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  1. What is your in-game name? Mike_Kevin Which staff member banned you? Jan Gvardia When did you get banned? 04/23/2020 What is the ban reason? Slapping hacks Personal comment Long story short, I was messing around with Andrew Gambino at the time with a mod that we have discovered and we got banned for it. We knew it was not allowed but we, or at least me didn't care as I have had removed everything due to a script abuse. We didn't affect anyone else but us. As Andrew started playing again I'd l
  2. The first two houses made me realise the existance of this bug. The first one was done with already existing furniture bought from before owning just to get rid of it therefore I don't really know if it's an abuse in this manner and the second one I did it to see if I keep the money and then rebought the house and deleted all the furniture so it got back to original value making no profit at all in the end. The two done on April 1, were done in the same "batch" because I can't call it being done two times as I bought furniture worth 1m and something from my furniture store and I just e
  3. I legit do not remember doing it more. Can you present me your sources? I have only done it once with furniture worth 1.2m that's it.
  4. What is your in-game name? Mike Kevin Which staff member banned you? Gunther When did you get banned? 04/12/20 What is the ban reason? Script abuse. Personal comment I do not remember exactly how much I made but I'm pretty sure it's 1m and something. I totally agree with the ban and I have no objections to it we are at wrong here and we should have reported the bug. I must admit it was fun knowing we could have all the money in the server but even then, we didn't do it. I, at least, only did
  5. Yes, I totally agree with it as I have already uninstalled it.
  6. Alright, whatever. It's up to you whether you want to believe me or not. At this point I can not argue anymore as this will turn into an childish argument of if, why, what, how and etc. I'm sorry, I'm guilty. I'd like to keep playing around but it's up to the staff if they're willing to let me or not.
  7. Did you even bother reading? By the way, just because I sometimes fucked around with it (not having an advantage over other players) dosen't make it false. It's a damn useful tool when you're a Gambino and no admin bothers to even take your ticket to unstuck you from the ground due to a slow loading texture or when you /v park a heavy vehicle such us a truck. I said that it would show "Aimbot enabled" and I will get fucked, that's what I meant. But I would eventually crash with that shit on my screen. Wouldn't I still get "fucked" or a little less? R
  8. What is your in-game name? Blake Lockwood Which staff member banned you? Derek Carter When did you get banned? 01/04/20 What is the ban reason? modifying evidence in order to hide possible cheats Personal comment It's pretty unfortunate to find myself here. I indeed have used a mod called SmoothCameraWork. I've had it installed for whole years but only realised that I can use it to help myself in bad situations. Never used it before. What do I understand from bad situations? I can't count
  9. If people want a farm they should buy it from them.
  10. MikeKevin

    0.3 DL

    Supported. This would be a great move.
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