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  1. I dont understand why you requested the ban, after that you said that you were multiaccounting, thats why you got banned. As per ban consequences, this will be handled by managers.
  2. Hi, Its not your first time doing something like this, you have been warned/jailed for this multiple times. Tell me, what would change?
  3. Hi, I've been checking you 3 for a while, and from what i have seen all you do is DM, few minutes prior to your ban, you went up to a guy at temple and killed him without any interaction. Then, you went up to Terrell and started shooting him too. Tell me, what would change if we decide to unban you?
  4. Hey, Your not banned, restart your router or try using a vpn
  5. Hey You were banned for scamming before, how do you want us to trust you again?
  6. Unbanned Dont say anything cringe like that ever again
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