_Gambino Which staff member banned you? Antonio_Maxwell or smth When did you get banned? 09/01/1939 What is the ban reason? RP standards too high for the server Personal comment To the esteemed Valrise Gaming staff, I, the humble author of this epistle, entreat your magnanimous and righteous hearts to peruse these lines in earnest, for it is with utmost sincerity that I appeal my ban from your SA:MP server. My grievous fault was the failure to partake in roleplay, an egregious transgression of your server rules, and for which I express my contrition. I am well aware of the weighty importance of roleplaying on your server, and pledge my fealty to your righteous cause. I have, with great diligence, perused your server rules and regulations, and pledge to abide by them, as a true and loyal subject. I acknowledge that my behaviour has besmirched the noble reputation of your server, and I am prepared to accept any punishment that your sagacious judgement deems fit, be it temporal or perpetual, with the utmost humility and grace. I have had the immense privilege of being a part of your illustrious community, and it is my ardent hope that you will consider my plea, and with a generous heart, grant me the opportunity to resume my place amongst the honoured and righteous players of your realm. I, a humble petitioner, must make known to your esteemed selves the innermost workings of my heart. Though my previous conduct may belie it, I am one who esteems self-improvement above all else. My lot in life has been one of felicity and accomplishment, yet I am convinced that true advancement arises from confronting trials and overcoming difficulties. In this regard, I hold that my time on Valrise Gaming presents a singular prospect for growth. I am mindful that my past actions infringed upon your server's code of conduct, yet I implore your magnanimous hearts to weigh my appeal, and allow me to re-enter the community. I am eager to once again mingle with my fellow gamers and embrace the challenges of roleplaying. It is my firm belief that this will prove to be a means for my development, and the improvement of my character. I offer my sincere gratitude for your attention. With profound respect and deference, I remain Yours truly, Beric Gambino
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